What to wear with green trousers or jeans

Do you want bright emotions? Wear green pants or jeans! They will save you from depression and demonstrate to others your rich inner world! This is the color of nature and awakening, youth and beauty!

What can I wear with green trousers or jeans?

Why exactly green?

Green - the color of new experiences and adventures. If you confidently walk in green jeans or trousers down the street, everyone will notice your bright image!

There are dozens of shades of green: olive, green tea, lime, pistachio, Persian green, lime, khaki, marsh, mint, fresh grass, etc.

Depending on the color and its shades, you can feel free to use green trousers in both classic bow (the so-called image of the English style) and sports. Green colorgreat for brunettes and blondes. Perfectly combining, light and dark colors harmonize well with yellow, silver gray, noble ivory and absolutely all shades of brown. The last listed combinations and options are best suited for dark-haired girls and women. Green color is perfectly combined with green color of medium intensity.

In the past, colored jeans were considered a garment that adherents of informal trends prefer to wear. But today even the most conservative fashionistas and fashionistas dare to style experiments with green and rightly do. Try it and you! So, with what you can wear jeans and pants of this color and still make an unforgettable impression?

Green jeans and pants: color combinations

Green jeans and pants + beige

  • As palm trees are combined with the gentle color of warm sea sand, so green jeans with trousers are perfect for a beige top. And it's not just about the summer look. Wear olive skinny, a blouse of a delicate greenish color, a beige trench coat and bright ankle boots for them. Tie an openwork scarf around your neck with some bright pattern. In this way, you can safely go on a long-awaited date or a party to friends.
  • If your new dress is emerald jeans, pick up a short stylish original beige jacket with a zipper. A light bag over the shoulder, fashionable suede shoes, and you are ready to conquer the world!
  • If you are going to a business meeting, forget about bright green trousers.It is better to stop at the dark emerald green or olive.
  • Try not to overdo it! Too much green in your ensemble may look flashy. Everything should be in moderation.

What can I wear with green trousers or jeans?

Green jeans and pants: color combinations

The well-known classical tandem "black bottom - white top" has replaced more Fashionable and original duet - green pants or jeans and white top - blouse, shirt, sweater, shirt, t-shirt. Everything your heart desires!

  • Orange, yellow, brown, violet, eggplant, corn are perfectly combined with green. Cold bottle blends well with cold hues, especially burgundy, lemon yellow. Olive perfectly harmonizes with khaki, apple, grass color, sky blue, royal blue, ultramarine, dark blue, eggplant, cherry, purple, dark purple, brown.
  • Mint-colored jeans-trunks, a white tight blouse, a gray noble cardigan, gray ugg boots and a cheerful green handbag. This option is ideal for cool days.

Green jeans and pants: color combinations

  • Emerald trousers, a light white sweater with a thin horizontal stripes, a jacket of shade navy blue, ballet flats of pale gray color and a bag in the tone of them. Add 1 more color accent, wearing peach or coral earrings and a large bracelet.
  • Jeans of color of saturated spring greens in combination with gray look very profitable. Try this option - emerald skin-tight jeans, voluminous gray sweater with a funny pattern, black trench coat and strict beige ankle boots. The same emerald jeans, T-shirt with a greenish-blue pattern, white jacket and original stylish blue shoes - so you eclipse everyone at a stylish party.
  • The pants are olive green, blue t-shirt with a bright geometric print, sandals in the color of summer grass and a bright-bright blue handbag. This bow is perfect for the hottest summer resorts!
  • The combination of green and red looks absolutely tasteless., so do not wear red boots or a blouse with green trousers.

What can I wear with green trousers or jeans?

Let the green pants and jeans in your wardrobe bring you good luck, give you new acquaintances and help you make new friends! On a gray day, they will cheer you up, and your outfit will decorate you in bright and sunny.

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