Cake from ready cake layers

What is important in the cake? That's right, impregnation, cream and decoration. Cakes you can bake according to your favorite recipe or take the finished product. Some cakes, for example, wafer, do not require baking. Let's talk about how to make a cake of ready-made cakes, which will become a real masterpiece of confectionery art.

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Cake from the finished cakes: a variety of options

Most often, housewives prefer to make a cake from the finished biscuit cakes. As practice shows, the biscuit base is perfectly combined with almost any impregnation and cream. Cakes do not need to bake. Agree, what could be easier?

Biscuit cakes can be made not only a delicious cake, but also original cakes. Ready-made cakes are sold in various forms. For example, to make a Napoleon cake, you need to roll out puff pastry into layers and bake, and then smear it with custard. By the way, from the puff pastry can make an excellent savory snack.

Before we share the best and simple recipes for cakes from ready-made cakes, let's pay attention to some aspects:

  • The easiest way to make a cake of ready-made cakes with condensed milk. Condensed milk or "Toffee" goes well with waffle, biscuit and puff pastry.
  • Puff pastry must first be defrosted naturally, then rolled and baked.
  • To prevent the ready puff pastry from bubbling during baking, make a few punctures on the crust with a fork.
  • For the lubrication of puff pastries custard prepared according to the classic recipe is best suited.
  • Biscuit cakes should be soaked with syrup. You can use fruit, berry syrup, brandy or liquor.
  • Waffle cakes are stored for a long time in a cool dark place.
  • For impregnation, a cake of ready-made cakes must be sent to the refrigerator for several hours.
  • For decoration, you can use fudge, mirror glaze, chopped kernels of nuts, marmalade, candied fruits, coconut chips, chocolate.

Tiramisu: a delicious dessert in a hurry

Tiramisu is considered one of the most popular pastries in the world. This Italian dessert can be prepared in the form of a cake or pastries. We offer you a unique recipe with a photo of the cake from the finished cakes.

In the classical form, tiramisu is made from Savoyardi cookies, and we will use the biscuit base. Cheese is replaced by cream, and cocoa powder will serve as decoration. In order to make a sponge cake in this case, we will need Mascarpone. This cheese can be replaced by fat cottage cheese, whipped cream, and creamy softened butter.

Tiramisu: a delicious dessert in a hurry


  • 0.3 kg Mascarpone;
  • sponge cakes;
  • 4 things. chicken eggs;
  • 50 ml liqueur for impregnation;
  • 300 g of coffee;
  • to taste granulated sugar;
  • cocoa powder or chocolate for decoration.


  1. Cut the finished biscuit base with equivalent strips.Cut the finished biscuit base with equivalent strips
  2. In a deep bowl lay out the egg yolks, which we grind with sugar.Lay egg yolks in a deep bowl
  3. In a separate bowl, beat the cooled egg whites until a foam mass is formed.In a separate bowl, beat the chilled egg whites.
  4. In a separate bowl lay out the softened "Mascarpone" and carefully knead it with a fork.In a separate bowl lay out the softened
  5. Then add the whipped yolks and gradually introduce the protein mass.
  6. At this time, whip the cream with a mixer or blender at maximum speed.Whip cream mixer
  7. In a separate bowl, mix coffee and liquor.
  8. Biscuit base impregnated with coffee and liquor mixture.
  9. We take the form and lightly coat it with a cream bottom.
  10. Next, lay out the soaked biscuit base.

    Next, lay out the soaked biscuit base.
  11. Then richly coat the biscuit base with cream.
  12. We repeat such actions twice. The last layer must be cream.Then richly coat the biscuit base with cream.
  13. Top decorate the cake with cocoa powder or grated chocolate.Top decorate the cake with cocoa powder or grated chocolate
  14. Send dessert to the fridge for 60 minutes.

Waffle cake: simple delicacy

If you have already made a cake from ready-made biscuit cakes, then for a change, you can search for completely new recipes. The waffle cake made from ready-made cakes will come to the rescue when you do not have enough time for baking. You just need to make a cream. You see, your households will be pleasantly surprised.

The easiest way to make such a cake is to use condensed milk to soak the cakes. We suggest you make an exquisite cream with nutty notes.

Waffle cake: simple delicacy


  • 5 pieces. wafer cakes;
  • 0.2 liters of condensed milk;
  • 100 g of chocolate;
  • 100 g of walnut kernels;
  • 150 g of creamy softened butter.


  1. We prepare all the necessary components. Butter should be softened.We prepare all the necessary components
  2. Put softened butter in a separate bowl and whip it thoroughly.Softened butter, carefully beat
  3. Crush walnut kernels.Grind walnut kernels
  4. To the oil mixture add condensed milk and chopped walnut kernels, mix everything well.
  5. The resulting cream smear generously wafer base.
  6. Mix a few kernels of nuts with softened chocolate and beat until a homogeneous mass is obtained.
  7. From above and on each side we grease a cake chocolate and nut cream.
  8. Decorate waffle cake can be nut crumb.

"Napoleon" - the dessert of the emperors

Many of us love home baking. Cake "Napoleon" is considered a classic dessert in many countries. If you are unable to knead the delicious puff pastry on your own, then you can make a Napoleon cake from ready-made cakes. You will find that delicious and fragrant homemade pastries are made very simply.


  • 10 pieces. puff pastry cakes;
  • 5 pieces. egg yolks;
  • 3 tbsp. l table starch;
  • 0.3 kg of granulated sugar;
  • 1.5 liters of milk.


  1. In a glass bowl pour 250 g of milk, add egg yolks, granulated sugar.
  2. All mix. For aroma, you can add a little vanilla essence.
  3. The remaining milk is poured into a saucepan and set to boil.
  4. After boiling, reduce the heat and add the beaten egg-milk mixture.
  5. Boil the cream until it thickens. Do not forget to constantly stir it.
  6. Cool the cream coat puff cakes.
  7. We crush one cake to the consistency of a crumb and sprinkle a cake on top of it.

Treats for children

Many children, and adults, love bananas. This fruit is not only tasty, but also healthy. Banana pulp can be used instead of cake cream. To prepare such an exquisite dessert, it is not at all necessary to stand near the plate for several hours and bake cakes. Let's try today to make a cake of ready-made banana cakes. The role of the finished cake will play your favorite cookies. The main thing is that it is fresh and crumbly. Involve children in the cooking process. It will be very interesting.

Banana Cheesecake


  • 0.4 kg of biscuits;
  • 0.1 kg melted butter;
  • 4 things. bananas;
  • 150 g of powdered sugar;
  • 0.4 kg of curd mass;
  • for decorating nuts or fruits.


  1. Let's start by making the basics.
  2. We spread cookies in a deep bowl and, using a blender or mortar, grind it until a mass of uniform consistency is formed.
  3. In order to make the cookies easier to warm up, it is better to choose crusty pastries.
  4. In a water bath or in a saucepan, melt the butter.
  1. Cool creamy melted butter and add to cookies. All mix.
  2. We take the form or spacing and spread the cake from the biscuits.
  3. Using a rolling pin, mortar or other object, carefully tamp the cake base.
  4. In a separate bowl, mix the curd mass with powdered sugar.
  5. At the maximum speed of a mixer or blender, beat the curd until smooth.
  6. Place half of the prepared cream on the biscuit cake and distribute it evenly over its surface.
  7. Bananas peeled and cut into equivalent pieces in the form of rings.
  8. Lay out a layer of banana pulp over the curd mass.
  9. Top lay out the remaining cream and evenly distribute it on the surface of the cake.
  10. To decorate the cake, we use crushed walnut kernels, pieces of marmalade or candied fruit, fruits.
  11. We send the cake in the fridge for 5-6 hours.

Cakes from the finished cakes can be prepared in a hurry. The taste of this dessert will be affected by the cream used and impregnation. Consider all the tips you learned today. You can make your favorite cream and combine it with any ready-made cakes. The simplest option for making a cream is to mix sour cream with powdered sugar. This cream perfectly complements the taste of biscuit or puff cakes. Enjoy your meal!

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