Who first used the vest in women's fashion

Hardly any item of the male wardrobe, which over time migrated to the female, is as popular as the vest. This basic thing will not only never go out of fashion, but will be especially useful for those who love comfort. The history of the vest is unique and interesting. It has a fleet, and French aristocrats, and Chanel. Special explanation deserves what to wear a vest. Part of the answer to this question lies in the history of things.

Despite the fact that the official vest entered the female and male fashion more than 150 years ago, it was invented much earlier. Its origin partly explains its appearance - it immediately becomes clear that it was not without the sea. Striped sweaters were worn by Breton fishermen in France.

The strips were interpreted differently. Fashion historians believe that they served as insignia. So it was possible to distinguish the identity of the sailors. According to another version, they served as a talisman against unclean forces when going to sea. By the way, initially the strip fishermen had 12 - according to the number of ribs. They believed that such clothing protection would help not to disappear into the depths of the sea. Later, the fishermen began to enter the service in the fleets. Many were allowed to go in vests. So this clothes and has spread.

What can I wear with a vest?

The sailor liked sailors because she made her owner visible against the background of white sails during naval work. The number of bars has increased over time. The French sailors had 21 of them - according to the number of Napoleon's victories.

It is believed that striped sweatshirts and sweaters appeared due to the imperfection of knitting machines. They used 1 refueling bobbin. Because of this, the thread often broke off in the middle of the canvas. As a result, ugly knots were formed. To avoid this, textile workers decided to alternate strips of 2 colors.

Around 1850, Saint James began producing striped sweaters. For their manufacture used fabrics from a mixture of wool and cotton. These vests were very comfortable, protected from the cold. According to some reports, they weighed about 340 grams. Also, when tailoring, special technologies were used in the form of a certain cut.

At this time, the general public was not particularly interested in vests. Fashion for this clothing appeared a little later. Prince Konstantin Romanov introduced the vest into Russia in 1874. It was then that he appreciated the aesthetic appearance of this garment on sailors and developed a draft of a new uniform for the fleet.

Another interesting fact - striped swimsuit can be considered the forerunner of the vest. Later, French aristocrats began to wear it. Young people were fascinated by the philosophy of existentialism. They believed that these clothes are a symbol of simplicity and isolation from material goods.

Vest Chanel: the history of the image

What can I wear with a vest?

A special contribution to the popularization of the vest was made by Chanel. She was the first designer to use this element of men's clothing in her collections. It all started with the fact that at the beginning of the last century, Chanel rested on the coast in Normandy. It was there that she drew attention to the shape of the sailors.

Koko tried on a vest and realized that she would go well with many types of clothing. By the way, from the rest Chanel brought not only fashion for the vest, but also for tan. Before that, French women preferred aristocratic white skin. Vest Chanel is one of the great achievements of the great Coco. She stands alongside the famous little black dress. Interestingly, in fact, Chanel influenced the development of military style.

At the time when striped jumpers and sweaters began to appear in her collections, the world survived the First World War and smoothly moved towards the Second World War. Vest began to wear not only as a trend thing. She was chosen because sometimes there was nothing to wear. It is clear that it was borrowed as part of a military uniform. The trend picked up by many designers. In the 80s, Gotye sucked him to the peak of popularity. In his collections, the image of a rebel seaman was especially popular.

Many researchers believe that Chanel made the vest typically French mast-hev. In France, there is a cult of female girls. That is why there are particularly valued romantic-naive images. So, if you want to give your appearance freshness and youth, be sure to use a vest!

Initially the vest was the clothing of the sailors. Who first used the vest in women's fashion? Many researchers call Chanel. She appreciated the striped clothes after a holiday in Normandy. In fact, the vest is the basic thing in the wardrobe. It is best to opt for the classic white and blue colors with a strip of no more than 1, 5 cm. You can complete the vest with jeans, trousers and even skirts. If you are afraid that the strip will be full, then on top you should wear a jacket.

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