Chacha at home


Everyone heard, of course, about the Georgian Chacha, which is considered to be a strong alcoholic drink belonging to the class of grape brandy. For many centuries, the recipe for chacha was passed from hand to hand. In Georgia they say that if you want to check the quality of chacha, you need to wet your finger in a drink and bring it to a burning match. If the flame burns out and does not burn, then in front of you - real chacha drink.

Chacha recipe at home

Chacha Recipe


  1. Water - 30 l
  2. Grape marc that remained after wine preparation - 10 l
  3. Yeast - 100 g
  4. Sugar - 5 kg
  5. Cooking chacha is best from the grape cake left after cooking wine.


  • Cake grapes spread in a glass dish of large size. Pour there all the sugar, yeast and pour water. Use only boiled cold water. Capacity clog and put in a dark place for 7-14 days, stirring occasionally every other day.
  • To make chacha you need a moonshine. We put straw on the bottom of the moonshine. Over it we pour out all liquid and cake. Straw will not allow to burn the cake. After all the distilled. When moving chacha has a specific smell. To avoid this specific smell, you need to separate the cake from the liquid part.
  • To make chacha more tasty, the resulting drink is poured into a separate container, walnut is added, then chacha is infused for a month or two. Then chacha again distilled through the moonshine. Having overtaken such a drink, you can get it with a strength of 46 C.

For a feast such a drink would be the best option and will not cause hangover. If chacha is properly prepared at home, then this drink will have sedative properties and will have a beneficial effect on digestion. Chacha even prevents the development of cancer cells. In Abkhazia, homemade chacha is also made from various fruits, for example, figs, tangerines, cherry plums, mulberries. They say that the most delicious chacha is made from mulberry. This drink is drunk from small piles and, of course, snacks.

In every Georgian family chacha is prepared, and each family has its own recipe, which is passed down from generation to generation.

How to clean chacha at home?

Like any alcoholic drink, chacha has a strength of 700C, she needs cleaning.

To do this, you will need activated charcoal, funnel, potassium permanganate, 2 containers, salt, water, pine nuts, cotton wool, beech or oak ash.

Chacha at home

  • Freshly brewed moonshine has a rather unpleasant odor, which fusel oils give it, besides this, high strength and sharp taste. The easiest way to remove fusel oil from chacha - use potassium permanganate. Dissolve Chacha to Fortress 450C and add to it for every 3 liters of 3 g of potassium permanganate. Stir the solution thoroughly and place in a dark place to stand for 3 days. As a result, there will be black flakes that will settle to the bottom. Take the chacha and, passing through a filter made of simple cotton, transfer it to another clean glass container.
  • Pine nuts are a good cleaner of chacha. To do this, pour a handful of nuts into 1 liter of chacha and leave for 2 weeks, then pass the chacha through the filter, throwing away the nuts.
  • Chachu can also be cleaned. activated carbon. The undoubted advantage of this method is the ability to use it both after distillation and in the process. As in the first, and in the second case, use the funnel. In it, put the gauze and pour a layer of activated carbon. Then trickle the fungus into the second tank through a funnel. If you did it in the process of distillation, you can do the same and after to fix the result. In case the chacha is difficult to drain, throw the coal directly into the container - 50 g of coal per 1 liter of chacha. Leave the chacha to infuse for 2 weeks, stirring regularly, and then pass it through a filter made of ordinary cotton.
  • Chachu can be cleaned freezing. Take a strong container that will withstand low temperature, pour into it a drink diluted to 450C. Then put the chacha in the freezer. When freezing, all harmful substances will be released. Then drain the cleaned chacha.
  • You can clear chacha from fusel oils if you use a handful of wood ash or salt and pour them into the chacha in advance. After distillation, dilute chacha to 400C, and overtake a second time, but without additives.

Chacha is the most favorite drink of the highlanders, but they cannot be abused. It is usually drunk for prophylaxis against colds during the cold season. Still Chacha, cooked at home, is considered a drink of longevity.