Baked milk in a slow cooker


In the slow cooker you can cook a lot of dishes, which include milk as an ingredient. But just milk can be cooked in a slow cooker by making a wonderful hearty dish - baked milk. To make it quicker and tastier, it’s worth getting to know some of the secrets. the use of multicooker for cooking baked milk.

The slow cooker belongs to very convenient household items that facilitate female labor, but it requires careful attention to itself so that any products cooked in it will not spoil and get very tasty.

How to cook melted milk in a slow cooker?

To prepare baked milk at home, which is no different from home, you need 2 liters of plain milk and a slow cooker of any model. It is quite simple to prepare it, the main thing is that the “Quenching” mode is present in the model.

Baked milk in a slow cooker

  • Now you need to boil the milk and do it also in the slow cooker. Milk, which belongs to the UHT, and was purchased in a tetrapack, do not need to boil. This type of milk is completely ready for use, being cleared of everything.
  • Open the multicooker, pour the milk into the container and set the "Baking" mode for 30 minutes, leaving the valve open. You can use the mode and "cooking for a couple," but be sure to set a temporary mode 15 min.
  • If you boil the milk for the first time, carry out this important procedure, always supervised.
  • After 15 minutes, if you decide to use the first mode, then see what happens with the milk. If you chose the second option, look for milk in 5 minutes. So you can check the result and make sure that the milk is not curdled. This is necessary because milk can be used in different quantities and be of different fat content, which directly affects the process of cooking of baked milk and the amount of time spent on it.
  • After the milk has finished boiling, leave it in the slow cooker. Now pay your attention to the digital multicooker menu. In each model, it differs for different companies, but usually in any multicooker there are about 6 modes that allow you to cook a variety of dishes from cereal to boiled milk. For cooking baked milk set on the slow cooker for 6 hours the mode of "quenching", and add another 2 hours to the mode of "heating".

Baked milk in a slow cooker

  • After 4 hours, the milk should get an orange tint, and after 6 it should get a rich shade of home baked milk. Let it cool slightly and you can enjoy the taste of such a healthy drink cooked on your own without much effort.
  • In order not to waste too much time waiting for the milk to be prepared and not to constantly look at the clock, put the milk to languish overnight. When it is ready, the multicooker will automatically switch to the heating mode. Pour one or two liters of milk into the multicooker bowl, close the lid, set the “Quenching” mode for 6 hours and go to rest. In the morning, warm, healthy baked milk will be ready.

The advantages of cooking melted milk in a slow cooker

Preparation of baked milk in a slow cooker has undoubted advantages over simple boiling of milk in the oven.

The slow cooker is called a saucepan, which is placed in a mini oven equipped with electronic control. The pan is very tightly closed with a lid that has holes for steam. Excess steam is discharged through them, which allows to maintain the necessary temperature, humidity and pressure inside. Suchperfect microclimate inside allows you to make excellent baked milk.

After you have drained the finished milk, the slow cooker needs to be washed and dried. Its inner surface resembles a Teflon coating. Therefore, it is very important to protect it from scratches. Remember, if you wash the saucepan with a soft sponge, do not use metal spoons, it will retain its non-stick properties and the milk will not stick to the surface of the multicooker.

Mode "Quenching" refers to the most necessary of all 6 on the multicooker. It is an analogue of low-temperature cooking dishes in the oven and is ideal for any type of languor, broths, aspic, porridge, and, of course, baked milk. Meals are very whole and fragrant, because at a low temperature ingredients are not mixed.

Baked milk in a slow cooker

If you take advantage of the achievements of modern science and technology, to which such a wonderful device as the slow cooker belongs, you can prepare a lot of tasty and healthy dishes, such as baked milk. Such milk, cooked in a slow cooker, has a unique taste and smell.

Sweet, nourishing and tasty baked milk cooked in a slow cooker is just what you need for breakfast to gain strength for the whole family for the upcoming working day..

How else can you make melted milk, what are its benefits and calories, read in the article Baked milk at home. Enjoy your meal!

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