White jacket

French manicure is a classic that can decorate any nails, come to any event and event. But in its traditional form, it often seems too simple, too boring, because the masters propose to bring a variety of design.

Of course, the easiest way to trust a professional or buy special stickers, but much more exciting to try to draw their own. How to do it and where to start?

Classic French manicure: professional advice

White jacket - classic and new trends

The most accurate and elegant, of course, is the work on acrylates, which make it possible to model the plate, bringing it to the ideal. If you don’t like the idea of ​​a full-fledged build-up, especially since it’s difficult to do it yourself, you can try a simple coating with these materials. Among the advantages of this method are resistance, nail strength, as well as a visual change in the shape and length of the nail bed through the use of camouflage.

  • If you want to make a white jacket with rhinestones, it is best to use any light-curing material for attaching bulk elements: ordinary varnish will not hold them so well. The basis can be either acrylic or gel or gel polish, which is dried under UV or LED radiation.
  • The main difficulty is to make the perfect smile line, otherwise a manicure will not save any design. To do this, you can use special stencils, and you can bend by hand with a thin beveled brush.
  • Figures on the jacket can be completely any, because it is a universal low-key base. Previously recommended to practice on paper with printed patterns of lines and curls, as per the entries. As soon as the hand will confidently display patterns on a flat surface, you can start painting nails.

Before you start exploring the various design options for such a manicure, it is worth understanding how to choose it correctly. Professionals usually make a start from what they have to work with, especially if they are natural nails not modeled with acrylates. With a short plate, any transverse lines should be discarded, replacing them with vertical and diagonal ones. It is also undesirable to overlap the entire plate with the design, which will only focus on its width.

Variations of white french with a picture: photos and recommendations of the masters

You can work with almost any kind of material at hand, but professionals advise you to purchase water-based acrylic paints: firstly, it will give you a wide variety of colors, secondly, in case of an error, the lines can be fixed with plain water, while the varnish is removed only with a special liquid . And if under it the same lacquer base, it will also be demolished, and the entire manicure for an individual nail will have to be performed anew.

You will also need fine synthetic brushes that can be purchased at an art store, a needle and a dots - a metal stick with a ball at the end. Of course, this is not all, but for the first experiments is enough.

  • If you do not want the design to actively catch the eye, focus only on the ring finger, which can either be completely covered with a pattern, or be decorated with a barely noticeable elegant draw.

White french with pattern

  • On a long nail plate looks interesting sprig of sakura or other flowering tree, which is drawn in minutes. From the top corner (1-2 mm from the cuticle) to the opposite bottom you need to bring a few uneven lines of dark brown or black. They must be of different lengths and taper to the tip. After that, blue or pale pink paint put small crosses along the length of these twigs. In the center of each of them there is a yellow dot, and the same dots repeat the shape of any of the branches near it.

White french with pattern

  • A black and white jacket with a pattern looks very unusual and stylish - in the photo the work was done with the participation of acrylates, but the same can be repeated on natural nails, and with a shorter length. First, a black smile line is drawn and stretched across the entire surface of the free edge. Then it is dried, a white "smile" is superimposed on a half of its width very thinly on top. Only the ring finger is not affected by white: it carries out a design accent with acrylic paint — thin semicircular lines filling the vertical strokes from the center and small dots on their tops. You can add a pattern with a small (ss2) stone.

White french with pattern

  • A cheerful version with flirty bows will decorate any length: black dots are put on the dots or with a thick needle over the white free edge on all the nails (the color does not matter). Then with white paint in the lower corner draw 2 triangles, connected by vertices, in the place of their meeting - a small square: this will be the blank blank. It remains only a thin brush to paint it, adding "folds" and so on. Small details.

White french with pattern

  • But a white jacket with a lot of curls along the smile line is perfect for a wedding look, especially if it has something in common with the patterns on the dress and / or veil. In the photo, the design is made on a red jacket, but the color range here does not matter: the main thing is to choose delicate, pastel colors for the patterns.

White french with pattern

  • The following photo is for a white jacket on short nails: the patterns are arranged vertically and along the free edge. There is already used a mixture of 2 shades, which is achieved through the use of a needle. Dots of red and white hues are placed along the nail, and then randomly connected with a needle, which creates the effect of flowing.

Of course, this is not all that you can think of as a decor for a white french. When you master the basic lines and curls, you should try your hand at the Chinese technique or the technique of double strokes, which is performed with flat brushes and allows you to create real masterpieces.

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