Why fito depilation causes negative feedback

Not so long ago, in the print and multimedia media, they spoke about a new miracle of the cosmetic industry - the Russian depilation cream "fito depilation". According to the manufacturer, this is a real miracle: he not only undertakes to effectively remove all hairs without causing irritation on the most sensitive areas, but also to prevent their growth permanently when using the product for a long time. Is he as perfect as they say about him? Can you believe positive reviews?

"Fito depilation": composition and general description of the product

It’s difficult to figure out what this “magic wand” is for all opponents of the excess vegetation on the body, and why its composition is so remarkable. There is practically no information about it on the official website of the product, except for photographs of packaging and a pile of tempting promises that competent marketers will compose for any drug, if only the consumer is interested in them. All the necessary information can be obtained either from a conversation with the official representative of the brand, who is responsible for each one when ordering goods, or from reviews of people who have experienced "fito depilation" on themselves.

  • The manufacturer claims that the composition of "fito depilation" is unique: D-panthenol, natural oils of aloe vera, chamomile, calendula, peach seed. However, more than any components are not specified - it is assumed that it acts precisely due to herbal extracts.
  • Promised mild effects even on sensitive skin, without irritation and burning. However, it is recommended to test for allergies.
  • In 82% of cases, subsequent depilation will be less, hairs will lighten and lose rigidity, and may stop their growth. The result should appear in 5 minutes.

"Fito depilation" - negative reviews of doctors lead?

Black PR is also PR. Apparently, this principle was guided by persons involved in advertising for "fito depilation", because the controversy surrounding the product is gaining momentum. Conversations began that doctors categorically do not recommend this remedy. However, it’s worth to say right away that not a single medical portal (official) saw a single comment on this drug, so there’s no point in discussing phantom comments. But at the same time there is an explanation of medical specialists regarding the principle of the action of the means on the "consumer" sites:

  • "Fito depilation" cream does not have a scientific confirmation of its ability to completely block the growth of new hair, because it contains no inhibitors - substances that affect the growth rate and suppress this process. it’s on sensitive sites, but the miraculous effect is only a competent marketer’s move. "

At the same time, there is an interesting nuance that was found as a result of studying the official site: the manufacturer of this cream, Blue Tower, is not a concern for the production of cosmetics. The release of sprays from baldness, some trinkets and other things that are not united by a common concept is registered behind it.

There are no certificates and licenses on the site, consultants also bypass this issue side. At the same time, doctors remind that the consumer has the right to receive complete information on cosmetic and medical products (what is depilation cream), and due to the lack of such information, there is no guarantee not only in the effectiveness of the product, but also in the safety of its composition.

Depilation cream Fito depilation: reviews of real consumers

To understand the relationship of women to this cream is not easy, because it is difficult to understand how their comments are true. If you search for reviews, you immediately see the main site of the product, designed in the form of a page with a huge number of posts, but the reality of the users' personalities, from whose names they are left, is seriously doubted. And even if you do not pay attention to the official website, the Internet provides an opportunity to get acquainted with a ton of enthusiastic epithets about the cream. Are they true? Below are collected detailed opinions from real consumers, taken from the portals dedicated to reviews about cosmetics and related products, in which honesty there is no doubt.

Depilation cream Fito depilation: reviews of real consumers

  • Alyona: Internet advertising is a powerful thing! What woman can resist if they promise to get rid of a serious and annoying problem in a few months, with the help of a miracle cure, and (oh, good luck!), Which is now being sold for the promotion? Looking ahead, I will say that the action there is daily and extended to infinity, it seems. The consultant who took my order strongly recommended taking 5 packs at once, ostensibly, then the price will be higher, and this will result in serious savings. By forceful effort, I rejected the offer, asked for only 1 piece, placed an order. Received a bag of 50 ml for 990 rubles. (excluding delivery). Inside - an emulsion with an unpleasant odor, but not too pronounced: here the manufacturer did not lie, the bulk of depilatory creams smell differently more disagreeably. It is distributed on the skin well, does not flow, but is not going to pieces. In order not to dry out, I covered 1 leg with polyethylene (compare), out of habit with previous creams, I noticed time in 15 minutes. Removed, as recommended by the manufacturer, not with a spatula, but with a conventional sponge, standing under the shower - it is assumed that the tool acts so well that it does not require an extra mechanical effect. In the process of washing the feet, there was a slight burning sensation, which a few hours later left behind a reddening of the skin (I’ll make a reservation that it is not sensitive). The hairs retired by 80-82% (that's what those tempting numbers were related to!), The stumps were left in places, as if I had worked unsuccessfully with a machine. Oily skin after the cream was removed only with the help of a gel and a scrub, and after a day the stiff bristles had already reached. Total? It is not known why the money left the store - no better than any cheap depilatory cream.
  • Tatyana: I have been using depilatory creams for a long time, my hair is thin, of medium darkness, well amenable to chemical elimination, usually 3-4 days I go with smooth skin after the procedure. But I really wanted to prolong the effect, so I tried to advertise with "fito depilation". It was thought that if simple preparations have been in effect for such a long time, then such a miracle remedy will generally become a lifesaver. The high price did not bother me, I ordered 1 pack of 50 ml. The cream came in a sachet, for one-time use, because this torn bag neither put nor put. The smell is much weaker than that of the usual Veet I buy, thanks to the sensitive nose for that. She put on her legs in a thick layer (what to regret, if you throw out the remnants?) - it was enough from ankle to hip. It took 15 minutes, while the last 5 were painful: a burning sensation, as if citrus essential oil was poured there. I can not boast of sensitive skin, but blamed everything on an individual reaction, especially since after half an hour the skin calmed down. She took off the cream with a spatula, although it is recommended with a simple sponge or cloth - the legs stayed as if in a sticky film. I rubbed them with a washcloth for a very long time, and still this feeling disappeared only after 2 trips to the shower with a scrub. The hairs in the liquidation of the cream were torn off, which shocked me. And all the same, in some places, bald spots with fragments remained, which had to be removed with tweezers. The new "stubble" has already reached the 4th day, I did not notice any prolonged effect at all. Expectations of the product is not exactly justified, but if he reduced the price - it may be good.
  • Yuliya: I wanted to try a miraculous novelty - what if it makes my life even better? Over 5 years of using depilatory creams, I was able to seriously thin my hair on my legs and in the bikini area, so it is likely that “fito depilation” would speed up the process of getting rid of them completely. However, he became the one who turned all my labor to dust. On the official website, I ordered 4 packs at once, having decided that I would bring the matter to the end by systematic procedures. For the first time I put it on the bikini area, I was amazed that there were no unpleasant feelings: neither irritation nor burning, although my skin reacts instantly. In 10 minutes. I washed it off with a stiff sponge, I didn’t find my hair, I was even more glad After 2 days in the bikini area, the process of punching new hairs began, which I felt because of the usual itch. But you could close your eyes to this if the growing hair did not turn out to be darker and tougher than they were before! But the "miracles" did not end there: a week later my legs brought me to the pharmacy, and studying the stands with various cosmetic jars led to the fact that I saw the same cream in a sachet at a price 25 times lower than that which the official website had broken. I do not recommend to fall for such a deception!

Representatives of the brand quickly respond to negative comments from consumers, actively assuring them that they have received a fake product. But where, then, to acquire the original, if the official site sells fake?

Analyzing reviews of "fito depilation" by doctors and consumers, it can be argued that the tool is definitely not bad, but does not stand out from the ranks of ordinary depilatory creams. Tempting promises of the manufacturer are justified only on the point of perfume, but not by the prolongation of the effect. In addition, the cost is seriously overestimated. Just as it was found out, there are absolutely identical products in the same price category, different from the fito depilation only by the names - these are camomile depilation and camo depilation. In any pharmacy, they can be found at a cost of 40-50 rubles, which fully meets their quality. There is nothing innovative invented by the manufacturer, so it makes no sense to overpay.

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