Can i eat raw beets

Most fruits and vegetables can be used both in fresh and in thermally processed form, but there are exceptions from this list. For example, eggplants need to be roasted or baked before serving, but carrots, on the contrary, lose their properties when cooked and acquire a high glycemic index. And what about the beets? Can I eat it raw? How to include it in your diet?

The benefits of thermally unprocessed beets

The benefits of thermally unprocessed beets

Is it possible to eat raw beets? Those who hold an opinion about the miraculous properties of traditional medicine, assure - not only possible, but necessary. It is in a non-exposed temperature vegetable that the maximum proportion of all its vitamins and trace elements is preserved, while any heat treatment, even cooking, significantly reduces the value of this product. It is noteworthy that several centuries ago it was not a root crop that was considered edible, but the ground part was green leaves, the tops that were discarded when the beets were being dug out. However, at that time it was mainly a medicinal plant, and not a food product.

  • Despite the fact that today, beets are mostly known as a means of improving intestinal peristalsis, it was originally used to treat infectious diseases, as well as improve the condition of the skin: eliminate itching, dermatitis, eczema, etc. But much more important was the fact that beets had a tremendous positive effect on the chemical composition of blood, allowing people with iron deficiency anemia to recover quickly. That's because beets are the best source of iron among vegetables.
  • In general, in its set of vitamins, beetroot is not in the position of a leader, much inferior to the rest of the plant group, but it has many almost unique properties. In particular, the ability to have a disinfectant effect on the digestive tract, as well as, at the expense of pectin substances, to work as a "broom", which throws out all slags and toxins. The famous vegetable salad "Whisk" got its name precisely because of this effect, which is obliged to beets as the main component.

Is it possible to eat raw beets?

  • Interestingly, raw beets are beneficial to the reproductive system of both sexes: it stimulates the potency of men and reduces the intensity of pain in women during the menstrual cycle. The frequent inclusion of this root in the diet allows you to protect the body from the occurrence and increase in substandard tumors.
  • The share of iodine in fresh beets is also very high, which allows it to be included among the most valuable for the thyroid gland products. A betanin, which is present only here, protects the liver from obesity and helps break down proteins.
  • Mineral salts contribute to the regulation of the kidneys and bladder, calcium, seen in the juice of raw beets, can strengthen not only bone tissue, but also the nervous system, vascular walls, and magnesium lowers blood pressure and beneficially affects the heart muscle. However, in case of urolithiasis, beets are strictly prohibited.

But most importantly, all of the above positive properties apply specifically to raw beets, and not to the heat-treated product. After it is affected by high temperature, especially if it is boiling, chemical reactions occur that destroy part of the trace elements and increase the proportion of starch. However, the B vitamins and mineral salts remain in their original volume, as well as betaine, which contributes to the prevention of obesity. But it will already depend on how you cook this vegetable.

The most healthy raw beetroot dishes: professional advice

The most healthy raw beetroot dishes: professional advice

If we talk about how to eat raw beets, then first of all salads come to mind: this is the easiest way to make it tasty and fast, and also to make the diet as varied as possible. As for the additional components, they can be absolutely any, but it is undesirable to use beets with garlic, if you have problems with the cardiovascular system.

  • Raw beet juice is an excellent medicine that is widely used in traditional medicine, but it is undesirable to drink it in its pure form: experts recommend diluting it with carrot in a ratio of 1: 2 or even stronger, up to 1:10. The drink must be infused, and if desired, honey is added to it.
  • Raw beet salads often play the role of detox, therefore, the components select the appropriate ones: apples, carrots, prunes - this allows not only to cleanse the body, but also to intensify the process of burning fat. In addition, such mixtures can reduce most of the negative effects of raw vegetables.

In conclusion, it is worth noting that raw beets are very effective, even if they are mild, laxative, so they should not be consumed if you plan to be away from home for a long time. In addition, the juice can have an irritating effect on the damaged mucous membrane, so fresh beets are prohibited in case of peptic ulcer, high acidity of the stomach and any internal bleeding. And because of the high glycemic index, this vegetable in any form is undesirable for people with diabetes.

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