Zoom teeth whitening

Innovative medicine in minutes can turn your dream of a Hollywood smile into reality. Zoom teeth whitening is the latest achievement in dental medicine, which has already managed to win the hearts of many people. Let's take a closer look at what features of this technique.

Whitening Zoom - what is it?

Zoom is, first of all, the newest system of photobleaching of teeth.

Zoom is, first of all, the newest system of photobleaching of teeth.

The techniques of the past years were such technologies of photobleaching as Zoom No. 1 and No. 2. They could not be considered completely safe, because the substances contained in the gel washed away the minerals from the tooth and had a negative effect on the enamel.

But more recently, the well-known company Philips has released a new model Zoom 3, taking into account the experience of mistakes of past generations. The technology is based on carbamide peroxide, which allows to preserve the integrity of the tooth enamel during whitening.

The main advantages of Zoom 3 over other technologies can be highlighted:

  • absolute guarantee of efficiency and safety of the technique;
  • gentle whitening due to the minimum concentration of hydrogen peroxide in the gel;
  • maximum compatibility of bleaching substances and installations;
  • innovative patented gel storage technology.

In addition, teeth whitening using the Zoom 3 technique is a comfortable enough procedure for the patient.

Zoom 3: holding technique

Teeth whitening Zoom 3: holding technique

First of all, you should consult a dentist, cure all unhealthy teeth and carry out a complete cleaning of the oral cavity. After that, during the week, it is required to continue preparation for bleaching at home with the help of special fluoride toothpaste. It will strengthen the tooth surface and make it easier for the teeth to undergo the photobleaching procedure.

Teeth whitening technique Zoom is quite simple, it takes only 45 minutes. free time of the patient and passes the following stages:

  1. The dentist determines the true enamel color of the patient according to the VITA scale and offers the most appropriate final shade of clarification.
  2. Lips and cheeks are fixed with a retractor and processed with a protective gel. In order to avoid the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the retina, wear special protective glasses.
  3. To prevent the bleaching gel from getting into the soft soft tissues of the gums, they are treated with a composition that interacts with oxygen and instantly hardens.
  4. A gel is applied to the immediate smile area (10 upper and the same lower teeth) with a uniform, non-thick layer.
  5. At the minimum distance from the teeth put a whitening photo camera Zoom 3.
  6. After 20 minutes, the lamp is removed, wash off the remnants of the gel and repeat the operation.
  7. After passing through all 3 stages of bleaching, the remnants of the protective agent and lightening gel are removed. A remineralizing composition is applied to the teeth, which reduces the sensitivity of the enamel.

Reviews of the teeth whitening technique Zoom 3 are quite varied. Some people claim that the result lasts only a few months. Others, on the contrary, say that after carrying out the procedure and following a certain diet, the effect lasts for 3 years. In any case, without having experienced a whitening system on our teeth, we cannot unequivocally talk about the results.

Contraindications to the procedure

Contraindications to the whitening procedure Zoom 3

Although the whitening system Zoom 3 is the most modern, its use in such cases is not recommended:

  • pregnant women and lactating mothers;
  • in diseases of the oral cavity;
  • people suffering from mental disorders and ailments;
  • patients taking the following drugs: hormonal oral contraceptives, tetracycline, ibuprofen;
  • if there is a suspicion of malignant neoplasms;
  • after undergoing a course of treatment with phototherapy and photochemotherapy;
  • patients suffering from increased vomiting reflex, as well as high photosensitivity;
  • persons under the age of 14.

The list of contraindications is quite impressive, so before you make a decision on undergoing the bleaching procedure, consult your doctor and take the necessary tests.

The main advantages and disadvantages of technology

Taking into account all existing methods of clinical teeth whitening, as well as reviews about the technology, we can distinguish positive and negative aspects of Zoom 3.

Positive aspects:

  • whitening procedure can be carried out even in the most neglected cases;
  • enamel lightening on the scale of VITA contains 10-12 shades;
  • just one session at the dentist is enough to get a dazzling effect;
  • whiteness of teeth lasts up to 5 years.

Negative aspects:

Negative aspects:

  • during the procedure, a slight tingling or even burning sensation may be felt, since the heating of the soft tissues occurs;
  • after the procedure, the enamel hypersensitivity remains for several days;
  • it is necessary to adhere to a certain “white diet” - this concept includes refusal from food with coloring pigments, as well as from some drinks, for example, from tea or coffee;
  • sometimes the shade of teeth can become dull - this effect in dentistry is called "re-whitening".

Finally, I would like to note that by following all the recommendations of the dentist after undergoing the Zoom teeth whitening procedure, in a short time you can get an amazingly white smile. However, you shouldn’t rely only on modern methods - you should take care of your teeth and regularly undergo preventive examinations.

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