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Canapes on skewers

Small sandwiches strung on special wooden skewers are called canape. They are very easy to prepare and can be a great treat for guests in anticipation of the main dishes. BUT a large number of recipes canapes on skewers is able to decorate a festive table and satisfy the taste of any gourmet.

The average cooking time for such an interesting dish like canapé takes about 40 minutes..

Canapes on skewers Fire Dragon

Sharp canapes on skewers


  1. Bread
  2. Paprika
  3. Red hot pepper
  4. Garlic
  5. Bacon
  6. Hard cheese
  7. Vegetable oil


  • Slice the bread into cubes with sides of about 4 cm.
  • Put the bread in a plate and sprinkle with paprika. Bread mix gently and leave it for 15 minutes.
  • Take the bacon and cut it into small pieces so that they are cooked.
  • Heat the oil in a frying pan and put the bacon to roast.
  • Peel the bitter red pepper and chop finely. Peeling and washing the garlic, pass it through the garlic press. Add the prepared vegetables to the bacon and fry them a little. After that, put the bread in the pan. Keep it on low heat for 5 min.
  • Cool the resulting croutons. Cut the cheese into small cubes. Its size should be a little less than bread.
  • Wash red pepper, peel and slice. Now take wooden skewers and put a small toast on them in turn, then cheese, and then pepper.
  • The canapes on the Fire Dragon skewers are ready.

Canapes on skewers Mushroom Glade

Canapes with mushroom skewers


  1. Greenery
  2. Black and white bread
  3. Chicken eggs
  4. Butter
  5. Marinated mushrooms
  6. Salt, mustard - to taste


  • Cut into 5 cm bread cubes. Fry it lightly to make it brown. Remove the resulting croutons to cool.
  • When they cool, grease them with butter.
  • Wash the eggs and boil them hard-boiled. Put in cold water to cool faster. Then clean the eggs and separate the yolks from the whites. Using the fork, mash the yolk.
  • Drain the marinade with the mushrooms and chop them. After that, mix the mushrooms with the yolk, then salt and add the mustard.
  • Now put on the skewers bread, a whole egg white, and put the mushroom mixture in it. Top them with small mushrooms or a sprig of greens.

Original canapes on skewers

Avocados and salmon, despite the apparent incompatibility, are perfectly combined, if one of them to prepare a joint dish. It canapes on skewers are able to combine their taste and color. Prepare these canapes just before serving..

Canapes with salmon and avocado skewers


  1. Smoked salmon
  2. Avocado
  3. Lemon peel
  4. Sour cream
  5. White bread
  6. Chives
  7. Ground black pepper, vegetable oil


  • Cut the bread into cubes with sides of 3 cm. Fry the bread until golden brown.
  • Cut the salmon into thin, short slices. Avocado cut in half, remove the bone. Remove the pulp and mash with a fork.
  • In a bowl of avocado, add sour cream, lemon zest and ground pepper.
  • Wash and chop the onion. Add 2/3 of it to sour cream. Stir well. Put the same bone from the avocado. Cover the bowl with a mixture of film.
  • As soon as the bread has cooled, put on it for 1 tsp. mix, and on top - a long strip of salmon. Pepper again, garnish with a piece of onion and chop on a skewer.

How to make butter for different types of canapés?

Sometimes canapés can be varied if you use butter for them. For each type of canape, there is a different kind of butter that can be smeared with pieces of toasted bread.

  1. For meat canapés, wash a few sprigs of cilantro and add ketchup and mayonnaise to them, then mix everything up.
  2. To make oil for vegetable canapes, wash the parsley and dill. Dry them with paper napkins. Cut the greens as small as possible. Peel the garlic and chop too. Mix them with 2 tbsp. l butter.
  3. For butter canapés, take lettuce leaves, wash them, dry and cut into thin strips. Remove the zest from half a lemon, rub it on a fine grater. Squeeze the juice from the remaining half. Mix lemon juice, salad and lemon zest with butter 2 tbsp. l

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To make delicious canapes on skewers, use only fresh bread and products. For canapés, you can use completely different products, finding new amazing, but tasty combinations. Do not be afraid to experiment, but do not forget about time-tested canapé recipes on skewers.

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