Why do white spots appear on the nails?


No wonder they say that the nails, like the eyes, are able to tell us which diseases the body suffers from and what it lacks. From time to time white spots appear on the nails, which spoil their attractiveness and may indicate some pathologies.

Proper and healthy nail plate should be smooth, transparent and homogeneous. The pink color of the nail is obtained due to the presence of blood vessels in the nail bed.

White spots on the nails are known as

White spots on the nails are known as "leukonychia" and, undoubtedly, they do not look too aesthetically. They can occur with mechanical damage to the nail, mechanical microtraumas, with a lack of vitamins and minerals, and sometimes can even be the result of serious diseases such as tuberculosis, psoriasis, ringworm or arsenic poisoning. Why do white spots appear on the nails of the hands? There may be several reasons.

Deficiency of elements - in particular calcium, zinc and iron

There is considerable controversy about whether a micronutrient deficiency can cause the formation of stains on the nails. However, experience has shown that this is often the main cause of unwanted white spots. They may be caused by a zinc deficiency in your daily diet. It should be noted that in this case, there must be other symptoms, such as hair loss or a decrease in general immunity.

Mechanical injury

Sometimes irregularities appear on the nail plate, they grow with the growing nail, then disappear arbitrarily. Often this is a consequence of various injuries, such as damage to the nail file, needle prick, careless removal of cuticles, blows.

It is commonly accepted that white spots on the nails are called “blooming” of the nail. Some experts try to explain this by the entry of air bubbles under the nail plate. Others question this hypothesis. What is important - a change in the nail can occur only a few days or even weeks after the injury.

Disease related changes

white spots may be the result of some injury

Changes associated with the disease can be short-term and long-term. White spots on the nails of the fingers have different reasons. White spots can be the result of nail diseases such as psoriasis or a fungus. Leukinicia can also be laid genetically. Spots are able to indicate diseases such as anorexia, gastrointestinal pathology, heart disease, and even to identify prolonged depression.

Therefore, the most important thing is to monitor the state of the nail plate. If you suspect that white spots may be the result of some kind of injury or too aggressively made manicure, then it remains only to wait until the nail plate grows.

If the nail plate changes in a different color, such as green or yellow, consult a doctor immediately. It may be a bacterial infection.

Can I remove the white spots on the nails?

White spots visible on the nails cannot be removed. They can only be masked with a dark lacquer in shades of red or brown.

The good news is that nails grow on average 0.15 mm per day, so that after 8 weeks the unpleasant white spots will disappear. It is worth spending time on care of the nail plate - lubricate it with olive oil, and also use various vitamin supplements to protect the nail.

White spots - what to do to make them disappear?

Why do white spots appear on the nails?

Why white spots appear on the nails can only be said by the doctor after the examination. But more often than not, the causes of the defect are easily removable.

If your body suffers from a lack of minerals, which affects the condition of the nails, it is enough to enrich the diet with foods rich in zinc and iron. Meat, liver, eggs, grains, rennet cheese, porridge, nuts, almonds, sunflower seeds, and green vegetables are good sources.

Thus, to avoid the appearance of white spots on the nail plates, you should take care of proper nutrition, do a thorough manicure. However, if the appearance of the defect is permanent and not associated with injuries or malnutrition, be sure to consult a doctor.