Women's haircuts for a round face


The appearance of any person is unique and inimitable. And it's beautiful, just think how it would be boring and uninteresting to live in a world where all people have the same color of eyes, hair and face shape.

You need to love your appearance, even if you consider yourself not beautiful enough. There are no ugly girls, there are those who can not find a suitable style and image. For example, many consider ugly a round face, but this is more a feature than a disadvantage. And to this feature you just need to find the right hairstyle. Professional hairdressers and stylists have long been engaged in the selection of hairstyles for a round face, making it easier for millions of women!

Women's haircuts for a round face

Let us see what hairstyles will look perfect on a round face, hiding flaws and emphasizing the dignity.

How to define a round face shape?

  1. First of all, you need to make sure that you really are the owner of a round face shape. This can be found out in several ways.
  2. Remove your hair from your forehead, look at your face in the mirror, then take a felt-tip pen and circle your contour in the mirror. The second way: on top of your photo circle the contour of the face. Then measure the distance from one ear to the other, as well as the distance from the crown from the chin. If your face is almost the same width and height at the same time, then you have a round face shape. In this case, the length and width should not be exactly the same size.
  3. Among the signs of a round face, a soft roundish chin, cheekbones and cheeks of almost the same width and a voluminous line of hair on the forehead are considered the most characteristic.
  4. It is difficult to find a representative or representative of an absolutely round face, as most people still have mixed faces with prevailing features. But if your face responds to most signs, then you should opt for hairstyles for a round face shape. Your main task when choosing hairstyles is to narrow and lengthen the shape of the face, making them more visually oval.

What haircuts are suitable for a round face?

Women's haircuts for a round face

  • Look great on a round face short bangs, reaching to the middle of the forehead. But with such a bang you will need to cover your ears with hair. If you absolutely refuse to wear a short bang, then you can do without it. Make a parting, which is best done not straight, but oblique.
  • Visually make the face more narrow short haircuts. In this case, their contours should go with the extension from the ears and upwards. The top of the head should be made more raised, and even with volume. butoverly short haircuts should be avoided, since they can have the exact opposite effect on a round face.
  • If you are an opponent of short haircuts, you can make a shoulder-length haircut. For example, square with open forehead not bad pulling the face. They will approach to the round shape of the face and long straight hair, as they visually make the face longer.
  • But that should not be done to owners of a round face, so this is a perm. It can make your face even wider and more rounded. If you have naturally fluffy hair, then try to tame it with the help of various cosmetics - varnishes, gels and mousses. Another very important when round face do not comb hair back, as this only underlines the roundness of the face.

Short haircuts for round face

Ideal for women with round face haircuts below or above the chin, but above the shoulders. If you want to make the shortest possible haircut for a round face, then it is perfectpixie haircut, as it is made of short thin layers that share the bulk of the hair. This haircut is one of the best options for a round face. She looks like a woman just got out of bed, her hair looks slightly sloppy and sloppy, but at the same time attractive.

Short haircuts for round face

Short haircuts for round face

Length is not the only thing worth paying attention to, the shape is also very important. The flat shape at the top of the hairstyle gives the face even more roundness.

Perfectly demonstrates the perfect combination of round face and short hairstyle actress Cameron Diaz. Her bob hairstyle it looks very cute and stylish, despite the fact that the bob usually does not look with a round face. The thing is that her bangs falling to the side, which goes into the side strands, as well as straight hair do not add width to the sides of the face.

Medium haircuts for round face

For medium-length hair, bob-caret and cascade are considered the most suitable.

Bob carfor a round face, it is better to do with elongated front strands. Thanks to them, the face looks much narrower. At the same time, the chin remains open, and therefore it will visually appear that you have a very narrow face. A good addition to the bob-square will be narrow bangs. The famous actress Drew Barrymore for many years wore a simple square cut, having a round face. This hairstyle made her face more narrow, thanks to the hair, raised at the roots, and bangs to the side.

Medium haircuts for round faceMedium haircuts for round face

Cascade. This haircut in several layers looks just fine. The cascade can be made ragged or with a small difference in the length of the hair. Cascade allows you to perform asymmetric oblique bangs, or short straight, but not very thick.

Fashionable haircuts for round face

To make yourself a fashionable hairstyle for a round face, you should follow some recommendations.

  • Hairstyles for round face should be voluminous. You can put a few strands around the cheeks.
  • It is advisable to wear oblique fringe with a round face, as it smoothes and pulls the face.
  • If the length of hair allows, it is better to wear long flowing hair, they bring the shape of the face closer to the oval.

This year, haircuts for a round face focus on natural, but at the same time, geometrically complex shapes. As always, at the peak of popularity are retro hairstyles, of which chubby ladies should choose hairstyles with a pile at the back of the head or with long curls framing the face.