What to wear with leather pants


Leather trousers are a very original and sexy element of women's wardrobe, which only courageous women can afford. In this new thing, you will definitely be noticed by others. However, for outsiders to be admired, you need to know what to wear with leather pants.

Models of leather trousers from classic to trendy

What to wear with leather pants?

Leather pants, depending on the tailoring, can be presented in several versions. So, a fairly versatile model are classic leather pants, most often made in black or dark brown. If you precisely choose clothes and accessories, this option is suitable for almost any event. They look quite stylish and rich.

No less popular today and tight leather pants, suitable for walking, dating, going to work or to study and even at a fashionable party. This option combines sexuality and elegance. Wearing such pants, image and sophistication of the image will be provided.

With wide or flared leather pants, you should be careful, because on the one hand they are able to perfectly hide the flaws of the figure, and with the other - it is important to take into account the texture and "shiny" qualities of the skin.

Trousers - pipes will make your forms attractive and slim. They are able to emphasize the dignity of the figure and, if necessary, hide the excessive thinness of the legs.

Quilted leather pants are a kind of model that is very popular among teenagers.

But for doubting individuals who cannot dare to put on their usual models, they are suitable pants with leather inserts. They are less stretched and deformed in the process of socks, as they are not completely made of leather.

Choosing Leather Trousers: Rules

What to wear with leather pants?

  • Before choosing a model and style, determine all the advantages and disadvantages of your figure. Of course, if you have perfect forms, you can prefer absolutely any leather trousers, but in other cases you will be more responsible and attentive to such a purchase.
  • The presence of excess weight - a good reason why you should abandon leather trousers. They are not able to hide the minuses of the figure, but on the contrary, only emphasize them. If you are the owner of wide hips, take a closer look at the classic version or trousers - pipes. By preferring the rest of the models, you risk identifying problem areas. But pants of standard length with a high fit will hide such a disadvantage as short legs, visually lengthening them.
  • To buy a really high-quality piece of clothing, it is better to buy leather pants in a specialty store. When trying on, experiment not only with different models, but also with the dimensions of the same one. You will notice that, depending on the cut, the pants may sit down in different ways. Wearing pants, you should feel comfortable, there should not be a feeling of tightness and fear of sitting down, bending down, etc.
  • Carefully inspect the pants. They should not be scratches, scuffs, tears, gaps. In addition, when choosing a thing, consider the leather from which they are sewn. For example, sheep differs in softness and tenderness, but very quickly stretches and loses its shape. Calfskin is elastic and dense, it is more expensive than sheep's, but improper processing can lead to gaps. But the pork is practically not used when sewing trousers, as it does not look as beautiful and stylish as the previous ones.

What to wear with leather trousers: description and photo

What to wear with leather pants?

What to wear with leather pants?

What to wear with leather pants?

Leather trousers are the dominant clothing, so be careful when choosing your look. Wear a tight white T-shirt, denim shirt, and moccasins for a casual stroll through the city.

Wear a simple short jacket with leather trousers, a dim blouse and strict shoes - in this form you can safely go to work. The combination of a silk blouse and boat shoes with leather trousers will create a romantic look. This option is suitable for dating or meetings. And for the evening out, you can wear a top, embroidered with beads or sequins.

No matter how strange it may seem, a soft sweater or pullover looks great with leather pants. In this form, you can walk or go shopping. Tight-fitting trousers and voluminous things: a sweater or shirt, as well as boots with a wide shaft - an option that will make you stylish and spectacular. In this case, do not be afraid to look in this outfit a few sizes larger. Believe me, harmony you will be provided. And if you are friends with a biker, surprise him by wearing leather pants, a loose T-shirt, a spiked belt and a small backpack in the same style as ankle boots.

The most important point is the right combination of things with each other and the selection of suitable accessories. Then it doesn't matter which event you are going to attend.

Leather pants, both male and female, are considered a symbol of freedom and courage, but at the same time, in them the fair sex looks spectacular and sexy. This piece of clothing never loses its popularity, and therefore, knowingly takes its place in the hearts of many women.