Women's haircut ladder on medium hair with bangs and without


What woman does not dream of a beautiful and stylish haircut? But to decide on a suitable image yourself is how to find a source in the desert: it is real, but very difficult. And then experienced masters-hairdressers who offer the hairstyles most acceptable to us come to the rescue. And in this list will be sure to cut a ladder for medium hair.

Haircut ladder - what good?

Haircut ladder - what good?

Ladder - a haircut, which is performed by cascading trimming the length of hair. However, it does not imply a sharp transition from one length to another. The main advantage of the hairstyle is the increase in volume due to the smooth "flowing" levels. In addition, ladder:

  • focuses on the eyes (due to shorter strands in the cheek area);
  • hides skin imperfections (hair of unequal length, combed on the cheeks, perfectly masks all the rashes);
  • it is easy to fit (you can only give a neat head of hair with a hair dryer);
  • for a long time it retains its shape (human hair grows unevenly, and locks of different lengths hide it perfectly).

In this case, the haircut can be with bangs, and without it. In the first case, the structuring of levels is oriented towards the bang, and in the second, towards the line of the earlobe. The hairstyle will look equally stylish and modern.

Any haircut is selected on the basis of three principles: hair features, face type and character. As for the last parameter, there are no limitations for the ladder - it goes both to young carefree young ladies and a business lady. The type of face is also not important. The only caveat - the larger the facial features, the less structured the ladder should be. And the type of hair is not particularly important, the main thing is that they are not frizzy, otherwise the haircut will simply lose its shape. Thus, haircut ladder - a universal hairstyle that fits almost everyone.

Hair preparation before cutting

In order for a female haircut to look at medium hair perfectly, it should be carried out on healthy hair. Bring the hair "to the feeling" under the force of any representative of the beautiful half of humanity. For this:

  • we strengthen hair with nourishing masks (self-made or purchased), apply after 3 days for 2 weeks before cutting;
  • align the color. The peculiarity of the ladder is that it emphasizes all the drawbacks of coloring, so you should take care of the condition of the roots and the length of the hair in advance;
  • get rid of whipped ends. Strands of different lengths will not fall down nicely if they are divided into thin segments at the ends. So you should use the hot scissors procedure, which involves cutting the hair with a heated tool to glue the scales of each hair.

Haircut ladder with bangs on medium hair

Haircut ladder with bangs on medium hair

Hairdressers do not recommend cutting off the bangs, if you radically change the hairstyle, but the strands falling on the forehead, previously did not make out. If bangs are an integral part of your image, then the ladder will look even more playful and stylish. At the same time, depending on the type of bangs, a haircut will have its own characteristics:

  • straight bangs on the ladder will hide a wide forehead and massive cheekbones;
  • oblique bangs will add extra volume to hair that cannot boast a dense structure;
  • torn bangs make the image fashionable, moving.

Performing a haircut is quite simple.


  1. We divide all the hair into a straight parting.
  2. Select the control strand on the back of the head, cut it off - this is the final length of the hairstyle.
  3. In the direction of the temples, we cut the hair in a cascade, reducing the length.
  4. In the temporal region stretch the strand at an angle of 90 degrees, compare with the control and we cut.
  5. The rest of the hair is equal to the control temporal.
  6. We turn gradually to bangs, give it shape.
  7. Use trimming scissors to trim a haircut.

Elegant haircut without bangs

Without a bang, cutting the ladder on medium hair also looks very elegant, especially if the woman’s facial features are regular, symmetrical.


  1. We make a vertical parting, separating the hair of the temporal parietal and occipital zones.
  2. In the temporal zone, stretch the outermost strand at an angle of 90 degrees to the face and cut it so that it ends approximately at the level of the earlobe.
  3. We cascade the remaining strands of this zone.
  4. In the area of ​​the head we also stretch the control strand, align it first and cut it.
  5. The area of ​​the head equal to this control measure.
  6. After finishing the haircut, we mill the hair, paying special attention to the strands of the face - then the hair will not weigh down the features.

Styling Features

Features of laying the ladder on medium hair

Probably, there is no haircut that would not have to be at least minimally stacked. And the ladder is no exception. True, to put this hair very easy - there are several options.

  • We collect hair in a bun, and we release temporal locks - it turns out to be an excellent option for work, when it is less necessary to prevent the hair from concentrating.
  • We apply foam on wet hair, dry it with a hair dryer with a diffuser, put on the bezel (if there is a bang, release it). This package is suitable for a walk or a date.
  • To give the haircut neat carelessness, it is enough to apply mousse on wet hair and beat them with your fingers - this hairstyle will be very relevant on the beach or in the pool.
  • At an important meeting, you can make a styling with a hair dryer and a round brush. The principle of implementation is that the strands are twisted and stretched to the face. So you give haircut volume and severity.
  • Lovers perfectly smooth hairstyles can use the iron. Smooth hair and haircut ladder - a classic that never gets old and goes out of fashion. Just do not forget about the thermoprotective balm before you start laying, otherwise the hair will look unhealthy.

Haircut ladder for medium hair - is a universal hairstyle that fits almost all women. Hairstyle looks neat and with bangs and without. Besides, no special efforts are needed to maintain the ladder, because it keeps its shape for a long time, if it is properly looked after. And different styling options can give a unique charm to the owner in any circumstances.