Wrinkle care

Over time, even the owners of oily and combination skin wrinkles appear on the face, which deepen from year to year, and women spend a lot of energy to fight them. Various injections are not available to all for a number of reasons, therefore cosmetic products are in the greatest demand. Among them, marked cream "Radevit", which is a medicine. Is it possible to prolong youth with him?

Ointment "Radevit" for wrinkles: principle of action

Wrinkle care

To find out how effective a particular tool is, you must not only read the comments of people who have already tested it, but also consider the composition. This will allow you to understand what effect its active components will have. In addition, in this way it is possible to recognize the possible unpleasant consequences of the use of the product.

As for Radevita, its main ingredient that has the greatest impact on cells is vitamin A, which has the scientific name retinol palmitate. The main task of this element is the stimulation and enhancement of epithelial cell division, as well as their rejuvenation. Among the other components of the cream "Radevit" retinol contains 10 mg.

Here it is necessary to mention vitamin E and vitamin D3, which are in smaller doses - 5 mg and 0.05 mg, respectively. The latter takes an active part in the phosphorus-calcium metabolism, and vitamin E contributes to reducing the toxicity of the previously indicated vitamin A, which minimizes the possible risks from the use of drugs of this kind. In addition, vitamin E is known as a natural antioxidant, which indicates its positive effect as a fighter against aging skin.

Such a "golden three", supported by a number of excipients, among which are liquid paraffin, and glycerin, and emulsion wax, theoretically, can improve the condition of the skin by shifting the unpleasant moment of aging. However, if you look, a similar effect should be given in aggregate by capsules of pure vitamins A and E, also available in the Aevit preparation, and ingestion of vitamin D3. How does Radev differ from such a scheme, besides its cost? And how strong is he in resisting wrinkles?

The manufacturer refers to "Radevit" as an anti-inflammatory agent, which can also relieve itching, improve the protective functions of the skin, and establish regenerative processes. Nothing is said about the elimination of wrinkles, and the main orientation of the ointment is dermatitis, erosion, seborrhea, burns, etc. skin diseases. However, on the last lines of the list you can see the mention of sensitive skin, which needs to be removed irritation after treatment with other drugs, and dryness, as a temporary phenomenon.

Thus, Radevit becomes not only an ointment that eliminates neurodermatitis and similar problems, but also capable of combating epithelial dehydration. And precisely in this recommendation lies the reason why some women use Radevit for wrinkles: after all, skin with a lack of moisture is prone to more rapid formation of wrinkles. What is the reason for the long-term preservation of visual youth in combination and oily skin.

Cream "Radevit": instructions for use

Wrinkle care

The instructions to "Radevita" indicate that during pregnancy and breastfeeding the drug is undesirable to use if it is used in large areas, but its local application is not excluded. However, doctors do not advise resorting to ointment even in small doses during this period in order not to adversely affect the health of the child. You will also have to abandon the "Radevit" in case of individual intolerance of the individual components of the cream, which is desirable to check before applying it to the face: you can perform a standard test at the elbow bend.

Despite the fact that the ointment is designed for external use, it is able to conflict with preparations for oral administration. This creates a number of restrictions that are also important to consider. In particular, taking retinoids requires a temporary refusal from the use of Radevit. And due to the high concentration of vitamins A, D and E in the composition of the product, it should not be used during the period of hypervitaminosis of these elements, including the moments of using other drugs with their content. But a number of side effects can be avoided if salicylates or glucocorticosteroids are used simultaneously with Radevit: the latter also decrease the effectiveness of the ointment.

In cases where the tool is used to eliminate the peeling caused by dehydration, an occlusive dressing is necessary. For most other problems, it is enough to treat the affected areas with a small amount of Radevit. If the skin has been damaged, pre-disinfect it. The duration of treatment is determined only by the complexity of the disease, so it is set individually and can take up to 6-8 weeks. At the same time a period of 6 weeks can not be exceeded if the ointment is applied to large areas. And in case of occurrence of an itch, signaling the deterioration of the condition of the affected area, the use of Radevit is required to temporarily stop.

As for the use of "Radevit" as a wrinkle cream, there are no instructions from the manufacturer on this subject, and they are derived only by individual consumer samples.

Consumer reviews about the tool

Wrinkle care

Reviews filled with enthusiastic words, backed up with confirmation in the form of photographs "before" and "after" using "Radevit" speak too eloquently and loudly so as not to notice them. Women openly admire the drug, returning their skin tone and smoothness, smoothing wrinkles and thereby reducing the age.

According to its consistency and other technical properties, “Radevit” fairly resembles a simple day cream: it has practically no perfumes, its density is average, and its fat content is not observed. The product absorbs quickly enough, as a result of which most women apply it in the evening. During the day, it can be applied only under the tonal basis, dividing these procedures 1-2 hours of free time, and the tonal basis should have an SPF of at least 15. This is due to the fact that Radevit sharpens the skin's sensitivity to sunlight, which, according to reviews girls, sometimes leads to the appearance of age spots, if you do not add protection to the face. But the majority of women still replaced “Radevitom” with their evening care, so there were no unpleasant accidents.

As for the real result, for young girls, it consisted in eliminating traces of lesions: instead of the usual redness for 2-3 weeks, the skin was cleaned for 3-5 days. Older women, especially those suffering from dry skin, mentioned that the so-called “crow's feet” around the eyes, which are mimic wrinkles, begin to smooth out after 4 days, and after 2 weeks the effect becomes visible to the naked eye. But for the upper eyelid, the ointment was heavy, as a result of which women stopped using it in this zone on the 3rd day.

"Radevit" also had a positive effect on the skin of the lips, saving in periods of strong draining or chapping, but here it is worth taking care that the cream does not get inside, as is the case with hygienic lipstick. Some women even used ointment to restore the damaged dry areas on the elbows and feet.

Particularly attractive "Radevit" became for owners of sensitive skin, because of its loyalty to it. Women noted that the signs of irritation went away "no", and no side effects on the ointment were shown. In addition, based on the information provided in the girls' reviews, there are no complaints even to the medical specialists, because they prescribe the ointment for such minor problems as local flakings caused by general dryness of the air or a decrease in the ambient temperature. That is, the tool is safe enough to apply it even independently, only after reading the instructions.

It is possible that Radevit will not be a full-fledged replacement for expensive injections, since it varies greatly in composition, but it is quite capable of competing with various creams and serums. Given the affordable prices of the drug, it is available to any segment of the population. All this, together with a decent effect, makes Radevit a great helper in the fight against wrinkles.

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