Zinc paste for acne. indications for use


Virtually every person has experienced the problem of acne, and it does not necessarily occur during adolescence. Rashes are ugly, cause a lot of inconvenience. Zinc paste, if you believe reviews, really helps to cope with acne on the skin due to its unique properties. But she needs to properly use and know the necessary dosage.

Zinc paste: scope

Acne Zinc Paste

Zinc is an important trace element. With its help catalysts of biological processes are stimulated. The amount of zinc in the skin is about 20% of the total.

This element is considered one of the main components of cosmetic preparations intended for the care of problem skin and the fight against acne. One such agent is zinc paste or ointment. It can be bought at the pharmacy, and it is very cheap.

Zinc paste has a drying, astringent and disinfectant effect. It significantly reduces the number of acne and blackheads, relieves local inflammation and irritation. When applied to the skin, zinc ointment forms a special coating that reduces the effects of aggressive environmental factors.

There are several ways to use zinc paste. As a rule, it is applied with a thin layer on cleansed face skin. You can use the tool up to 6 times a day. The only negative point is that it is completely unsuitable for a makeup base; you cannot put foundation and powder on it. Face paste can be left on all night.

At 19 in the famous German dermatologist Lassar invented a unique in action zinc salicylic ointment, in which besides zinc oxide and petroleum jelly contains starch and salicylic acid. Due to this composition, the ointment has an active astringent and antiseptic effect. It is ideal for the treatment of fresh inflammations.

When applied topically, zinc paste has the following effects: reduces sebum production, disinfects, dries, reduces irritation, reduces inflammation, regenerates and improves skin elasticity.

The active use of decorative cosmetics can reduce the therapeutic effect of the product. During the treatment of acne, it is recommended to completely eliminate the use of foundation creams, powder, proofreaders, concealers and other masking agents.

Among the side effects are the following: pruritus, skin rash, hyperemia. It is not recommended to use zinc paste during lactation and pregnancy, as well as for allergies to zinc.

Zinc paste: indications

Acne Zinc Paste

Zinc paste can be used not only for acne. There is a fairly large range of uses of this miracle cure:

  1. Diaper rash in children and adults;
  2. Prickly heat;
  3. Dermatitis;
  4. Ulcerative lesions of the skin;
  5. Eczema in the acute phase;
  6. Burns;
  7. Acne (acne);
  8. Herpes simplex;
  9. Superficial wounds;
  10. Streptoderma;
  11. Trophic ulcers;
  12. The bedsores

Salicylate zinc paste for acne: how to use?

Currently, there is a sufficient amount of various cosmetics for problem skin. These are not only waste products, but also drugs. Salicylic-zinc paste, which was invented back in the 19th century, is still one of the most effective means.

Pasta can be purchased at a pharmacy at an affordable price and without a prescription. Due to zinc in the composition, it has a quick and pronounced effect on a particular problem. Salicylic-zinc paste helps fight virtually any infections, so it is often prescribed for psoriasis, various forms of dermatitis, abscess and other similar diseases.

As for the use of the paste, it is applied in the same way as zinc: applied in a thin layer on the affected skin. If there are a lot of rashes, and you use the ointment on a daily basis, there is a chance to dry out the skin. For a more effective effect, the paste can be applied at night. If a pimple has just appeared, then with local application the result will be noticeable after a few hours.

Salicylic-zinc paste is incompatible with color cosmetics and moisturizers, as this will lead to clogging of the pores and cause new irritations. When treating acne skin, you will have to forget about make-up and the use of tonal resources for a while.

Who has this remedy helped?

Acne Zinc Paste

  • Elizaveta: For a long time, she suffered from skin problems, nothing helped. I even did a face cleansing at the beauticians - all in vain. The pharmacy advised zinc ointment. It costs about 30 rubles. I did not believe in a miracle, but it happened. Of course, I had to use it for a long time, to abandon decorative cosmetics (plus I changed the diet). In general, the pasta really helped me. Now, when there are punctate eruptions, I smear with paste, after a few hours there is no trace of them.
  • Evgenia: I, like most, have skin problems. Zinc paste was for me salvation from itching and all sorts of allergic rashes on the skin. The only negative is that it dries the skin very much and you cannot be painted during its use.
  • Tatyana: In my first-aid kit now there is always zinc paste. It saves from burns, scratches and acne. As soon as the pimple pops up, I immediately smear the paste and after a few hours the inflammation is almost imperceptible. By the way, with her help, I also adapted to treat a cold on my lips. In general, from all troubles - one answer!

Zinc paste is a real panacea for skin problems. Many women and men were able to get rid of acne, acne and eczema with its help. True, not everyone is suitable and helps pasta. In any case, before using it is recommended to test for allergies, and then later experiment with the skin of the face.