Until the middle of the XIX century, rum was the favorite drink of pirates. The upper classes did not use such a drink because of its rigidity, astringency and strength. But with the appearance of Don Facundo in Cuba, everything changed. In 1862, he developed the form of an ideal civilized drink under the brand Bacardi. What drink rum, you will learn in our article.

How to drink rum bacardi?

How to drink rum bacardi?

To date, the brand of alcoholic fine drinks Bacardi recognizable in almost every corner of the globe. In the second half of the 19th century, this drink was developed in Cuba by Don Facundo. Since then, his corporation has released a lot of luxury drinks and cocktails with degrees.

On the shelves you can find different types of rum and cocktails under the brand Bacardi, and it is often very difficult for us to make a choice due to the diversity of the product range. Let's look at the main products of Bacardi. So, under this brand such drinks are produced:

  • Superior;
  • Reserva;
  • Black;
  • Gold;
  • Bacardi 151;
  • Mojito;
  • Oakheart Bacardi;
  • Pina Colada;
  • 1873 Solera;
  • Anejo;
  • Daiquiri.

Fruit aroma and refined taste has the so-called rum Superior. Some people call it white rum or Bacardi White. The rum with an amber shade of the Reserve attracts with its rich taste, aroma, refinement and originality. Black rum belongs to premium alcoholic beverages. This drink is aged for 5 years.

Gold tint and a two-year exposure has a drink Gold. Confident, strong and courageous representatives of the male people prefer to use the Bacardi 151 drink. Its strength reaches 75.5%. Bacardi Oakheart has a delicate aroma of exquisite spices. An unforgettable taste will give true connoisseurs a cocktail of Pina Kolada, Mojito and Daiquiri.

Alcoholic drinks of noble varieties should include rum Solera 1873. It has a golden color and a two-year exposure. Anejo rum has a long aftertaste, extraordinary aroma and exquisite color. It is aged in oak Cuban barrels for about six years. To drink these drinks brought pleasure, you need to know the rules of their use.

Bacardi white

What drink rum Bacardi white?

Before selling, White Bacardi is aged in American oak barrels for at least eight years. The strength of this alcoholic drink is 40%. White rum is characterized by a subtle unforgettable aroma, tart and mild taste.

What drink rum Bacardi white? True connoisseurs of white rum are advised to use it only in a mixed form. Cuban drink is perfectly complemented by fruit notes and does not lose its taste. In white rum, it is recommended to add citrus slices, ice cubes or freshly squeezed juice.

The so-called Bacardi-Cola cocktail has gained wide popularity on all continents. White branded rum and carbonated drink should be mixed in proportions of 1: 4.

Cocktail recipe

The most famous and popular cocktail with rum - Corsair. Despite the variety of ingredients and the addition of white wine, the taste of rum is not lost and remains very noticeable.


  • Bacardi white - 10 ml;
  • dry white aged wine - 50 g;
  • freshly squeezed orange juice - 50 g;
  • fresh pineapple - 30 g;
  • lemon slice.


  1. All of the above components should be put in a shaker and mix thoroughly.All the above components should be put in a shaker and mixed thoroughly.
  2. Ready liquor should be poured into a glass for rum and garnished with a lemon slice.Ready liquor needs to be poured into a glass for rum and garnished with a lemon slice.
  3. You can add ice to the cocktail.

This cocktail recipe has many variations. Instead of orange juice, fresh lemon juice is added, and pineapples can be replaced with banana and sugar syrup.

Bacardi black

What drink rum Bacardi black?

What drink rum Bacardi black? Refined drink Bacardi Black is considered to be youth. Most often it is used at night parties. This drink has a pleasant aftertaste - a combination of fruit, vanilla and woody notes. Withstand dark rum for 4 years. The rich color, as well as the flavor of banana, plum and apricot, allow to determine the authenticity of the drink and its relation to the brand Bacardi. Some connoisseurs of Roma prefer to drink Bacardi Black in its pure form, like cognac. For a snack in this case, a lemon is ideal.

Previously, in the upper classes, black Bacardi rum was served as a digestif after the main meal. This tradition has been preserved to this day. Black rum is distinguished by its refined, unique and mild flavor. It can be diluted with carbonated drink Coca-Cola, various fruit juices. Often, black rum is used as a base for cocktails.

Bacardi Black

How to drink rum Bacardi Black? There are many different recipes for exquisite alcoholic cocktails based on Bacardi Black rum. The most common cocktail in the world consists of Coca-Cola.


  • Bacardi Black - 40 ml;
  • Coca-Cola - to taste;
  • ice.


  1. Put large ice cubes into a glass or a glass. The tank should be filled with ice for 2/3 parts.
  2. Ice should be filled with Bacardi Black rum.
  3. The rest of the glass must be filled with Coca-Cola.
  4. You can decorate a glass with a cocktail umbrella, straw or lime.

Filtered pineapple or Pina Colada - a favorite pirate drink

The basis of the cocktail of Pina Colada, you can put black rum or mix it with Bacardi Superior. Be sure to cocktail should be pineapple liqueur.

Pina Colada - a favorite pirate drink


  • Bacardi Black - 170 ml;
  • ice;
  • pineapple liqueur - 220 ml;
  • Pineapple juice - to taste.


  1. Ice cubes should be crushed with a mixer and put in a glass.
  2. The icy base must be filled with Bacardi Black rum and pineapple liqueur.
  3. All components must be mixed.
  4. Glass to the end you need to fill with pineapple juice. The more juice, the smaller the fortress Bacardi Black.
  5. Cocktail can be decorated with pineapple pieces, straws or umbrellas. The edges of a cocktail glass or glass can be treated with powdered sugar.

Badminton is not only a game

This uncomplicated name was given to one of the cocktails made on the basis of rum. In everyday life, it is called a cocktail of short-drinks, because it needs to be drunk in one gulp.

Badminton is not only a game


  • Bacardi Black - 20 g;
  • lingonberry juice - 30 g;
  • pineapple fresh slices - 20 g


  1. In a stack for a cocktail should pour rum.
  2. To the top of the glass you need to supplement the juice with lingonberries.
  3. Decorate the glass should be a slice of fresh pineapple.
  4. This drink is drunk in one gulp and eaten with a slice of fresh pineapple.

Alcohol brand Bacardi is known throughout the world. This drink is famous for its exquisite, delicate, soft, tart aroma and unique aftertaste. Bacardi rum is made by special technology and must be kept in oak Cuban barrels. If you want to become a true connoisseur of the taste of Bacardi rum, you need to know how to properly use such a noble drink and mix cocktails based on it.

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