What you need for nail gel


Many girls appreciate extended nails for beauty and durability. Nail modeling is a popular procedure in beauty salons. Is it possible to do it yourself, at home? Yes, it is possible, because in stores of professional cosmetics and tools everything is available that is needed for gel nail extension.

Creative and practical

Creative and practical

For creative individuals who seek to realize their talents in practice, homemade nail growth is very profitable. First, it is always a trendy and fresh manicure. Secondly, this skill can be a source of additional income, if your home craftsmanship will be fans.

Learning gel modeling is a simple process. The main thing is to first determine what is needed for gel nail extension, to purchase tools and materials, without which it is indispensable. Practical advice: do not immediately purchase expensive products, if there is no absolute certainty that nail extension will become a regular occupation. On sale there are enough tools and equipment of decent quality at average prices.

The easiest way to purchase the appropriate starter kit, which includes, among other things, a training video. If you prefer on your own to select everything you need for gel nail extension, then the list should include purchases of 2 categories. This purchase of special equipment and consumables.

Beauty studio at home

Beauty studio at home

Paraphrasing the well-known proverb, it is safe to say: "The cabin is good, but the home is better!" Equipping a home beauty studio and having a great desire, you can quickly reach professional heights in the modeling of nails.

For a start, it is important to determine which gels are needed for gel nail extension. You can use a single-phase or two-phase system. If the second option is chosen, then it is necessary to buy a basic basis (bonder). Also for building will need gels:

  • construction (modeling);
  • finish (top gel).

In addition, the following materials are necessary for gel nail extension:

  • antiseptic for disinfecting hands, instruments;
  • degreaser for removing sticky layer;
  • dehydrator for durability and durability of manicure;
  • primer to ensure the hitch of the natural nail plate with artificial;
  • cuticle oil;
  • glue for tips.

Nail art of this type is impossible without special devices. What tools are needed for gel nail extension? The most expensive purchase is a drying device. This may be a UV lamp or LED-drying. The first option can be called a budget, the second is more expensive, but it provides a high drying rate. Such an acquisition will be useful not only for home nail polish gel or acrylic, but also for manicure using gel polish (shellac).

Nail art is impossible without special devices.

In the process of building can not do without special nail files. The most convenient form is a boomerang with a double-sided abrasive coating. To start it is enough to have in the arsenal of fixtures a grain size of 100x100 grit and 180x240 grit.

Need to work and brushes for modeling. It should be products with a hard pile. The shape is preferred rectangular or square, slightly narrowed at the end. If there is a desire to decorate the nails with the original painting, then you also need a brush for the design with a thin pile.

To improve the nails gel are also needed:

  • spatula to remove the cuticle (pusher). Or alternatively - orange sticks, which are suitable for pushing the cuticle and removing excess gel;
  • nail scissors or nippers to remove agnails;
  • buff for polishing nail plates;
  • tips or forms for gel modeling of marigolds;
  • cutter (tip cutter) to give the artificial plates the desired shape;
  • brush for sweeping dust;
  • napkins made of lint-free material;
  • paper towels.

Build up nails gel at home is quite real. This interesting activity allows girls to realize their artistic abilities and save money on visiting beauty salons. And in professional stores it is easy to purchase all the necessary materials and tools that will help create a luxurious manicure.