What to wear with a red skirt

A more vivid and characteristic symbol of femininity, rather than a skirt, has not yet been invented. Of course, the lady remains herself, even in a shapeless sweater and jeans, boyfriends, but the skirt definitely adds to the fair sex charm and elegance. And if it is made in one of the most advantageous shades - all the more. What to wear a red skirt depends on its style.

What to wear a red skirt: tips stylists

It would seem - what difficulties can arise in the selection of an ensemble for a skirt? Any top, almost any shoes, except sneakers, and the image is ready. However, not so all elementary. Especially with such a pretentious thing as a red skirt. And the essence is in color - even the softest and muffled red becomes the leader and requires him to give all the attention. Consequently, there can be no other shades that are just as actively getting into the first plan. Shoes are also undesirable to take the same color with the skirt, as well as the bag. But the only accessory is allowed - it is better if the earrings, pendant or headband, or bezel. Thus, it will be possible to balance the idea of ​​the ensemble as much as possible.

What to wear red skirt?

What shades will definitely compete with red? In the first place, any bright - rich blue, yellow, orange, purple, green. However, with a certain style of their use is allowed, but in the scheme "2 colors for the whole image."

But the most complementary in this situation will be neutral tones: white, cream, beige, sand, pearl. They can be supplemented with fine details of chocolate, graphite, black or the color of wet asphalt. It is important to ensure that more than 3 colors in the ensemble are not recruited, unless the additional colors are shades that are lowered or raised by the tone from the main ones. Those. green and marsh from green, coral and salmon from orange, etc.

Stylists are reminiscent of the temperature of the image. Red color refers to the group of "warm", if it is pure shade: carmine, burgundy. And to the "cold", if kmalinovomu. The remaining components of the ensemble are selected depending on their temperature, accessories, this also applies. "Cold" silver, "warm", respectively, gold. Other details and recommendations should be given, having studied a specific style of a skirt and an image in general.

Red pencil skirt: office style with chic

What to wear red skirt?

A fitted pencil skirt will probably be in fashion forever. This is a classic element of the office suite, showing restraint, grace, sense of style and, of course, the figure of the owner. In such a strict version there is only one “not” - the skirt of this style is not worn with sneakers, sandals and other semi-sports shoes. Her compatibility with ballet shoes is questionable, although sometimes this idea can be adequately beaten.

A pencil skirt, especially red, requires a heel, even the most minimal, if a girl cannot or does not like to wear heels for certain reasons. Best of all - thin and tapering to the bottom. Massive heels are recommended to try on with less tight-fitting styles - “sun” or even “year”. Elegant, pointed-nosed heels with a low heel are the perfect way out for a pencil skirt. They may be of the same red color, but in case you want to turn an office image into a more relaxed one. A white or beige blouse with an ironed collar, a short chain without a pendant, studs or short earrings, droplet hair, and scarlet lipstick. The bag here should not be picked up too bulky: it is desirable to do with an envelope clutch.

A more summer and youth version with a red pencil skirt implies the execution of this part of the wardrobe in simple fabrics: cotton, linen, chintz. The length in this case is usually chosen to be 1.5 palms above the knee, or even slightly shorter. A light T-shirt or top of simple cut will complement the ensemble. The shoes are interesting sandals on wedges or low stable heels, without an abundance of decor: the classic options with straps or in the Greek style, but without lacing. A small handbag on the strap, a massive bracelet on the hand, no complicated hairstyles will suit the image.

What to wear red skirt?

Red skirt to the floor: lightness and originality

Ankle-length skirt is a great way to either emphasize height, or visually enlarge it, and also slightly stretch the figure. And if you sit this skirt will be at the waist, it will also extend the legs. Therefore, we can say that this is the thing in the wardrobe, which is suitable for any combination. What to wear a red skirt of this style is a separate question. Opportunities with her a little more than with the "pencil".

Lovers of a bright, extraordinary style prefer versions of flying fabrics (for example, chiffon), multi-layered, with an asymmetrical cut. Such a skirt is usually worn on a walk or a solemn event, and therefore requires the appropriate details. In particular, from a similar material blouse, but in a contrasting color: usually it is black or graphite. Shoes are selected with metal inserts, which are duplicated in accessories. For example, in a plate necklace, a wide steel bracelet, rivets on the bag. Hair with this image is recommended to be bundled at the crown or side braid, deliberately careless weaving.

A more classic and elegant idea, ideal for summer, requires a long crochet-crocheted top to the long red skirt, or cotton, but with lace straps and knitted on the back. The skirt is complemented by a thin belt, the ensemble is woven sandals and a wide-brimmed hat. Changing the top to satin or chiffon in cream color, and hats - to an elegant rim, translate the beach image into an elegant evening.


What to wear red skirt?

Even more interesting contrast - coarse and light fabrics. Here a leather short jacket of black color will play with a chiffon long scarlet skirt. A tight turtleneck without a throat is put on under it, a massive but flat necklace acts as a central accessory. From shoes, preference is given to shoes or shoes on a platform with a thick, stable heel.

Red skirt: photos of styles and images

Sun skirt - the choice of fashionistas in love with the style of the 60s. She hints at the playful, easy-going character of the girl, a penchant for flirting and flirting. And with this style you can, if not all, then almost everything. For example, play with color. Earlier it was said that the leading tone should be only 1. But the red skirt-sun often creates a successful tandem with a lemon yellow tunic and ballet shoes of the same color. Or with more moderate tones of a sleeveless blouse and open-toed shoes (the same white), but complemented by an ultramarine clutch bag of the same color and a massive necklace.

But in a company with a lilac-gray loose bat style jacket tucked into a skirt, beige-gray boats with a rounded nose and a handbag on a long leather strap, it creates a neutral, to some extent even serious look. However, still a youth and, of course, feminine.

What to wear red skirt?

What to wear red skirt?

What to wear red skirt?

What to wear red skirt?

What to wear red skirt?

An extended skirt of loose fit, in particular a quarter-sun, especially ending on the palm above the ankles, is perfectly suited for original, but fairly simple ensembles. For example, a striped tunic-sailor, short textile boots on a flat sand-colored sole, in the same tone as a cowboy hat and jacket.

More feminine and fresh - to an elongated red chiffon skirt openwork shade of baked milk, a beige jacket made of thin leather or a jacquard jacket of the same color with an asymmetrical edge. The addition will be a large clutch of matte skin-tone aqua, hoop earrings, neat shoes or ankle boots with a rounded nose and a thin heel, as well as a low boot.

I would like to remind you that all the above tips are quite generalized. Remember - it was at the turn of the canons that the masterpieces of the fashion world were created, it was those who went against the long-established system that became its dictators. Therefore, if you feel that the ensemble you have composed perfectly reflects your nature, forget about the rules.

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