What to wear with leggings


Leggings or leggings - a versatile and fashionable thing that should be in the wardrobe of every girl. They can be worn all year round. Leggings appeared in the 80s of the last century thanks to the German fashion designer Karl Lagerfeld. Fashionable experts have repeatedly expressed their hostility towards leggings, considering them to be vulgar clothing that is devoid of taste. Nevertheless, nowadays leggings are a necessary attribute of women's wardrobe. If you combine them correctly with other clothes, you can create a fashionable image.

Leggings: how and what to wear?

Leggings tight legs, like a second skin. Therefore, if you have curvaceous and full legs, leggings should be abandoned. Also, do not wear leggings too thin girls, because they visually make the legs even thinner.

Remember that a large cell, a horizontal bar and light shades are full and shorten the legs. Dark colors and vertical pattern make them sleeker, longer and slimmer.

Kozhanelegginsy: what to wear?

  • Choose an outfit under leggings, following the rule: wear bright and patterned leggings with a neutral top and vice versa. Do not wear leggings of thick fabric with light things, and do not combine thin ones with thick clothes.
  • The combination of leggings with different clothes is enough. The ideal option is a combination of strict leggings of dark colors with a long knitted dress. In this outfit you can go to work or school, go out of town, go shopping and just walk. This tandem is ideal for cold weather.
  • What can I wear with black leggings? They are easy to combine with skirts, loose dresses, tunics, long shirts and tops. Any set will give your image individuality, sexuality and attractiveness.
  • One of the most successful solutions would be a combination of leggings with a white long turtleneck or shirt, a beige or black jacket and a high heel shoe boots. A stylish clutch or minioder, as well as fashionable black jewelery will help to complement the image.

What to wear with leggings?

  • Long leggings to the foot look great with tunics, sweaters, T-shirts, dresses and shirts. The most suitable shoes for such sets will be high-heeled shoes, ankle boots, sandals, boots, booties, boots, gladiators and Czech.
  • Leggings to mid-calf are recommended to be combined with denim mini-skirts, with shorts, elongated T-shirts and bright T-shirts to mid-thigh.
  • Fat women do not have to give up leggings, the main thing is to carefully approach their choice and find the right combination. Leggings should be uniform and dark shades (mostly black, brown, graphite, gray and blue). Fat women can combine leggings with fairly loose things.
  • Blouses, sweaters and tunics with a V-shaped neckline, which draws attention to the chest, distracting from the figure, will be the ideal option. The length of the top can be up to mid-thigh or knee. In addition, full girls can wear leggings with straight dresses and tunics with a belt, as well as cardigans to mid-thigh.

Leather leggings: dress stylishly

Leather leggings: what to wear?

Leather leggings look good with jackets and mid-thigh jackets and shirts. As a club option you can wear a bright jacket or blouse. Calm shades of outerwear without patterns, applications and patterns will make your image relevant at any event.

Tops with sequins and shirts under the belt will also look like leather leggings. As for shoes, it is advisable to choose a model with heels.

Young girls can safely wear leggings with short T-shirts and blouses, as well as with cardigans and knitted sweaters.

Photo selection of successful images

leggings with a print

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leggings are bright

What to wear with leggings: universal rules

From leggings to the knee it is better to refuse at all, since they can make any legs unattractive and highlight all their flaws.

Leggings in combination with wrestling, sports jerseys, sneakers and sneakers are placed only in the gym, in nature or jogging.

Leggings are more an alternative to pantyhose, not pants. Therefore, never refill your outerwear and do not wear it with very short clothing.

Do not wear leggings with animal print with other things of the same color.

For more conservative girls, as well as for work or study, it is preferable to prefer monochromatic black, gray or brown leggings. For walks or parties, things of other colors are recommended, it is possible even with various patterns and patterns. The main thing when choosing is good taste and critical analysis of your toilet.

Leggings are a versatile and fashionable wardrobe item. Skillfully combining leggings with the right top and shoes, you will look stylish and fashionable in any situation. Do not be afraid to experiment, but follow the universal rules, so as not to make the image defiant or vulgar.