What to wear with white pants


A woman in white is perceived by other men as an angel. And it does not matter, the angel goes in a flowing sundress or white trousers. White pants are a great piece of women's clothing. Their appeal is that they are both everyday and elegant option. A girl can look beautiful in white trousers and at a business meeting and engagement.

Classic white color is very successful for combining with anything. Of course, the most popular color, which combines perfectly with white, will be black. This monochrome set - white pants and a black blouse (for example, from satin or crepe de chine) can make you very bright. All other colors are also almost no-off worn with white pants. The only nuance to consider in this situation is cut pants. Color, of course, color. But the cut can spoil even the best color combination.

What to wear with white pants?What to wear with white pants?

The combination of "the right fit, the right color and appropriate accessories" will make your look unforgettable. What is the best way to wear one or another type of pants?

How to combine white trousers with other clothes?

Choosing the style of any trousers, the girl should take into account her parameters, know the advantages and disadvantages of the figure. The standard figure, as you know, goes almost everything. But here are girls who can not immediately pick up this or that thing, and here you need to apply your skills. White color is really fattening, as it has historically been. Therefore, you should not go overboard with him, if you know for sure that the outfit will show you from a disadvantageous side.

What can I wear with classic white pants?

Classic trousers with arrows can fit almost all combinations. Since such pants can be worn only in summer due to weather conditions, then you can and should choose different items of clothing, depending on the occasion. Light blouses, clothes without sleeves, jackets, tops with unusual ornaments or accessories. The fact is that simple bottom should be complemented by a bright top. Therefore, do not hesitate to choose blouses with frills, bows and lace.

Exceptions are ladies with curvaceous. You, dear ones, do not need extra emphasis on the right places, so choose things without bulky layers.

What to wear with white pants?What to wear with white pants?

Bags here should also be in style, with the color should be determined by the situation. Do not forget that the classic is not 2 colors, but several. Do not be afraid to combine beautiful and noble colors, but some restraint and elegance should still be traced in the image, because it is a classic.

We must also remember that white pants can be printed or colored embroidery. In short, any pattern on white pants dramatically changes your strategy. Here you need to be alert. After all, if you overdo it, elegance and the trace of a cold. There will be only a jumble of flowers that will make you feel uncomfortable. In order not to blunder in such a situation, choose the option diametrically opposite to the previous one. If the top there could be motley, then it is better to make it monotonous. Your painted trousers should be in harmony with the top. If you suddenly find that you do not look bright enough, then add accessories, but also in moderation.

What can you wear with tight white pants?

White jeans are also a classic, but only for the rest. There is no formality, everything should be everyday, but not dim. For parties, laputens or similar closed shoes with large heels, clutches, and light tunics with belts are perfect. You can also walk through the park in jeans, if you want, just wear comfortable moccasins and grab a cardigan.

What to wear with white pants?What to wear with white pants?

Pants-cigarettes - this style is suitable for slim and slim girls, because it covers almost the entire leg. Very fashionable item of clothing, especially now. These pants are casual style, so the addition to them is best to get from there. Beautiful voluminous light scarves, big bags of soft or hard leather, vests and cardigans, caps, voluminous accessories - all this will be the way.

By itself, casual is more democratic than a classic, but no less elegant. Therefore, when properly combined, you get a beautiful image. The color scheme consists mainly of warm colors. White pipes can be diluted with a light brown or dark green bag, a wading scarf or a worn denim vest. Or combine all of the above by adding a pair of large bracelets for gold and glasses-drops. Conclusion: you should look like you put all these things on without thinking, but it turned out very cool.

What to wear with white pants?What to wear with white pants?

Leggings are best to wear with a tunic. If you choose something short, you will pass for a woman who forgot to wear a skirt in the morning. There is no need to say that the figure of the girls in leggings should be on the level.

What can I wear with wide white pants?

Wide pants in the style of Marlene Dietrich fit very thin girls who would like to hide their thinness behind the fabric a little. This outfit will make the bottom more voluminous, the boy’s figure will leave, and you will get more defined hips. Upstairs is best to wear something non-fitting. Short tunics will do. Of the accessories it is worth considering large rag bags, or vice versa, bags made of hard leather, more similar to men.

Bloomers or Turkish trousers are the hit of the season, and the one before last too. Today you can find a lot of women of fashion who prefer this style.

What to wear with white pants?What to wear with white pants?

And rightly so, because they are not hot, and they look very decent. Such trousers are perfect for walking or relaxing. You can also come to work and flaunt beautiful Turkish “Snow White”, if you do not have a dress code. Scarves, large and small handbags, bright manicure will help you to place accents. A hairstyle can be a bit of a casual nature, for example, tie a tail at the crown with a loop and do not forget about the glasses, here beautiful droplets would be appropriate.

Jockey pants are very fashionable this season. Together with them it is better to wear something tight to the main focus was on the bottom. A cap “under Gavrosha” and glasses will help to complete the image.

Everyone knows that the first pants “allowed” to wear Coco Chanel. What a scandal was then. But this brave woman was not afraid of anything, and now, after many years, we can wear this comfortable piece of clothing. It’s not that every woman’s white pants are in the closet, but it’s never too late to change that.

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Choose your style and shake the wardrobe for matching blouses and jackets. Maybe something will have to buy, but when such little things frightened women? We are always for productive shopping, which helps us to relax and makes us happier. Go ahead, do not be afraid, arrange yourself a “white day”.