Cake decoration cream. the rules for making creams and

Home baking is significantly different from what we used to buy in stores. Even the simplest recipe will please you with an excellent taste. Besides, zhetaky pastry is much more useful, because in the amount of harmful additives add a minimum. Of course, each baking recipe has its own characteristics. So, barely the main thing in the cakes - this is the correct picked cream. It not only turns the taste of dessert into something special, but also serves as decoration.

Cream for decorating the cake: cooking rules

The type of filling depends on what kind of cakes you have. So for only biscuits there are about 7 types of cream! If you want to decorate the finished baked goods on top, then other options will be needed. This cream should keep good shape and not blur. All recipes have the same rules of preparation:

Cream cake decoration

Cream cake decoration

  • Use only quality products. The main ingredient of many creams is butter. If it contains too much vegetable fat, then the finished mass will be exfoliated. Most likely, you will be able to whisk it. Another 1 minus substandard oil - taste. If a product has been selected, the manufacturer of which has not indicated all the ingredients and has used a small fat, then the cream may have an unpleasant taste of margarine.
  • You should also always choose a rich cream. Their minimum concentration is 38%. Of course, it is better if the product is homemade. Low-fat cream almost whipped. Consequently, the finished cake will not look like a puff of mass, but will simply flow.
  • Prepare the necessary tools. In contrast to decorating the cakes with the help of a mastic, you will need a minimum of tools to work with the cream. Novice confectioners often think that there is a special syringe. In fact, it is very hard to use it to decorate cakes. Constant excess air is formed inside the device. Because of this, the cream is squeezed out unevenly. Yes, and it is difficult to distribute the mass.
  • A great alternative is a pastry bag. It is usually sold unassembled with 2 components that can be purchased separately. This is a nozzle and a small elastic bag that is disposable and reusable. If you are constantly, then you should buy a polyethylene, not a paper rocket. Nozzles are different. Their holes are made in the form of small and large stars, flowers, wavy lines. This allows creating beautiful patterns of cream on the cake.
  • Also mass beautifully align the sides of the baking. Usually the cream in this case is applied using a special long floor. Its blade is not very sharp and has a sufficient width. Also, the design of the grid on the dais will be needed. On it set readytort, then to gently apply to the sides of the cream.
  • Additional ingredients. Of course, the most winning look are the tears with colored borders and roses. To achieve the desired effect, you can use liquid food dyes. Usually they are added to the whipped mass at the very end. Usually for saturated color enough a few drops. If you choose Chemistry, you can use a glass of spinach or a little squeeze of spinach. The main thing is not to overdo it with their quantity. Enough 1-2 drops. Otherwise, the cream will get a taste.
  • Also for flavoring using a variety of liqueurs, extracts. Sometimes a cake covered with cream is additionally decorated with chocolate drops and figurines, sprinkles, crushed nuts and almond petals.

Cake decoration with protein cream: features

Protein creamy shape. Usually they create borders on cakes and fill tartlets and sand baskets. It also goes well with biscuit cakes. Protein cream is very economical. You will need only egg white, powdered sugar and flavors. In order for the mass to retain its shape, it is recommended to use agar-agar. The last ingredient is an additional fixer. Also, it does not affect the taste of the cream.

Cream cake decoration

Cream cake decoration


  • Egg whites - 6 pcs.
  • Icing sugar - 200 gr.
  • Agar-agar - 1 tsp.
  • Lemon juice - 0.5h. l


  1. Agar-agar powder pour 4-5h. l water and give a mixture and stand for 20 minutes.
  2. Cook sugar syrup. To do this, in a clean pot pour 0.5 tbsp. water and pour into it powdered sugar. Step on a small fire and heat until completely dissolved.
  3. Keep the pan off the fire until the ball is tested. The temperature of the syrup should reach 120 degrees. If you drop it into a cup of water, then a hard caramel ball will be formed on the bottom.
  4. Add lemon juice to the syrup and vigorously stir in the agar-agar. Stir for 10 seconds. She first increased in size, but then the white "cap" will settle.
  5. Take a clean, dry, deep bowl and pour all the proteins into it. Begin to beat them with a mixer until sharp peaks. Then pour syrup into the mass in a small stream. At the same time you need to continue to beat until the cream has cooled. By the time it takes about 10 minutes.
  6. Ready protein cream should be used in the first 2 hours. Then it will be very hard to apply on the cake layers.

Video Tutorial

  • Rosettes - fill the cinnamon confectionery bag with cream and take the nozzle-asterisk. Hold the bag under the angle of 90 degrees to the surface. Begin to squeeze the cream, a little pressing. Sharply lift it up. You should have a flower star. Dimensions can be adjusted using nozzles of different diameters.
  • Wicker grid - take the cornet tip into a rectangular cut or relief palestin. Squeeze the vertical strip. Step back 1 cm. Squeeze out another one. Connect them in small horizontal lines. Continue to press in a creamy way over the entire surface of the selected surface.
  • Seashells -Vampono needed on the landing with an asterisk. Hold the corneum cream at an angle to the surface of the cake, almost pressing it to it. Start squeezing the cream and make a smooth movement forward and down. Then sharply remove your hand. To make a chain of shells, follow the next figure at the base of the previous one.
  • Leaves - using the nozzle-stars at an angle to the cakes to begin to squeeze the cream. You can make the movement straight or wave. In the middle of the supposed leaf loosen up. Then complete the shape by squeezing a piece of the same way.
  • Also, decorating cakes with cream can be done in the form of various "beads". To do this, take the nozzle with a spherical hole. Pastry bag to keep perpendicular, squeezing the shape of the desired volume.

Decorating cakes with cream helps to finish decorating the dessert. You will need only nozzles and pastry bag-cornet. The most versatile creams that keep their shape well are considered to be protein and oil. Roses and leaves of them will not crawl, and will look bulky. Also these creams are suitable for different types of cakes - from biscuit dough.

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