Zenerte or baziron


Problem skin, the formation of acne or, as doctors say - acne, is not the rarest reason to contact a beautician. Many women, for one reason or another, suffer from skin imperfections and are forced to seek a solution to the problem. The modern pharmaceutical industry offers a wide range of acne treatment products, such as Zenerit, Baziron and many others. Dr. So how to choose a drug? And which one works best?

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Zenerte or Baziron: what is the best treatment for acne?

Due to the active substances that make up Zenerite, mainly erythromycin, the activity of microorganisms that inhabit the surface of the skin is suppressed. In line with this, Zenerite belongs to the class of local antibiotics of plant origin.

  • In addition to the antibiotic, the drug contains alcohol - ethanol, which has an additional disinfectant and, at the same time, drying effect.
  • Zinc acetate is included in the drug as an anti-inflammatory component, and a substance capable of reducing sebum production. Due to its reduction, prevention of the formation of comedones is provided - microcysts of the skin, which are formed by clogging the pores with sebum.
  • For additional hydration of the skin, diisopropyl sebacate is included in the formulation.

Zener is prescribed as an effective remedy for acne and pimples, but it is recommended to use it only in severe cases, after other cosmetic products have not been effective. The course of treatment is usually 2 months, but after a couple of weeks, you will notice the first improvements.

Due to the fact that an antibiotic is included in Zenerit, it is quite possible that tolerance of microorganisms to erythromycin is formed, in this case the drug will simply not be effective. Significant minus Zenerita is the alcohol content and the ability to dry the top layer of the skin, so the drug is not suitable for owners of dry skin.

Before you use the drug, you should consult with a specialist. If the cause of acne is microbial inflammation, the composition will be effective, if the reason lies in a hormonal failure, then the effectiveness of the medicine will leave much to be desired.

Analogues of Zinerit, which are the closest in composition, are not available today, but the range of drugs that are analogues in their intended purpose is enormous. Among them is Baziron AU, and Zenerite is most often compared with Baziron AS.

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What can be said about Baziron AU?

Baziron is also used to combat skin imperfections and acne. According to reviews of Bazirone, The drug is able to relieve acne as soon as possible. The preparation contains keratolytics, which will help exfoliate the upper layers of the skin, and stimulate regeneration. Also included are anti-inflammatory components that suppress inflammation and inhibit the growth of pathogenic microorganisms.

Due to the drying of the skin, Baziron is an ideal remedy for owners of oily skin who can achieve two effects at the same time - get rid of acne and oily shine on the skin of the face.

So Baziron or Zener?

So Baziron or Zener?

Despite the fact that these 2 drugs have one purpose, their composition is significantly different, and there is always room for dispute: Zener or Baziron? What's better? It is this fact that can explain the positive and negative points in relation to each other.

The most important difference between Baziron and Zinerit is the absence of the formation of addiction. According to reviews of the drug Zenerit, its reuse does not give the same effect, which is not typical for Baziron. Even though the treatment of Baziron is also a couple of months, the effectiveness of reuse is not reduced.

The use of local antibiotics, that is, Zinerite, significantly violates the composition of microflora and the balance between beneficial and pathogenic microflora. While the antibiotic is working, there are no changes on the skin. But as soon as its action ceases - the course of treatment is completed, the consequences of microbial imbalance will manifest themselves in all their glory - even more acne will appear on the face. It is fair to say that this phenomenon is temporary and will continue until normal microflora is restored. But it's hard not to agree that this effect is unpleasant and undesirable.

It is for these reasons more preference is given to Baziron, the elimination of which does not carry a temporary aggravation of acne, reuse will remain equally effective.

To solve problems with the skin of the face, it is first necessary to find out the cause of acne. Simply put, in most cases, acne on the face - this is just a symptom, and the disease itself is hidden inside. And success in treatment will be precisely in relieving the root cause.

In practice, most girls try to solve the problem on their own, on the advice of girlfriends and grandmother’s recipes — wipe the skin with spirit tinctures, use coarse scrubs, etc., and cover up the subsequent problems from improper care with a thick layer of foundation and powder. What is the result? Formation of comedones with subsequent inflammation, acne and other problems.

Remember, successful treatment of acne and acne cannot take place without the participation of a qualified specialist and finding out the reason for their appearance!