Why grow facial hair in women

Facial hair does not decorate the fair sex. Unfortunately, many women, especially with age, face this cosmetic defect. Often it can be a consequence of hormonal disorders. There are various methods that allow you to fight unwanted hairs.

Causes of facial hair growth in women

Hirsutism - excessive hair growth in women in the open areas of the face and body. As a rule, this is a consequence of hormonal imbalance.

Recently, hirsutism becomes the most common. About 20 percent of women face it. Such a problem is sometimes associated with serious disorders in the body, but in most cases it is solved very simply.

Why grow facial hair in women?

Frequent reason - unstable hormones that occur during adolescence, before menopause and during it. In any case, for the analysis of each situation, consultations of a gynecologist and an endocrinologist are needed.

If, along with excessive hair growth, you have had heavy menstruation and increased weight, you should immediately consult a doctor.

Studies of gynecologists and endocrinologists have shown that hair follicles are extremely sensitive: they react sharply to all changes in the body. Suddenly increased hair growth on the face can speak not only about an excess of the hormone testosterone, but also about a number of diseases, even a cancer.

Hirsutism sometimes provoke poorly chosen hormonal contraceptives, steroids and other drugs. Some drugs, such as cyclosporine or immunosuppressants, taken by owners of implants, cause a condition similar to hirsutism, which is called hypertrichosis (enhanced growth of colorless hair). Women suffering from anorexia are also often susceptible to hypertrichosis. Soft blonde hair after treatment or discontinuation of cyclosporine, as a rule, fall out by themselves.

The main thing - to exclude serious abnormalities at the beginning of treatment. Suffering from polycystic ovaries, which is often accompanied by unwanted hair growth, is helped by special combined oral contraceptives and spironolactone. The existing hair does not fall out of them, but the growth of new ones slows down a lot.

In other diseases, doctors often recommend only spironolactone. You need to stop taking this tool if you plan a child in the near future. In any case, you can not avoid epilation, physical exertion and weight loss. Sports training helps in balancing the hormonal background.

Effective ways to get rid of facial hair

There are several ways to remove facial hair.

Why grow facial hair in women?

  1. Tweezing - the procedure is the cheapest, but painful. This method is best suited for removing vegetation on the chin. However, we should not forget that plucking leads to the fact that hairs become thicker.
  2. Waxing is a common way to remove hair from the face. The result is long. Suitable for those who have low and medium hairiness. Similar to her sugar hair removal. The disadvantages include the fact that the hair on the face should grow a little so that they can be easily removed with wax.
  3. Electrolysis is the most effective way to remove hair from the face. It gives a particularly stable result, because during the procedure, the hair follicles are destroyed when exposed to weak current pulses. To achieve a good result, it takes about 5 - 6 procedures that it is desirable to do in a beauty salon.

The disadvantage is that this procedure is painful, especially for women with sensitive skin.

Laser and photoepilation - perhaps the most successful options for removing hair from the face.

Their advantages in speed, almost painless. Hair is removed permanently (but this will require no session). In addition, these techniques have few contraindications.

During the procedure, the beam of the apparatus imparts heat to the hair follicles, as a result of which they are destroyed, the hair stops growing. This technique has a narrow action, therefore, what is important, does not irritate the skin around the surface treated by the apparatus.

Excess facial hair in women does not appear just like that. There is always a reason for this: most often these are hormonal disorders in the body. First of all, when a problem appears, consult a doctor to find out its cause and start timely treatment. Only after that you can begin to address the cosmetic side of the issue: choose the desired method of hair removal.

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