Why dandruff appears on the head

Having noticed white flakes of dandruff on their shoulders, many of us immediately begin to sin on shampoo and look for a more suitable brand. In most cases it helps. And if not, then it is time to seriously think about why dandruff appears and how to deal with it.

Hello, dandruff, where are you from?

dandruff appeared, the main reasons

Each of us knows that dandruff is tiny white grains that are on the head, and under certain conditions leave it and settle on the shoulders. But dandruff alone is by no means a disease, but rather a symptom of it.

If dandruff appears, the main reasons are to be found in reduced immunity, improper hair care and certain diseases, including the nervous and endocrine systems and in the gastrointestinal tract. Only a doctor of a certain specialty - a gastroenterologist, an endocrinologist, and a neuropathologist - will be able to identify such reasons.

Among other factors affecting the appearance of unpleasant white scales, the following should be noted:

  • Dry skin. In this phenomenon, the upper layer of the epidermis itches a lot, itches and reddens. The hair itself becomes very thin and brittle, and the split ends do not give rest. Sometimes manifestations of dry skin can be seen on other parts of the body, for example, on the elbows, ankles or hands.
  • Irritated or oily skin. Things are even worse here. The head is often covered with pustules, and the appearance of the skin on other parts of the body does not please: enlarged pores, oily luster, and permanent acne appear. The peculiarity of such dandruff is not only that it is abundantly covering the shoulders, but it is also easy to notice white scales along the entire length of the hair.
  • Contact dermatitis. This is a peculiar immunity of the scalp of certain hair care products. For example, improperly selected shampoo or too aggressive soap may well cause redness, itching and, as a result, severe desquamation of skin cells on the head.
  • Insufficient cleanliness. If you wash your hair irregularly, dead skin cells, an unnecessary layer of blubber and dust can accumulate on your head.
  • Other conditions that cause dandruff on the head include chronic diseases and inflammatory processes such as eczema or psoriasis. Unfortunately, they are almost incurable. The maximum that can be done is to reduce their manifestation.

It is also worth noting that external factors can provoke the development of dandruff and make it abundant: frequent hair dyeing, perm, use of styling devices.

Nervous sweet tooth at risk

Why dandruff appears on the head

Why does dandruff appear on the head? Pay attention to your diet. If you have to follow the figure, you probably know all about heavy carbohydrates, except that they add a couple of unnecessary centimeters on the hips. The following foods can cause such trouble:

  • French fries;
  • chips;
  • pasta;
  • fresh yeast pastries;
  • sweets;
  • pizza and hamburgers.

If your diet looks something like this, you shouldn't be surprised about the appearance of dandruff. However, sometimes it happens that white flakes appear with completely healthy food, for example, from nuts, honey or seafood. In this case, the reason is to look for food allergies. It will help to identify and eliminate unnecessary ingredients special analysis on allergens.

It also happens that you seem to keep a clean look, and you don’t get sick of anything so serious, eat right, and nasty dandruff doesn’t want to leave your shoulders. Think of what has happened in your life over the past few months. Maybe you changed jobs or moved to a new area, smashed a car, or did your son bring a deuce from school? If this is the case, the reason is obvious - nervous exhaustion.


That stress is the first reason why dandruff appears in women. Our nervous system is tuned to very low frequencies, we are often frustrated than men, and even a broken nail can make us depressed. Only one way out - less nervous, more meditate.

How to say goodbye to annoying dandruff?

Completely get rid of annoying scales is very difficult, but still possible. Of course, the first thing you should do is consult a doctor and take the necessary tests. If there were no specific health problems, then call for help heavy artillery - the right shampoos.

what to do if dandruff appears

Choose a head wash based on such components as:

  • zincopyperitone and piroctone;
  • ketoconazole;
  • sulfur;
  • coal tar;
  • herbal extracts.

Start using these anti-dandruff shampoos at least once a week. If the problem persists, increase the frequency of their use.

Here are some more effective tips on what to do if dandruff appears:

  • Learn to respond calmly to stress. In all unpleasant situations, try to abstract and think about something pleasant, do not take to your heart all sorts of domestic differences and quarrels.
  • Reduce the frequency of styling styling products. Constant exposure to high temperatures is harmful not only to your scalp, but also to your hair. Refuse the regular use of irons and hair dryers, and you will be surprised how much your curls will change, and dandruff will melt without a trace.
  • Eat right. Focus on raw foods, especially fruits and vegetables. They contain fatty acids and vitamin B necessary for hair.
  • Wash your hair often. If you have oily scalp and the problem with dandruff lies precisely in this, try to wash your head with the correctly selected shampoo as often as possible.
  • Pamper your curls with sunshine. Playful bright sun - the worst enemy for dandruff. But do not forget that everything should be in moderation, and ultraviolet rays are also harmful to our hair. It will be enough 30 minutes of being outdoors without panama.

Dandruff is already a global problem of all mankind. However, to cope with it is quite possible if you carefully monitor your health and adhere to certain rules for hair care. Sometimes you have to give up sweets, wash your hair more often and drink a course of valerian. Good luck to you!

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