Why do women have acne on the priest and how to quickly

Rash on any part of the body - a nuisance that is not accepted to discuss in society. The problem becomes especially delicate when there are acne on the priest in women. The causes of this phenomenon must be established immediately. After all, it depends on how quickly and successfully the girl or lady will be able to get rid of the skin defect on the buttocks.

Due to the peculiarities of the functioning of the body, the fair sex reveal a rash on the buttocks quite often. To return the skin a healthy look in the shortest possible time, you need to eliminate the factor that provokes the formation of acne of various shapes and types.

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Pimples on the pope in women: the causes

Skin rash does not occur without adverse environmental effects or certain changes in the body, leading to excessive activation of the sebaceous glands. To understand why acne appears on the pope, you need to analyze your lifestyle and health. Usually such phenomena cause:

  • hormonal imbalance in adolescence, during pregnancy or as a result of diseases of the endocrine and nervous system, stressful situations;
  • drying of the skin due to the fact that the area of ​​the buttocks is in a closed state and is subjected to friction against underwear and seats, and the sebaceous glands, which moisturize the skin, in this part of the body is not enough;
  • the closure of the pores, resulting in impaired self-cleaning of the skin, and dead skin parts of the epithelium clog up the sebaceous canals. Such a pathology is the result of sedentary work and the wearing of slimming underwear, tight trousers;
  • prickly heat, which appeared due to increased air temperature and humidity in the room;
  • hypothermia, for example, when sitting on cold surfaces or damp earth. Buttocks often get cold and then suffer from rashes lovers of mini-skirts and short jackets;
  • allergic reaction resulting from contact with sensitive skin of synthetic fabric, cream, soap or shower gel of poor quality and other irritants;
  • unbalanced nutrition and lack of nutrients in the body;
  • gynecological diseases.

What is afraid of a rash?

When women ask how to quickly remove acne on the bottom, doctors first advise to correct their lifestyle, otherwise any means will be ineffective. So, suffering from rashes on the buttocks should:

  • eliminate fatty and spicy foods from the diet;
  • Enrich the menu with fruits, vegetables, herbs, low-fat fish;
  • remove from the wardrobe tight trousers and synthetic underwear;
  • if work requires long sitting, take breaks;
  • longer to be outdoors;
  • do gymnastics;
  • Do not allow hypothermia.

When choosing ointment for acne on the priest, pay attention to the following remedies:

pimple acne ointment

  • salicylic ointment (twice a day applied with a cotton pad on the buttocks);
  • Ichthyol and Vishnevsky ointment (superimposed before bedtime to eliminate internal ulcers);
  • zinc ointment (it treats only the lesion focus);
  • Baziron (antibacterial drug for the treatment of acne large).

To prevent recurrence of the problem, you can use Zindol. Dermatologists often prescribe such drugs:

  • Acyclovir;
  • Zovirax;
  • Zinerit;
  • Skinoren

Warm baths with sea salt, rubbing parsley juice, plantain leaves, aloe or kalanchoe are useful for inflamed skin of the buttocks. Acne go faster if you make a half-hour mask of green clay - 2 tbsp. l raw materials are diluted with warm water to the consistency of sour cream, and 3 drops of wheat germ oil are added.

If the treatment with simple remedies was not crowned with success, the woman should go to the clinic: perhaps the cause of acne on the priest is furunculosis, abscess, or a venereal disease. To cope with such illnesses is possible only under the condition of complex treatment with the use of antibiotic therapy.

The skin on the buttocks should be clean and hydrated. But many women for the sake of fashionable clothes, because of sedentary work or for other reasons, allow the influence of negative factors, due to which the skin on the priest becomes inflamed and covered with a rash. In order not to aggravate the problem, it is necessary to undergo a medical examination, change lifestyle and lubricate the affected areas of the body with effective therapeutic agents.

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