Calvados at home


Calvados is an apple brandy originally from Normandy. This drink is produced by distilling cider. Calvados is made from varieties of small apples. Nowadays it is very difficult to find a decent drink, prepared according to the rules of high quality products. A good drink always has a high price. therefore if you love calvados, you can cook it at home.

Calvados Recipe at Home


  1. Apples - 2 kg
  2. Sugar - 150 g
  3. Water - 150 ml
  4. Vanilla sugar - to taste
  5. Vodka - 1 L


  • Rinse the apples thoroughly. Clean fruit peel. Cut in half and peel off the seeds. Then cut the apples into small pieces.
  • After that, the apples are usually folded in a clean jar and sprinkled with vanilla sugar. Then the entire contents of the jar is poured with vodka.
  • Apples are left to infuse for two weeks in a dark warm place, sometimes shaking the jar. After two weeks, the tincture is ready and you just need to strain it. Then pour the contents of the jar into the pan and put on a small fire.
  • In another saucepan, you need to cook sugar syrup from sugar and water. Cooked sugar syrup pour slowly trickle in the apple tincture.
  • Syrup with tincture gets warm, and then cooled and bottled in separate bottles. The containers are sealed tightly and left to store in a dark, cool place.

How to cook the original Calvados?

Before you begin cooking Calvados, remember that its quality depends on the grade and freshness of the products used for manufacturing. Since it is made from apples, it is best to choose apples that grow nearby. These apples contain more flavor and juice. Brought fruit, unfortunately, for the most part consist of fiber. The most ideal combination for the original Calvados will be the ratio of 20% acidic varieties of apples, and 40% for each sweet and bitter, and for the smell - 2 small pears.


  1. Sour apples - 350 g
  2. Sweet apples - 700 g
  3. Bitter apples - 700 g
  4. Pear - 2 pcs.
  5. Vodka - 1 L
  6. Sugar - 1 tbsp.
  7. Vanilla sugar - 0.5 tbsp.
  8. Water - 1 tbsp.


  • Wash apples, cut into quarters, clean from the core and seeds, and then - into small cubes. Wash and cut into thin pear slices.
  • Then sterilize the 3-liter jar and lay it in layers of apple pieces, interspersed with slices of pears. Layers pour in thin layers of vanilla sugar.
  • Fill the can with vodka and cover it with gauze. Then clean in a dark place where it is warm for 14 days. Shake the jar several times a day.
  • Strain the infusion through gauze folded in 2 layers. Then pour the infusion into a large saucepan. Light a small fire and put the pot to boil.
  • In another small saucepan of sugar and water, boil the syrup. When the sugar is completely dissolved, gently pour the syrup into the warm apple extract, continuing to boil it.
  • After 30 minutes, leave the pan and wait until the calvados is completely cooled. Pour the finished drink into dry bottles, closing them very tightly.
  • Calvados store at a temperature not higher than 180With in a dark place.

Calvados Cocktails

Calvados can be drunk as a simple alcoholic drink, but you can also make delicious cocktails based on it.. Such cocktails will not only please you, but also decorate any solemn event, and, undoubtedly, will surprise your acquaintances and friends.

To prepare cocktail "Normandy" You will need 40 ml of Calvados, 20 ml of sugar syrup, 30 ml of orange juice. Mix all this, add ice and whisk well in a shaker.

For 1 serving cocktail "Pleasant adventure" Take 20 ml of Calvados, 10 ml of grapefruit juice and 10 ml of gin. Mix everything in a shaker, throw ice pieces there and whisk well. Refreshing cocktail ready.

If you want to try something unusual of strong alcoholic beverages, then Norman drink Calvados fortress 400C - what you need. For its preparation, various varieties of apples and even pears are used. Also called brandy or apple vodka, and reallyCalvados, cooked at home, it turns out very rich and strong.Treat yourself and your guests with such a drink!