Why hair curly

Fashion curls never passes. However, women love change. Women with curly hair often dream of straightening their hair, complaining about their disobedience and fluffiness. Smooth-haired, in turn, endlessly talking about curls, which add volume to hair, and give the face a prettier and more youthful appearance. But why does the hair curl and why does it happen naturally in some people, while others try to achieve the effect with a lot of effort and money?

The structure of curly and straight hair

People’s hair is distinguished by its structure. If you cut the hair and carefully examine its section under a microscope, you can see its very specific shape: round, flat, oval, elliptical or oblong. It depends on the shape of the hair section, they curl or not.

Curly hair structure

The more the hair section is flattened, the better it curls, the softer it is.. People with wavy hair usually have an oval shape. But those who have very steep curls (for example, people of Negro origin) have hair with a cross section of an elliptical (semi-elliptical) shape.

The rounder the cross section, the hair straighter, coarser, tougher.

What determines the structure of curly and straight hair?

Why do people have different sections of hair? What is the reason? French scientists studied hair follicles (bulbs), which are the base of the hair, being in the skin. In the course of the study, it was found that in people with curly hair, the follicles have a curved, hook-shaped, comma-like shape. When hair grows out of the skin, it simply repeats the shape of the bulb. That is why curls appear.

What determines the structure of curly hair?

The shape of the hair follicle is transmitted genetically - from parents to children. However, why different people have such hair follicles unlike in shape are still unknown. Modern researchers are puzzling over solving this riddle, trying to understand: what causes follicles to take one form or another?

If scientists can answer this question, then the appearance of effective drugs that could change the structure of the hair is not far off. This will allow women to quickly and easily receive curls or, conversely, straight hair. So any fashionista can easily experiment with their appearance! In the meantime, these drugs are not invented, use proven tools - read about them in the article Caring for curly hair.

Whatever hair you have, remember that this is real wealth. Curly or straight - they always decorate, give femininity and self-confidence! Take care of what nature gave you! Take care of yourself!

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