What to wear with a green dress


They say that green color is chosen by geniuses. Of course wear a green dress you need not to pass for a brilliant woman, but to look stunning. After all, meet on clothes, as you know. And if you are met as a beautiful and well-groomed woman - thank the green color and accessories. And if you are carried out as a woman of outstanding abilities, thank yourself and ... buy yourself another green dress.

What can I wear with a green dress?

If the green color does not suit you, remember how many shades of it exist. Some will suit you for sure. And with the right make-up, accessories and shoes you will create a sensation.

Green color is good because it is always relevant. It can be worn in any season and for any reason. It will look equally good in different styles and at events of different directions and themes. Divide all the manipulations with clothing into two types. One will help you focus on the "output option". In it, you will gather for something grand or pompous. A second type will help you to ensure your daily life with green dresses, accessories, shoes and bags.

What to wear a green dress for a formal event?

Evenings like these that look like Grace Kelly in the 21st century, as a rule, have nothing to wear. Eyes and wallet run up, then they are difficult to reconnect together. If you are desperate to find your masterpiece in the store, sew yourself a great dress if you have time. In such cases, remember the search engines on the Internet, which can give you an infinite number of photos of green dress. On one of them and your view will stop. Perhaps it will be a Hollywood celebrity dress.

What can I wear with a green dress?

If we talk about green chic, here Kira Knightley's heroine is remembered at once in the film “Atonement”. Her awesome green dress to the floor from Jacqueline Durran settles in the mind forever, it is necessary only once to see it. And if it were a different color, it would look different. And so this brightly emerald masterpiece is remembered and leaves a feeling of boundless beauty with the audience.

Bright green goes well with black, white, beige, gold. If you are going to a dinner party or a formal reception of a decent scale and have a white boa and a green silk dress on the floor - do not even think, dress up. First, the furs never go out of fashion, and secondly, the boa (if bored) can always remain in the wardrobe, and you and your green miracle will be the center of attention. Just remember, whatever dress should not be beautiful, it should emphasize the dignity of your figure and hide flaws.

What can I wear with a green dress?

If we talk about jewelry, then everything is simple: either gold or gold and precious and semi-precious stones. Depending on where you are going. For example, in Buckingham Palace will be against large defiant decorations. But on the Oscars in the Kodak Cinema cinema, you can flash the imperial size of your ring or pendant. Of course, a colorful example. You yourself have to predict how “his mom” will take you to the wedding of a second cousin or business partner at a big banquet. Mini or maxi, open or closed, too or not - only you can deal with it. Wherever you go, the main thing is confidence in the right choice.

Green dress in everyday life: what to wear?

Vintage clothing is a great idea for every day, unless you have a dress code. And not necessarily, vintage - the theme of students and hipsters. For adult women who love vintage, there are many options in various colors. And you can pick up an outfit both in specialized stores and on the Internet. Vintage can be combined with casual style.

What can I wear with a green dress?

If you're a casual girl, feel free to add pink, brown and gray to green. Everything else, dark shades of green perfectly combined with a little lighter. For example, if you choose a darker dress, your scarf may be a few tones lighter, maybe even closer to the color of dark mustard. Here you can look great felt hat, if you, of course, wear hats.

Orange can also be a friend to green, so do not hesitate to choose a bright costume jewelry or bag, only if the dress is of the same color. In order not to overload the image, do not let yourself become a rainbow. But the green marsh should be treated with caution, it goes far from everyone and can make you "green" in the literal sense of the word.

What can I wear with a green dress?

Classic items of green clothing to pick up even easier. They, unlike vintage fashion, are in every store. Women who prefer the classic style of dress, can easily choose for themselves a large number of beautiful things. Emerald satin blouses, pistachio dresses and soft cream bags and accessories will look great here.

Green is the color of peace and tranquility, the color of life and spring. Any time of year needs it, so you should not distinguish between color belts - summer - bright, winter - dim. You should always look stunning, whether it be a meeting or a reception with the queen. And remember that the main satellite of green, like any other - is natural. False, whatever it is, will make your image lifeless. That is why always smile sincerely, love yourself and your new green army of dresses.

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