What to wear with sneakers


Sneakers promptly burst into our lives, turning from sports shoes into everyday shoes. At the present time, we no longer imagine how we once did without them. After all this comfortable shoes, which is indispensable in hiking, a regular walk or a walk in nature. But sneakers are not relevant to all clothes, and they are not combined with all things.

What clothes are sneakers worn?

  • A tracksuit is the clothes that fit most sneakers. After all, this sport was originally created for sports.
  • It is appropriate to wear sneakers and tights.
  • It is not necessary to wear all the details of a tracksuit under the sneakers. It is quite possible to limit one sports pants.

  • Jeans - the part of clothing that is almost universal. Therefore, worn sneakers under jeans look not very bad.
  • Under the sneakers are not prohibited, and wear shorts. And they can be from any material. But the most appropriate, of course, would be denim shorts.
  • Different T-shirts will also organically look along with sneakers.
  • Wearing a t-shirt under the sneakers, you will not lose. Moreover, the T-shirt can be of the most varied style, colors and style. If you want to look more attractive, wear a T-shirt with a beautiful print.
  • Always wear suitable socks under running shoes. Sneakers, worn on bare feet - this is not beautiful and not hygienic.

  • Under the sneakers fit and sleeveless and knitted vests. The main thing is that the overall style of clothing was maintained.
  • Look great with sneakers, polo shirts and knit t-shirts.
  • In the cold season, you can wear, under sneakers, turtleneck.
  • Girls can wear sneakers with knit tops. And the style of the tops does not have to be sporty.
  • If it's cold outside, you can wear sneakers and a sweatshirt. So you will be both warm and comfortable!
  • If you like knitted sweaters more, you can be calm - they are quite compatible with sneakers.
  • If you prefer sportswear, you should know that sneakers can be worn with windbreakers or jackets.
  • Not just jeans and shorts can be worn with sneakers, leggings and leggings are quite acceptable. Read more about choosing pants in the article How to choose pants.
  • Denim jumpsuit is another thing that is quite successful combined with sneakers.
  • You will create an interesting, stylish image if you wear tight pants, a shirt that is wide-cut and sneakers.
  • When it’s cool outside, you can wear leggings with running shoes. They look great in this set, pleasantly warming the legs.

As you can see, options what to wear with sneakers weight! All you have to do is pick up what you like best, what is comfortable for you and what best suits your style and lifestyle!

To find out which sneakers are best for running, read the article Best running shoes for running.

Good luck to you!

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