Women's hair falls out


Hair loss is a serious concern for many people. Every woman faced with such a problem wants to solve it as soon as possible. Most likely, the cause of this unpleasant phenomenon lies in vitamin deficiency. Therefore, if hair falls out, it is necessary to know which vitamins the body may lack.

Shagging: do you need vitamins?

Hair falls out: what vitamins are missing

Before you begin to diligently absorb vitamin complexes, you need to make sure that the reason for the beginning baldness is precisely the lack of nutrients. Yes, avitaminosis is indeed the most common "culprit" of this phenomenon. But intense losses can trigger other factors, from stress to serious illness. In this case, taking even the most expensive dietary supplements will not bring results. It is best to consult your doctor for examination and to establish the exact cause.

If, in addition to the loss of strands, you notice a deterioration in the condition of your skin and nails, then, most likely, your body lacks certain substances, and taking vitamin complexes will be most welcome. Special attention should be focused on those organic compounds that will help strengthen the hair follicles and the entire stem as a whole.

Anti-fallout substances

Each individual hair is fed from the root - the hair follicle. In order for it to have enough valuable substances over the entire length, the follicles must be provided with those to the fullest extent. If the strands fall out intensively, split, become fat, brittle and dull, then the follicles are deficient in oxygen and nutrients. To support the biochemical reactions in the bulbs will help vitamins. At the same time, a certain organic compound is able to stimulate a specific type of reaction.

What kind of vitamins are not enough if hair falls out? First of all, it is:

  • Vitamin A (retinol) - improves the condition of the roots, provides the synthesis of collagen and keratin, which improves the structure of the curl and gives elasticity;
  • B1 (thiamine) - strengthens the nervous system, improves blood circulation, which has a positive effect on the vital activity of follicles;
  • B2 - restores the damaged rod;
  • B3 - accelerates metabolic processes, prevents dryness and premature gray hair;
  • B5 - strengthens the bulb from the inside;
  • B6 - is involved in metabolic processes, prevents the formation of dandruff;
  • H (biotin, B7) - the most valuable vitamin for the beauty of hair, speeds up the metabolism, regulates the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • B8 helps to assimilate other organic compounds;
  • B9 (folic acid) - promotes constant cell renewal;
  • B12 - a very important substance that delivers oxygen to the follicles, triggers cell renewal processes;
  • Equally important vitamin E - stimulates hair growth, rejuvenates cells, protects against gray hair;
  • C - improves the immune system (reduced immunity may be the cause of loss), improves blood circulation;
  • F - gives curls elasticity, strengthens the hair structure.

To effectively prevent baldness, you need to drink these vitamins not separately, but in combination with the whole course.

How to fill the deficit?

prevent and stop hair loss

By providing your body with essential nutrients, you can prevent and stop hair loss. It is recommended to take special complexes that contain a certain dose of the necessary substances. You can also drink individual vitamins, but it is extremely difficult to know which one is necessary for the health of your curls, and an excess of one or another organic compound is also harmful.

The most preferable option is to obtain natural vitamins from products, because they are better absorbed by the body than chemically synthesized ones. In addition, the action of dietary supplements does not last long, and those foods that you consume daily, saturate your body with nutrients constantly.

Products useful for hairstyles:

  • fish - it contains vitamin B12, as well as omega-3 fatty acids, which have a good effect on the scalp;
  • green vegetables (cabbage, celery, broccoli) - rich in retinol and ascorbic acid, as well as calcium, iron;
  • nuts - contain iron, vitamin E, vitamins of group B;
  • eggs - they have a lot of biotin and B12, protein;
  • meat is, again, protein, essential for the health and strength of the strands;
  • legumes - in addition, they are also an important source of protein, they contain biotin, iron, zinc;
  • cereals are rich in B vitamins and minerals;
  • milk products;
  • carrots - vitamin A.

Try to adjust your daily diet so that it includes products in sufficient quantities containing these vitamins from hair loss. This will be especially useful for nursing moms who are best served in a natural way.

During pregnancy and lactation, women are deficient in nutrients, since all of them are given to the child for its normal growth and development. As a result, not only the head of the hair, but also the hair, nails, skin, and teeth deteriorate. Therefore, the diet of moms must be varied and balanced.

Synthesized vitamin complexes

If you are not able to get all the necessary nutrients from food, purchase a special complex of vitamins and minerals aimed at improving the structure of the hair. For pregnant and lactating developed effective drugs:

  • "Elevit Pronatal" - one of the most modern complexes, does not cause nausea, contains many useful substances;
  • VitrumPrenatalForte - in addition to vitamins, also contains minerals;
  • "Pregnavit";
  • Pregnacare;
  • Alphabet Mom's Health is an inexpensive, but also quite effective drug;
  • "Complivit Mama" and others.

Each of these complexes will help not only to stop the strands from falling out, but also will favorably affect the state of the whole organism.

The following vitamins for hair loss are also popular with women:

  • "Pantovigar" - demanded effective drug, but quite expensive;
  • "Perfectil" - for the strength of hair, nails, skin improvement;
  • "Mertz" - dragee, which contain all the substances necessary for healthy curls;

There are more budget funds:

special complex of vitamins and minerals aimed at improving the structure of the hair

  • "Aevit";
  • "Complit Shine";
  • "Doppelgerz for hair";
  • "Revalid";
  • "Vita Sharm";
  • "Vitrum Beauty" and many other dietary supplements of various companies that have the specification "For hair and nails."

If you pay attention to the reviews, the most positive vitamins earned from hair loss "Pantovigar." Women who take this drug, after a few months, notice the effect: the curls become stronger, the loss is reduced and the growth is enhanced. However, it should be borne in mind that the result of each individual, perhaps someone he will manifest differently. In addition, according to some observations, this tool can cause stomach pain, nausea and weight gain, as well as the appearance of vegetation on the body.

The Revalid and Perfectil vitamins have proven themselves well - in most cases, after the intake, the process of gradual baldness completely stops for a long period of time.

Finding out what vitamins your body lacks, you can start taking them and stop hair loss. But before that, you should consult with your doctor to find out the exact cause and select the most appropriate drug for you.