At what temperature to roast chicken in the oven

Everyone knows that baked foods are much healthier than fried ones. This is one of the oldest methods of heat treatment. In this way meat, fish, vegetable and combined dishes are prepared. A delicious, crispy golden crust forms on the platter while baking. True, you need to establish your optimum temperature, and also to withstand a certain time. This is required because each product has its own density, its own characteristics of achieving condition.

Chicken is considered dietary, especially fillets. There are many recipes for roasting chicken: from cooking a whole carcass to meat pieces with a side dish. While preparing the same ingredient, for different recipes will need to set their temperature and baking time. If the dish is overexposed, it will lose its taste and juiciness, and if it is not maintained, it will be raw (and you shouldn’t say that there is no hotter raw!). At what temperature to roast a chicken in the oven? How long will it take to cook the whole carcass, in slices, with a side dish?

Whole rosy chicken - festive table decoration

At what temperature to bake the chicken in the oven

To cook the whole chicken carcass, the most convenient method of heat treatment is roasting in the oven. The process of preparing meat for baking is simple. Chicken should be rubbed with spices and spices to taste, salt inside and out. To add flavor and flavor to the skin, you can hide a few cloves of garlic or fresh greens. Also, often chicken carcass stuffed with something. The simplest products are apples, citrus fruits, dried fruits, Brussels sprouts.

Stuffed chicken is a more complicated dish. Before you send it into the oven, the carcass is cut, separating the skin, flesh and bones. Then the meat is ground, mixed with other ingredients (vegetables, mushrooms, etc.). Chicken skin is filled with ready-made mincemeat, and so that the baking form does not disintegrate during the baking period, and the filling does not fall out, all holes should be patched or closed with toothpicks.

The prepared carcass can simply be seated on a baking sheet and sent to the oven, or can be baked in foil. In order to get an appetizing crust, in the last minutes of cooking the dishes, the foil is opened, the fire is made a little stronger, and the chicken is allowed to brown.

We will not dwell on recipes for cooking chicken in various ways in detail, because many housewives have a favorite in the arsenal. It is much more important to know at what temperature to roast the whole chicken in the oven?

There are general recommendations. Before you send the carcass in the oven, the cabinet must be heated to at least 175 degrees. At this temperature, the roasting time is calculated by the formula: for every half a kilogram of product - 20 minutes. for cooking, plus another quarter of an hour by the total time.

If the chicken is big, meaty, we change tactics. During the first 10-15 min. bake at a temperature of 230 degrees, then reduce to the set 175, and withstand, as expected (20 minutes per pound).

If you do not trust the timer and your oven, then the check of the dish for readiness occurs by carefully puncturing the chicken in the breast area. If the released juice is clear, clean, without blood impurities - the meat is ready.

Temperature mode when baking chicken in other ways

Temperature mode when baking chicken in other ways

Chicken meat, especially when it comes to breast, almost does not have a taste, it is fresh. Therefore, chicken is often marinated before baking. Popular marinades and seasonings:

  • a mixture of adzhika, mayonnaise, mustard and honey (all ingredients in equal proportions);
  • slices and lemon juice, thyme, garlic;
  • a mixture of soy sauce (3 tbsp. l.), honey (2 tbsp. l.), chopped garlic and spices to taste.

Marinated chicken is baked entirely at a temperature of 180-200 degrees, depending on the weight of the carcass.

Cooking a bird a whole carcass for a long time, if we are talking about, say, cooking dinner. The dish will be baked much faster: legs, wings, breasts, hips. Preparation of meat for heat treatment is similar - rubbing with spices and spices, using marinade. Then the portions are laid out on a baking sheet and sent to the oven. To prevent meat from sticking to the metal, the baking sheet is covered with foil.

Chicken fragments are baked as follows:

  • legs and legs - temperature 180 degrees, we withstand half an hour;
  • fillet and wings - temperature 180 degrees, withstand 3/4 h;
  • thighs - 180 degrees, 40 min.

So, with roasting meat, like, everything is clear. But the chicken is often cooked in the oven immediately with a side dish. At what temperature to roast chicken in the oven, say, with potatoes and other vegetables?

In order for all the ingredients to ripen at the same time, you need to take into account several nuances. It is much more convenient to bake the chicken with a side dish in a bowl with a lid or on a baking sheet under the foil. For browning the lid (foil) is removed and the dish is brought to readiness. Bake chicken with a side dish in this way should be at a temperature of 190-200 degrees for half an hour under the lid.

Ingredients for the garnish should be seasoned and add a little fat, even though the chicken still poured off fat. The most common products in the garnish with chicken: potatoes, mushrooms, pineapples, apples, rice, a sleeve with buckwheat (meat is placed there as well).

An interesting recipe for baking is in salt shell or on a salt cushion. And do not worry about the fact that you overdo it with the flavor. Meat will absorb as much salt as it needs. On a salt cushion, the chicken is baked for about an hour at a temperature of 190-200 degrees, and slices are made according to the standard. If you decide to cook the meat in salt shell, then bake the same hour, but at a temperature of 170-180 degrees.

As you can see, the temperature regime for roasting chicken in the oven varies from 170 to 230 degrees. Do not think that if you make a fire harder, the dish will cook faster. This is not true; rather, it will burn or dry out. Have an excerpt, then the chicken will come to you - you will yum fingers!

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