Birch sap canning

Birch sap is loved by many, because it is an unusual taste that has been known since childhood. Some buy it, others try to preserve it on their own. There are many ways to preserve birch sap, which allow you to keep the product for several months or for years.

Canning birch sap: what's the use?

Birch sap is a useful drink that contains tannins, vitamins, trace elements. Its composition is rich, it surpasses many vitamin formulations.

Birch sap can not only be eaten, but also used locally, for example, to wash. Due to such washing, the amount of pigment spots, acne rash decreases. Some girls advise you to wash your hair with birch sap to make your hair shiny and silky. By the way, you can use this product as an excellent remedy for hair loss. Ice for the face of birch sap has truly wonderful properties.

Birch sap canning

According to the research, taking birch sap in the spring, for a couple of weeks, will make it possible to easily cope with spring vitamin deficiency, fatigue and winter depression.

Fresh birch sap is recommended to include in the diet for people suffering from gastric ulcer and 12 duodenal ulcer, with diseases of the gallbladder, liver. Thanks to biological stimulants that are part of the juice, activates the work of the body's defenses. Birch sap is recommended for women in menopause. Its use will relieve depression, helps to normalize blood pressure and eliminate the unpleasant symptoms characteristic of this period.

Birch sap for winter: how to collect?

  • It is necessary to collect the juice only from healthy birch trees, during the period when the buds begin to swell. Firstly, a healthy tree will give more juice, and its fence will practically not cause damage to the plant. It is best to collect the product in clean forests that are far from industrial plants.
  • Choosing a tree, you can proceed directly to the collection of juice. For this, a small hole must be made in the bark. The cut is best done not close to the ground, but at least at the meter level. Of course, it is much more convenient to put the dishes on the ground so that the juice flows there. But it is worth thinking about the tree. In case the cut is made too low, it may die.
  • In the hole made, you must insert a wooden groove or tubule, with a slight tilt down. That is why the groove will drain the juice. According to some reports, it can drain slowly, other sources say that the separation of juice is not fast.
  • It can flow out of wood for up to several days, after which the hole made starts to tighten. With one healthy tree, for a couple of days you can collect from 10 to 40 liters. To preserve the life of the plant, after the separation of the juice becomes small, it is necessary to seal the tap hole. For example, to hammer with a peg, to cover with wax or clay. In case anything suitable was not at hand, you can use forest moss.
  • It is best to drink birch sap fresh. It has a richer taste, saves more nutrients and trace elements. Fresh juice can be drunk within 3 days after picking, it further oxidizes and may cause poisoning.

For longer storage of the product, it is necessary to preserve it.

How to preserve birch sap?

Birch sap canning

There are many recipes for canning birch sap, some of them involve long storage, for example for the winter, others can save the product for just a couple of months.

You can preserve birch sap not only in its pure form, but also with various additives, such as orange, lemon, mint, etc.

The easiest way, canning birch sap for the winter, is like a regular billet. Pre-jars and lids should be sterilized.

Juice must be boiled in an enamel pot, heated to 80 - 90 degrees, then poured into jars and rolled up the lids. Twist to cover with a warm blanket and leave to cool. After 2-4 days, banks can be removed for storage. In the juice, you can add sugar to taste and citric acid.

As additives in birch sap, you can use and needles. For canning, only fresh summer shoots of pine needles are suitable. Its preparation consists in multiple processing. First you need to wash the needles under running water, washing away the dust, then - scald with boiling water in order to remove the wax. But this is not all, after removing the wax, the needles should be thoroughly rinsed again, first under hot water, then under cold water.

At 50 liters of birch sap, there are 2.5 - 3 kg of fresh needles. Spread needles in an enamel saucepan, pour strained juice and bring the mixture to 80 degrees. Such a drink should be infused for 6 to 7 hours. After that, sugar and citric acid should be added to the resulting juice. Pour into jars, roll up and sterilize at a temperature of 90 - 95 degrees for 25 minutes.

Birch sap for the winter can be rolled up and with mint. For 50 l of juice you need 70 - 100 g of dry mint. The principle of making such a drink completely repeats the recipe with needles.

You can preserve the juice with citrus fruits; orange or lemon is best. For every liter of juice you need 2 tbsp. l sugar, a pinch of citric acid and 1 orange. Orange or lemon must be cut into thin slices and put in a container with birch sap, you must also add sugar and citric acid.

After the mixture has been boiled, the resulting beverage must be poured into sterilized jars. In addition, it is necessary to put an orange or lemon slice in each jar. Having rolled up the banks, they should be allowed to cool down by themselves, only after that they should be removed for storage.

Treatment with birch sap: ways

Canning birch sap. Birch sap treatment

  • The benefits and healing properties of birch sap were known to our ancestors, who actively used it in the treatment of many ailments. So, fresh or properly preserved juice has a regenerating effect, stimulates metabolic processes and is able to strengthen the body's immune defense. Not for nothing, many pediatricians advise to drink birch sap to frequently ill children, for the prevention and strengthening of immunity. This drink is irreplaceable for various intoxications and diseases caused by metabolic disturbances.
  • Birch sap and birch buds are a popular means of traditional medicine in the treatment of diseases of the digestive tract. But during therapy it is worth being attentive, the juice, as well as the kidneys, stimulate the acid-forming function.
  • The drink can be used for kidney disease, as a diuretic, but only if there are no stones and sand. Otherwise there is a big risk of exacerbation. Especially recommended birch sap for pregnant women suffering from edema.

Birch sap is not only a tasty drink, but also a storehouse of valuable substances. The wide range of its application and unique properties make this product indispensable for dietary nutrition, in cosmetology and in the treatment of many ailments.

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