When can i cut my hair

With the development of society, more and more people continue to believe signs and fortune telling. This is especially true of women. Someone can not deny the influence of invisible forces on our lives, and someone due to the peculiarities of his character lives in accordance with the horoscope or lunar calendar.

Women have special days in which they do not go to a beautician, hairdresser, do not resort to other services of stylists. What are these days, we find out, having learnedwhen you can cut your hair.They say that hair cutting can dramatically change a person's life. It is enough to make a haircut on a certain day.

What days of the week can you cut your hair?

Haircut on days of the week for someone is a very priority reason for a visit to the barber or refusal of him.

  • Monday - quite a good day for haircuts. On this day, along with the cropped and hair, the whole negative experience of the previous week goes away from the person.

When can I cut my hair?

  • Tuesday- haircut is useful to tired people or in depressed. Along with cropped hair, stress goes away, and life is filled with harmony.
  • Wednesday- perfect hair cutting day for people suffering from loneliness. Together with the new hairstyle in the near future there will be new acquaintances.
  • Thursday -very good day for hair cutting. Those who are tonsured on Thursday will be lucky and lucky for a long time.
  • Friday- be careful with a haircut. Changes to those who tonsure on that day are unequivocally prescribed. However, no one knows whether they will be benevolent.
  • Saturday - hair cut improve women's health and strengthen Hair Growth.
  • Sunday-avoid haircuts, this is the most unfavorable day to visit a hairdresser.

What moon days can you cut your hair?

The most accurate and popular among women is the lunar calendar haircuts. This calendar is based on the influence of the phases of the moon on the general condition of the body as a whole and, in particular, on the condition of the hair.

It is advisable to cut hair on the rising moon. Such haircuts increase hair growth, improve their structure. On a waning moon, hair is cut for those who wish to slow their growth. But hair when shearing on such lunar days can also lose strength and shine.

When can I cut my hair?

New moon - the most dangerous period for all undertakings, including haircuts. Human health may deteriorate.

1 lunar day - unwanted. Haircut shortens the life of the owner of the hair.

2 lunar day - adverse. Haircut leads to contention, quarrels and other troubles.

3 lunar day - unwanted. Haircut attracts unnecessary waste because of the possible harm to the body.

4 lunar day - adverse. Haircut can attract the fear of losing loved ones.

5 lunar day - favorable. A visit to the hairdresser will enrich you financially.

6 lunar day - unwanted. Haircut worsens health.

7 lunar day - adverse. Haircut attracts conflicts with the authorities, close people and, moreover, seriously worsens the state of health.

8 lunar day - favorable. New hairstyle gives longevity, strengthens health and improves your life status.

9 lunar day - adverse. Haircut attracts a host of hair disease.

10 lunar day-extremely unfavorable for haircuts. This day is "burning", a haircut will attract trouble and illness to you.

11 lunar day - favorable. Haircut will increase the insight of the mind, raise creativity and sharpen your senses. Someone will increase their intuition.

12 lunar day -extremely unfavorable. On this day, a haircut will be life threatening and the risk of injuries and accidents will increase.

What days of the week can you cut your hair?

13 lunar day -a good day to improve the appearance, haircut will bring happiness, make you more beautiful.

14 lunar day - favorable. New hairstyle will improve financial position, will increase the location of the authorities.

15 lunar day - adverse. Possible headaches, as well as mental disorders.

16 lunar day - adverse. On this day, hair cutting will bring misfortune.

17 lunar day -extremely unfavorable. Diseases and obstacles in affairs may appear.

18 lunar day - adverse. Haircut provokes theft, diseases of domestic animals.

19 lunar day - Good day for a haircut. Hair loss prolongs your life and youth.

20 lunar day - adverse. There are depressive disorders and mental disorders, a tendency to suicide.

21 lunar days - successful. Haircut attracts well-being.

22 lunar day - neutral day for hair cutting. Depending on your own behavior, he can bring success or failure.

23 lunar day - favorable. Haircut will improve well-being, give women beautiful complexion.

24 lunar day -extremely unfavorable. The consequences of cutting hair are serious illnesses.

25 lunar day - adverse. A visit to the hairdresser will bring illness.

26 lunar day- Good for haircuts. Day gives joy and happiness.

When can I cut my hair?

27 lunar day -very good. Haircut attracts happiness and well-being.

28 lunar day - favorable. Haircut will make you more attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex.

Thus, you can coordinate your visit to the hairdresser with the lunar calendar haircuts. He has a lot of adherents among the fair sex. Haircuts by day of the week can also affect the outcome of your decision.

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remember, that Hair stores energy force, so you need to cut your hair with the mind! In the new moon, cutting hair can harm you. However, it is not always favorable to have a haircut on the rising moon. After all, if the hair is whipped, then it is better to give it to the waning moon, so that the condition improves. And when their condition improves, do a haircut on the rising moon, so that they grow faster.

Hair health is in your hands! So use your knowledge to choose the right day for hair cutting!

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