Yellow peeling. reviews

For all women, such a procedure of cleansing the skin, like peeling, is well known. Each of us did the peeling at least once in our life. It could be peeling in the beauty salon or at home.

In beauty salons you will be offered different types of peeling. One of the most popular today is yellow face peeling. The advantages of this type of peeling are that it helps women to remain young and attractive. Yellow peeling will help you to smooth deep and even fine wrinkles, smooth out hyperpigmentation and other skin defects.

Yellow peeling. Reviews

Compared to other species, yellow peeling is the most gentle. They can be used at a young age, without fear of damaging the skin. Starting from 23 years old, this procedure is absolutely harmless. It will help young girls to smooth out fine mimic wrinkles or, for example, smooth and eliminate scars after acne. For older women, yellow peeling will rejuvenate the skin of the face, the skin of the décolleté, the hands and neck.

Why is yellow peeling so named?

In cosmetology, yellow peeling is called differently - retinoic peeling.

The basis of this peeling is (as you might guess) an ingredient such as retinoic acid. Because of her, the peeling in the common people is called yellow. After all retinoic acid temporarily stains the skin yellow.

Preparation for the yellow peeling procedure

For yellow peeling, as well as for any other cosmetic procedure, the skin must be prepared. For this, it is advised to apply special acidic creams on the skin for two weeks. In case of emergency, a special procedure is carried out in the cabin, which softens the surface layer of the skin. This is necessary in order to peel was most effective.

Yellow peeling procedure

To prepare for yellow peeling for the first time, you should consult with a beautician. An experienced specialist will determine the type of your skin, tell you how many procedures you need to prepare your skin for peeling, and most importantly, approve peeling. He will also introduce you to the methods of skin care after this procedure. You, in turn, after weighing all the pros and cons, decide to do this procedure or use something else.

Yellow peeling is not recommended for women with sensitive thin skin.

Yellow peeling procedure

How is it made? yellow peeling procedure in beauty salons or beauty salons?

  • After preliminary preparation of the skin, the face must be cleansed of makeup.
  • Then the beautician will apply a special solution to the skin. Many women who underwent this procedure, felt the tingling of the skin of varying degrees, as well as felt the fever or rush of blood to the skin.
  • After all this, a special yellow mask is applied. After about half an hour, it is washed off and the effect is observed.

Yellow Peeling Reviews

General feedback on the yellow peeling procedure is very pleasing to cosmetologists.. It is always nice when the work was not in vain. And since this is a relatively new type of peeling, rumors will quickly spread about its effectiveness and miraculousness, and there will be more women resorting to it.

Yellow Peeling Reviews

  • "The skin after deep cleansing with a yellow peeling becomes fresh, smooth and elastic." (Elena, 34 years old)
  • "The effect of skin rejuvenation on the face." (Ilona, ​​42 years old)
  • "All small and even deep wrinkles smoothed out. But I noticed such a positive result only after a week. Because the skin peels off after the peeling the first time after peeling." (Anna, 38 years old)

Each woman has skin recovery individually. Someone she peels a day or two, and someone 3-4, or even 5-6 days. The effect of the procedure, according to doctors, lasts about six months.

However, although most women rated the yellow peeling procedure very positively, there are some sad reviews:

  • “It’s terrible to walk with a yellow face for 8 hours! There wasn’t much difference between what it was and it turned out (besides, the skin was flaky for a whole week!)
  • “After the yellow peeling, my face became stained, apparently my body didn’t accept this.

As noted in this article, there are women with particularly sensitive skin, yellow peeling is contraindicated for them. Obviously, the unfriendly reviews are set aside by those women who have not consulted with a beautician before preparing for the yellow peeling procedure. Do not make such mistakes!

Largely, yellow peeling procedure is good and very effective. But it is necessary to approach everything wisely. The effect of yellow skin and peeling - the costs of this procedure, and they must be put up with. But the result, for sure, you will like, especially since the effect of rejuvenation lasts a long time!

Health and beauty to you!

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