What to wear with beige shoes


Shoes - a special fetish of millions of women. And here the rule works: the more there is, the more you want. Remember Kerry Bradshaw and her love for Manolo Blahnik? This love turned into mania and forced to buy more and more. Each of us can easily say the same thing about ourselves, and not only in relation to shoes. It always seems to us that old shoes will never fit anything new (of course, because they are old and not unsuitable). And it pushes women to storm sales. So what to do? Get yourself a "convenient option." This term means several pairs of shoes of classic color that could fit most of the things in your closet.

What is classic color? it plain shoes of primary colors: black, red, white, brown or beige (what to wear with red shoes, read here). This gamma works wonders. With four pairs of comfortable shoes in your wardrobe, you can rule the world. Here we talk about the beige version.

Beige shoes are a great choice for every day. They can also be at a cocktail party, at a wedding, or at an interview. It is easy to choose a dress or pants for such shoes. The most win-win combinations - with green, blue and black (or with all these colors at the same time) - a classic combination. The beige color is beautiful enough to set you apart from the crowd as much as you need, and at the same time it is restrained so that you do not look vulgar. So, we begin to pick up a wardrobe for beige shoes.

Beige shoes with dresses

Varnished, either leather or suede, beige shoes can be a great addition to both casual and weekend wear. We determine the length, color and texture. With monophonic shoes, you can choose as many colorful dresses or skirts as you like. It can be a complicated cut, with massive accessories. Your image will be very harmonious. Beige shoes can not draw the attention of men from your face, smiles and dresses, and this is important.

If you choose shoes not only beige, but with inserts and accessories, then slightly reduce the color gamut of your dress. If you do not have an honest friend, just go to a large mirror. Look at yourself and check for brightness. Many girls, especially inexperienced, understand this concept literally and put on almost everything in the closet.

Beige shoes, of course, are very elegant, but they can not save you, if you decide to go to a party in all the ammunition. Sometimes something needs to be abandoned in favor of a successful image.

Beige shoes with pants

Trousers and capri pants are not more cunning than a dress, because in this case it is also necessary to choose the correct length. The length of a thing depends on the growth of the girl and her volume. Capri is better not to wear low and plump girls. Ideal - a classic.

White pants and beige shoes, a tunic with a wide belt and a large bag - voila, you look great (what else to wear white pants, read the article on our website here). Close-fitting shorts or loose shorts can also be worn under beige shoes. Just do not overdo it with a beige color. If you are in love with him, let the shoes have this color in the image with shoes, and the top can be made brighter. For example, a bright red or multi-colored top or blouse can be perfectly coordinated with dark blue wide shorts and a white bag.

Small white carnations and pendant with a white bead will not be superfluous. It seems bright to you? Replace one of the things with a more democratic color, for example, black.

Beige shoes in combination with accessories

Here, even the language does not turn to say that something or two is coming up to the beige. Choose your favorite accessories by style and everything will grow together before your eyes.

Black tights can be safely considered an accessory, and a win-win. In the wardrobe of every girl there is a black bag and not one. That she can always help you out. As for the flowers, then the soul can roam - pink, olive, pistachio, terracotta, gently - blue or dark blue, gray and brown.

Choose pendants or earrings need purely individual. Even the leopard is perfect for beige, and this color is very naughty. It is worth only a little to love him, he can make you a girl with a lack of taste, and beige shoes will help balance the image.

Your personal beige shoes are not a waste of money. And that's why. Imagine such a picture: you are going to work in the morning, you don’t have time for anything, pick up an outfit, and the mood is immediately spoiled by the fact that nothing comes out. And then your eyes feed on beige shoes, the mosaic is folded, and your way out of work to your home is just around the corner. You do not scold the boss, the day will be set in the morning and the mood will be above the sun. And the thing is how you look. AND beige shoes here played the first violin.

Good luck, dear girls, everything will work out for you. The main thing is to decide on a personal style. If this is a classic, and you are suddenly drawn to casual, you will have to buy a few more things and accessories to complete the image. Keep this in mind and will never regret a single purchase!