Adjika is a fragrant and rather pungent seasoning of a rich red color. If you take the traditional recipe for its preparation, then it will not use tomatoes, but add garlic, chilli pepper, a variety of spicy herbs, hops-suneli, walnuts.

A very tasty combination of adjika with fish and meat dishes, it is perfectly suited to a side dish of vegetables, interestingly combined with boiled rice or cheese. In addition, today there is simply a huge amount of a wide variety of recipes and cooking options for this seasoning, so that each hostess can choose for themselves the most suitable.

Aromatic adjika from Bulgarian pepper

If you have a desire to cook something unusual, then you should pay attention to the sweet snack adjika. For the preparation of this seasoning will not need a large number of ingredients - based on red bell pepper, garlic and fresh herbs.

Subject to the application of the following recipe, you will get adjika with a pleasant and pronounced taste of pepper. And it will somehow look like lecho. To get the dish an unusual, refreshing, pleasant aroma, you need to use greens.

Adjika from bell pepper: a recipe


  1. Estragon - 1 bunch (15-20 g)
  2. Garlic heads - 2-3 pcs.
  3. Cilantro - 1 bundle
  4. Hot chili pepper - 5-7 pcs. (500-700 g)
  5. Vegetable oil - 1.25-1.5 st.
  6. Salt fine - 2-2.25 tsp.
  7. Bulgarian sweet pepper - 2-2.25 kg


  • First, we prepare vegetables and herbs — wash them, put them on paper towels so that they absorb all the excess water.
  • We begin to carve a bell pepper - cut each into 2 halves, completely remove all seeds and partitions. They will taste bitter and may spoil the taste of the dish. Do not forget to remove the stem.
  • Cut the prepared halves of pepper into fairly large pieces, then grind with a meat grinder.
  • Now we are preparing bitter pepper - we cut chillies in the same way as sweet Bulgarian pepper. Before processing bitter pepper, it is recommended to wear gloves, as it will burn heavily. Pass the pepper through a meat grinder.
  • Peel the garlic and chop with a meat grinder.
  • Pour the mixture of vegetables into a prepared saucepan and put it on medium heat, leave for a while until it boils.
  • As soon as the vegetable mixture begins to boil, we fasten the fire to the minimum and introduce a small amount of vegetable oil.
  • Stew adjika on minimum heat for about 30 minutes, not forgetting to interfere regularly, so as not to burn.
  • At that time, while adzhika will cook, we are engaged in the preparation of greens. We tear the leaves of tarhuna and throw away the stalks, since they are very tough and we will not need them.
  • After 30 minutes, add the prepared greens to the adjika saucepan and simmer the dish for another 10 minutes.
  • Sterilize the jars (either in the oven or for a couple), pour seasonings into jars and roll them up.

Cooking hot pepper red pepper

Adjika from red bell pepper: cooking


  1. Vinegar - 100-120 g
  2. Hot pepper - 45-50 g
  3. Sugar - 2.75-3 Art. l
  4. Bulgarian pepper - 0.7-0.8 kg.
  5. Salt - ¾ Art. l
  6. Garlic - 75-80 g


  • To adzhika was delicious, you need to choose the right pepper - juicy, ripe, fragrant, meaty. It is necessary to use only good vegetables, without browning or other flaws.
  • Pepper is cleaned of the stem and seeds, we remove the membranes, then rinse well with water to remove the remnants of the seeds, otherwise they will be very bitter. Cut into large enough plates and shift them into a deep container.
  • Now we clean the garlic - it can be rubbed on a fine grater, cut into thin slices or skipped through a press (this is the best option). It is important to preserve as much juice as possible while chopping garlic, as it will add extra spiciness to the finished dish.
  • A mixture of peppers is passed through a meat grinder - there should be a mass of homogeneous consistency.
  • Now we are engaged in preparing hot pepper - we wash it and dry it with a paper towel, since all excess liquid must go away. We clean it as well as Bulgarian, then we skip it through a meat grinder - the basis for the future adzhika is obtained. It is not recommended to use a blender for this purpose, since you can spoil the consistency of the future dish.
  • Add the garlic and its juice to the ground peppers, mix everything well.
  • Introduce salt, vinegar, sugar into the sauce and mix everything well. It is advisable to knead the ingredients using a wooden spatula, making them evenly distributed.
  • The most important stage in the preparation of adzhika is the preparation of containers. It is necessary to use a lid and a jar without cracks and rust, there should be no other flaws.
  • Prepared dishes washed with baking soda and running water. Then the jars are sterilized for 10 minutes in the oven, and the lid is boiled for the same time in water.
  • Further in the prepared container we shift the finished adjika and tightly close the lid. It is worth remembering that in the absence of sterilization and clogging of cans, ready adjika will be stored much less.
  • Store adjika, which was prepared according to this recipe, in the refrigerator or cellar - the main thing is to be cool.
  • Adjika will be a great addition to any meat dish.

Simple recipe for delicious adjika

Sweet pepper adjika: a simple recipe


  1. Garlic - 130-150 g
  2. Sugar - 2/3 Art.
  3. Red hot pepper - 80-95 g
  4. Vegetable oil - 115-120 g
  5. Sea salt - 1.5-2 Art. l
  6. Vinegar - 0.75-1 Art.
  7. Sweet pepper - 1.75-2 kg


  • First, we prepare sweet pepper - clean it from the stem, seed, wash, dry and cut into large pieces.
  • We also peel and chop the hot pepper. We shift 2 types of pepper into the bowl of the blender, add to them peeled garlic cloves. All thoroughly whisk until the mixture acquires a uniform consistency.
  • We shift the vegetable mass to the saucepan and put it on the stove, add vinegar, sugar, oil and salt - mix everything well. At minimum heat, periodically interfering with cooking adzhika 1 h.
  • Using this recipe, you can cook adjika for the winter. In this case, you just need to distribute the sauce on the pre-sterilized jars and roll up the lid. If you do not want to engage in conservation, then you can store adjika in a simple food container.

Adjika is an excellent addition to meat and fish dishes, as well as side dishes. But the classic version of the snack is quite spicy, and therefore not everyone will like it. You can cook an alternative view of this sauce based on Bulgarian pepper. It will be softer, sweetish and very fragrant!

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