Blender cocktails

The emergence and development of various household appliances contributes to the improvement of culinary abilities. To help the hostess serve food processors, mixers, blenders and many other electrical devices. With the advent of the blender, the preparation of cocktails becomes an interesting and easy task.

Of course, when we cook with an immersion blender, we have the opportunity to use different containers (even with respect to the minimum size). The stationary version assumes a large volume of the created dish.

Blender Cocktails

What can be cooked in a blender? A lot of things! For example, milkshakes from a variety of ingredients that are very popular with both children and adults. At home, it is easy to pick the freshest, natural, organic products for confidence in the quality of the resulting drink. The preparation of cocktails usually takes a little time, and the pleasure gives Nemer! The following recipes are a hint for the beginning of creativity. We remind you that by changing the composition of ingredients (or quantitative entry), you can get a completely new sound of taste.

Non-alcoholic home blender cocktails

For a large number of people, it is best to use a stationary blender with a convenient bowl, complemented by a lid to prevent splashing of liquid during operation. Successfully complemented by sweet fruit with sour-sweet fruit:

  1. Orange goes well with kiwi, banana or strawberry.
  2. Cherry sounds good with apricot and plum.
  3. Sweet peach is complemented with apricot.
  4. Apple blends perfectly with many grape varieties.

Fruit cocktail

Blender Cocktails

It is necessary to select the fruits that are most compatible with each other, thoroughly wash under running water. You can add yogurt, juice or ice water. Turn on the blender, whip thoroughly whenever possible using Turbo mode. In this case, a more gentle air mass. Not really an oxygen cocktail, but close to it. In the heat, you should not get too carried away with ice, because increases the risk of a cold throat.


Blender Cocktails

To the milkshake usually add bananas, strawberries, apples. As a rule, kiwi and raspberries leave small grains that do not pass very well through a cocktail tube. But if you wish, you can use these products. The advantages of a milkshake is to supplement with yogurt, 1% kefir, milk. The resulting mass includes many useful substances that are harmoniously combined in the complex. If desired, you can create a protein shake to improve the effectiveness of training with the portzale.

As you can see, there are many varieties of milkshakes, which are easily prepared in a blender, would be the ingredients and the desire to create!

Vitamin Cocktail

With a combination of greens, vegetables and fruits, you will get an indispensable vitamin breakfast. You can easily combine various ingredients and supplement them with crushed ice or homemade yogurt. Recipes of vegetable and fruit smoothies can suggest dietary directions. When adding fatty milk or yoghurt, you can get a sufficiently high-calorie product (if necessary).

Basic tips on how homemade cocktails are prepared usually boil down to reminding you to thoroughly wash all fruits and vegetables, use the Turbo mode to get a more tender texture, and recommend drinking cocktails in the morning for breakfast. Cocktails in a blender prepare quickly, do not require thermal processing of products, and most importantly - almost instantly ready for use! They may well replace in their composition nutrition, give energy and vitality for the whole day.

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