Calorie ready oatmeal porridge on the water - without sugar

The perfect breakfast is oatmeal. Many people know about it, but not everyone accepts and understands the peculiar taste of this product, although there is nothing more wholesome and satisfying than oatmeal. In addition, the calorie content of oatmeal porridge in water is only 88 calories, which means that a few spoonfuls of the dish will not affect the figure.

Calorie ready oatmeal on water

Oatmeal on water

Cooking oatmeal made in 2 ways: in milk and water. It all depends on your preferences and the availability of products. But the calorie content of oatmeal in milk and water differs only plus 22 units in favor of the dairy dish. In this case, not everyone knows that these indicators depend on what type of oatmeal becomes the basis of porridge. For example, the calorie flakes "Hercules" is 84 calories, and "Extra" is about 92 calories.

Also, when calculating the nutritional value of dishes you need to take into account the additives. The calorie content of oatmeal on water with sugar will be 130 calories - not like more than the caloric content of oatmeal on water without sugar. Many oatmeal lovers often replace sugar with sweet additives like fruit or honey. However, it should be said that the calorie content of oatmeal on water with honey is also quite high - 120 calories, as the caloric content of oatmeal on water with raisins is 135 calories. Butter oil gives no less increase in energy saturation. Calorie oatmeal on water with butter - 125 units. These are average values ​​that will vary slightly depending on the type of oatmeal.

The composition of oatmeal

The composition of oatmeal

In addition to important indicators of calorie foods, oatmeal on water contains a real storehouse of nutrients. By the way, there is an opinion that the more oatmeal a person eats per day, the stronger his health. However, a measure is needed in everything, so it’s enough to eat porridge in the morning for breakfast so that the body is filled:

  • proteins (accelerating cellular tissue growth);
  • cellulose (performing the function of intestinal “attendant”);
  • folic acid (responsible for the functional of the immune and circulatory systems);
  • B vitamins (important for the health of the nervous system);
  • Vitamin E and PP (essential for the normal condition of the skin, nails and hair);
  • ascorbic acid, vitamin H (strengthens the immune system);
  • potassium (important for the vascular system, heart, muscle tissue);
  • calcium (necessary for strengthening bones);
  • iron, magnesium, manganese (involved in blood formation and growth of tissue cells);
  • iodine (part of the hormones), etc.

What is the use of the product?

The benefits of oatmeal

Oatmeal is not only a way to keep the body in good shape, but also a necessary product for a number of health problems.

  • A diet with oatmeal is prescribed for diabetes mellitus, since vitamin H, which is part of it, reacts with insulin and normalizes blood sugar.
  • Porridge is recommended for people who have problems with brittle bones.
  • Oatmeal prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases.
  • With a high content of "bad" cholesterol, oatmeal prevents the formation of blood clots.
  • This dish perfectly helps to cope with gastrointestinal disorders, gastritis and duodenal ulcer.
  • Oatmeal reduces the risk of developing cancer of the stomach.
  • Daily use of porridge strengthens the immune system.

And, of course, for those who want to lose weight, oatmeal is an excellent dietary product.

Bunting for children: tips for parents

Porridge made from oatmeal or cereal is the best starting point for baby food. Pediatricians are advised to cook porridge on the water, and then add breast milk to it. From 7-8 months, you can add apples, bananas, pumpkin to oatmeal. Such dishes perfectly prepare the baby's gastrointestinal tract to an adult table, while normalizing the bowels and helping to cope with constipation that torment many infants. No less important is the fact that oatmeal does not provoke weight gain, so doctors strongly recommend feeding babies with this porridge, whose weights are above the norm. For older children, oatmeal is an excellent breakfast that charges for a whole day of enhanced mental and physical activities.

Taking into account the calorie content of oatmeal porridge on water, you can safely recommend it as the basis of a healthy diet at any age. Vitamin and mineral composition provides the body with all the necessary elements. At the same time, you can choose the most suitable type of oatmeal for yourself - the nutritional value will change slightly.

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