What to wear with a gray coat

As you know, the favorite color of the population in our country is black. This is sad. We all see every day women dressed in black. And this is not because they belong to the Gothic subculture. And for other reasons. Some simply do not understand what can combine brighter colors. Black is still a universal color that suits everything.

There is a whole palette of beautiful flowers in the world that your merits can highlight. Right now, to all lovers of black, we suggest turning your gaze to other colors, for example, to gray. You will look great in a gray coat on the figure, with bright accessories.

What colors are suitable for gray coat?

Gray- casual color, but it can always be made festive and elegant. To do this, first select the shade of gray that will fit your appearance, skin color. It is very important. And only after that combine "your" gray color with others.

Perfect for gray is white. And the most beautiful thing in this situation is that he goes to absolutely everyone. A large white scarf is a perfect choice. When you get a little cold, you can use a hat and gloves of the same color. White intervention is always refreshing and young. You will look rested, stylish and happy. And you will not notice how you want to wear black things. By the way, black is also excellent with gray. But this combination will be more everyday than the first. Therefore, if there is a choice between a black scarf and a white scarf, take a white one to look attractive.

Red and orange will be a bright addition to a gray coat.. Some girls love to stand out from the gray mass, using just a single color. For example, shoes. She is always paid attention to. Red boots and a gray coat - and here, you are already noticed by all women and men, which is not unimportant. Looks great next to gray and about red shades: burgundy, terracotta, cherry, brick, brown. Shades of blue are also excellent: cobalt, ultramarine, indigo. Shades of green are ideal for redhead girls: herbal, light green, dark green.

Gray coat accessories

Always the selection of accessories must be treated very carefully. After all, accessories are selected individually. You can, for example, wear a dress that will suit a tall girl if you yourself are not tall. But a big bag that will look so beautiful on the shoulder of a tall girl, undersized beauties can not afford. It turns out that the accessories are just more individual.

What can be used as an accessory for a gray coat? Yes, almost everything! Belts with large buckles, gloves, bags, hats, scarves, clutches, jewelry, tights, umbrellas.

You just have to emphasize every dignity with accessories. For example, girls with big breasts have always been approached with wide belts. If your gray coat provides for such a belt (and it is better to have it), then boldly knit this garment. You will look more confident with him, knowing that he is exactly right for you.

Pantyhose is another way to tell the world that you are beautiful. Now these accessories simply do not count. Openwork, color, dense, light. Choose your color and texture. Just remember the combination of colors. Do not abuse the rainbow. All shades in your image will definitely be superfluous. Dress with taste - it means time to abandon something extra and unsuitable.

Remember, successful and self-confident women always attract men. And not only. Attractive women are always in the center of events, and not only facial features, but also clothes and the ability to present ourselves make us attractive. Forget about black, as the main color of your wardrobe, think about the other colors and shades. Let bright colors fill your life!

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