What to wear with red shoes


Red shoes have always been in fashion. Back in Gogol's farm stories, the main character said that she would love a guy if he gave her red roses. And the lad did fulfill her dream - for them he went off the line to the queen herself. Today there is no need to gather so far and extremely for footwear. In our world, everything is much simpler - shops on every corner of the city and the Internet. And on the one hand, this situation is good, but on the other - how to choose something if you like everything?

But red shoes are in some sense “ALL”. They can help everywhere as a universal soldier. To do this, it is not necessary to reshape or completely replace your wardrobe. You can use only one type of shoes, for example, bright red in high heels, suede with open fingers. Such shoes can look spectacular with an evening dress, with classic trousers, skirts or blouses of sophisticated cut, with jeans, with cropped trousers and capris, with skirts and shorts, finally. It will not be vulgar and will not be trite, because The combination of red shoes with other things is what you need for a spectacular and stylish look.

Which color fits red?

You should always start with the classics, therefore black, white and, accordingly, red itself - colors are inviolable. We take them as given. Let's look at some more color solutions: golden, sky blue, brown, gently pink, red brick color, herbal, sandy, gray, beige - all these are win-win options. We do not recommend combining red shoes with flowers such as: purple, light green, with yellow you have to be very careful, as with leopard. The last two are entitled to the neighborhood with red, but here you need to carefully select the shades and the style of the dress. Denim or Denim also goes well with red shoes.. So feel free to combine your favorite cornflower blue jeans with red shoes

What to wear red shoes for a party?

It is clear that for every day of the week not everyone has the opportunity to try on new red shoes. And why do you need 7 pairs of shoes of the same color? It is better to choose both red and "red" shoes, so that it is not only bright, but also diverse. Here is to the party you can safely wear bright red shoes with high heels in varnish.

This is a perfect match for leopard short dresses - this is the case when you need to choose wisely. You know that the wrong leopard in an instant can turn you into a "cheap cat." Therefore, if you are not going to be wild in leopard, replace it with flowers that come to you. The main thing this evening is to look moderately bright, and your communication will complete the job and the title of the nail of the party is provided to you. Do not forget about accessories. A small clutch, you can put a cardigan on top, but not the one in which you go to work. It should be something moderately bright and stylish, but not everyday.

What to wear tored shoes to work?

And here you are looking for a casual cardigan. He does not hurt here. If you are wearing bright suede shoes, for example, not of such a saturated color as the previous ones, then pick up to them cornflower-blue trousers or jeans, combining them with a white t-shirt with a multi-colored print. If your work requires more strict colors, then take something gray and black - the classic goes for everyone. Just let this "gray" be in quotes, because you have to look at it interesting and elegant at the same time. The bag here can be large and soft in the first case, and in the second - leather and medium sizes.

Red shoes for the celebration

An exciting celebration - the wedding of a friend, the anniversary of the parents, the corporate party, finally. And here the red shoes come to the rescue. Perhaps it will be sandals or half-open shoes.

If the event is not very formal, where there is no covert dress code, then you can wear a more interesting dress and not be Audrey Hepburn, but to become a Syrena bath der Woodsen or Kerry Bradshaw for the evening. For bright monophonic shoes, pick up bold dresses, you can also go to the floor, to whom you are going. Remember and make-up, it should not be like the skaters on the ice. Just do not forget that the red shoes do not fit openwork tights - it looks so-so. The rest - all your attempts to find a pair of red shoes should be crowned with success.

Dear girls, in our wardrobe with you never have the right things, so men joke. They always wait for us and comment on this or that dress or handbag. But each of them prefers to see next to her well-groomed, stylish and top lady, which would be equal to all her friends. And you should not listen to talk about the time spent, because a woman should spend time on herself. No wonder the whole world trumpets about the beauty and grooming of Russian women.

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And if you want to look decent every day, you need to refer to the fashion encyclopedia or read a few articles, then do it. The most important thing - Spend on the choice of red or other shoes as much time as you see fit. Who knows, maybe they will one day step on the foot in public transport to a man who will be the only one.