Why lay the nails on the hands


Laying brittle nails - this is one of the women's problems, from which, unfortunately, no one is immune. Problem nails give a lot of inconvenience, not only do they look very unaesthetic, they also constantly break, cling to clothes and hair, and the varnish is erased faster than usual. What should be done in this case and what are the causes of this phenomenon?

Treatment of brittle exfoliating nails is sometimes a very difficult and lengthy process.Most often, it requires a comprehensive solution to the problem, since the nails are an indicator of the state of the body as a whole and, of course, they reflect the consequences of improper care. First you should contact the master, so that he will consult you and appoint a treatment.

Nails exfoliate: causes

There are a lot of reasons for stratification and brittleness of the nails, we will consider each separately.

Why are the nails on the hands peeling off?

  • Health status. First of all, find out if you have any health problems. Very often, the problems of our appearance are masked by internal diseases. Therefore, any treatment is best to start with the diagnosis. Make a complete examination of the body, check the liver, kidneys, stomach, endocrine glands, pancreas, reproductive system. The nails always react very strongly to the accumulation of toxins in the blood, to the medications taken, especially antibiotics, also to fluctuations in the hormonal background.
  • Frequent contact with detergents and water. The reason for the separation and brittleness of the nails can be hidden in the quality of the water that we use to wash our hands. Probably everyone knows that the water in the faucet is not very clean and quality. Substances that are in tap water, adversely affect the nail plate, too dry it. To avoid this, after each bathing or washing your hands, you should apply a moisturizing or nourishing hand and nail cream on your hands. Especially well suited cream with chitosan. To protect your pens from aggressive contact with detergents and detergents, wear rubber gloves. In the event that the nail bundle is very strong, you can resort to the procedure of sealing. The essence of the procedure lies in the fact that a firming base and varnish are applied on the surface of the nail. But this is rather a temporary solution, as the coating gradually comes off, and the nail plate is left without a protective coating.
  • External nail damage. Just imagine how many contacts with various objects our nails experience per day? They are involved in any operations: capture, otkovyrnut, pry. The stronger and more frequent the load, the more stress your nails experience. This is easily explained by the fact that the nail plate is an overlay of keratin layers. And when strong mechanical effects occur, the density of compression of the layers becomes weaker. In the future, the situation only worsens, there may be cracks, which lead to delamination. It is difficult to save nails from any contact, it is enough to follow some recommendations. If your work is connected with a computer, then you should not grow long nails, as they will be damaged by strikes on the keyboard. And if you, for example, are fond of growing flowers, then work in gloves to avoid problems with your nails.

Why are the nails on the hands peeling off?

  • Improper nail treatment. Sometimes a bundle of nails appears as a result of processing nails with a blunt tool. You can not use it in any case, since it does not cut, and presses the nail plate. As a result, the keratin layers are displaced, and a bundle of nail is formed. To maintain the integrity of the nail, it is important to properly hold the tool. The working surface of the tool must be placed in a strictly perpendicular direction. You can moisten the free edge of the nail plate before the procedure shortening. If you have a strong stratification of nails, do not use a metal file. After it in the nails remain the smallest particles that contribute to further separation. It is best to use a glass file. It is also very important to choose the ideal abrasiveness of the file, the thinner the nail, the finer the dusting should be.

Nails on hands break and exfoliate: treatment

  • To prevent nails from breaking and flaking, regularly apply special nails to the nail plate. cuticle cream and medicated oil.Means for the cuticle should be applied to the base of the nail, and oil - along the contour of the nail. In today's market one can find many nail strengthening products. Of these, it is better to choose products with allatonin and panthenol, since these substances contribute to the healing of the cuticle. You can choose a varnish with nutrients and liposomes, which accelerate the formation of new cells in the nail plate.
  • It helps to strengthen nails massage.In addition, this procedure is not only useful, but also pleasant. The area of ​​the cuticle should be massaged with a soft brush, onto which baby or glycerin baby soap is applied. Such a massage can rather be called a light peeling, since dead scaly are removed from the cuticle. Perfectly help to strengthen the nail bath with sea salt. At all, salt - This is an excellent means of strengthening layered nails, because it contains an ideal proportion of mineral substances and iodine.

Nails on hands break and exfoliate: treatment

  • An effective procedure for a strong bundle of nails is considered paraffin therapy. It is carried out both in the beauty salon, and at home. The result will be noticeable after the first application, the nails will be saturated with nutrients, oxygen, and their appearance will improve significantly.
  • Good effect on exfoliated nails sealing. Treatment involves the layering of funds, which include nutrients, vitamins and trace elements. After the polishing process, oil and cream is applied to the nails, giving a healthy shine to the nail.

Lay nails: what vitamins are missing?

The nails are among the first to react to a lack of nutrients; they become dull, uneven and brittle.

  • If the nails are brittle and dry, and to the edge of the nail plate thickens, this indicates a lack of vitamins E and A. These fats are fat soluble, so in no case can not be excluded from food fats. Eat chicken and pork liver, vegetables and fruits, cheese and eggs, they have a lot of vitamin A. In nuts and seeds, cereals and vegetable oils, yolk, milk, green salad in a large amount contains vitamin E.

Nails on hands break and exfoliate: treatment

  • Vitamin D is very important for nail growth, it also promotes the absorption of calcium in the body. This vitamin is abundant in fish, fish liver, cottage cheese, milk and cheese, but more of it is produced under the influence of sunlight.
  • If there are white specks on the nails, they exfoliate, there appear indentations in the form of dots, then in addition to a lack of vitamin, there is also a lack of vitamin C, as well as zinc. Vitamin C is contained in sufficient quantities in citrus fruits, potatoes, tomatoes, in all fruits and vegetables of bright colors and greens.
  • If the nails are dull or yellowish-gray, they have grooves or stripes, then the body has a lack of vitamins B5 and PP. The first are rich in bran, cereals, offal, broccoli, chicken meat and eggs. Vitamin PP - nicotinic acid - comes to us from seeds and nuts, white mushrooms, milk and eggs, meat and fish.

No wonder they say that the hands of a woman - this is her calling card. Remember this, and let your well-groomed nails become one of the components of your success.