What to wear with a denim vest


The vest - the progenitor of modern vests - appeared in the men's wardrobe of the XVII century. It was the men who were the first to try it on, because the vest belonged to the elements of their military uniforms.

The appearance of the vest in the women's wardrobe occurred only in the XIX century, when women of that time noticed this comfortable and unusual piece of clothing. Today vests remain the favorite wardrobe item of many women, without losing their relevance. They are very loved by designers of world fashion houses, who create new types using different fabrics and styles.

What can I wear with a denim vest?

And now in the fashion world, special attention has been paiddenim waistcoats because of the ageless love of denim. And so that they can always emphasize the beauty of their owner, you need to understand what and how to wear a denim vest.

How To Wear a Denim Waistcoat: Designer Tips

  • By themselves, vests belong to a universal wardrobe item, perfectly fitting into casual style and even in a business ensemble in the absence of a strict dress code. Waistcoats are made from different fabrics, but to date, designers have preferred classic style denim vest, with standard length, concise, simple cut. At the same time, elongated, shortened models, even with a deep neckline, do not lose their relevance.
  • Wear vests most often on top of clothes, it is not recommended to wear them on the naked body, but there are no strict restrictions here.
  • Excellent denim vests look with shirts, turtlenecks, short or elongated tops and T-shirts, maxi skirts, midi, mini, dresses, and, of course, jeans.

What can I wear with a denim vest?

  • If a black vest, designers advise to choose for her blouses pastel colors or white. A good addition would be a classic cut pants or a tulip skirt.
  • Fitted modelperfect for banana pants, loose or flared jeans. Bermudas, short shorts or denim skirts are a great option.
  • It is equally important to pay attentionaccessories. Velvet, leather, suede belts only emphasize the style of fashionable things. Costume jewelry in folk style, metal jewelry, rhinestones, straw hats, sports caps - all this will complement and complete the look for a walk.

What to wear denim vest?

  • For the first time it became fashionable to wear denim vests in the early 90s. They are fashionable to combine with sweaters with a deep neckline in the form of an English letter V, a silk blouse, a pencil skirt. And besides this, with shorts, dresses, made with a floral pattern.
  • The choice of denim vest today just pleases the eye. They are sewn with tiny, cropped, decorated with decorative elements and embroidery. To pick up a jeans vest it is not obligatory on a shade and color of favorite jeans. You can wear a waistcoat of any shade to them, adding a belt, fashionable bag, chain with pendant, bracelet or scarf.

What can I wear with a denim vest?

  • If you need to pick up a denim vest work clothes, then a classic cut blouse will look beautiful with her, with laces in the center of the chest and on the sleeves, a turtleneck or shirt. For recreation It is fashionable to wear T-shirts, T-shirts or tops, the color and style of which is absolutely unimportant.
  • Look great with a denim vest like skirts, trousers, and capri. Choosing a skirt, you should pay attention only to what kind of cut the skirt has: tight-fitting or voluminous, so that it fits to a specific vest. When choosing pants no problems arise, fashionable to wear a denim vest with pants of any style, cut and color, not to mention jeans.
  • To complete the fashionable look from the accessories magazine cover, it is better to wear: a big bracelet, a beautiful long chain or a multi-colored thin scarf. When choosing a belt or belt, you need to focus on the selected model, the color of skirts, shorts, pants. Of shoe designers offer to opt for shoes, sandals, both with heels and with a flat sole. They can be open and closed.
  • A denim vest can be worn with a beautiful loose-fitting white blouse, a black bodysuit, T-shirts with a beautiful pattern on the front, a short denim skirt, a colorful sundress, and a light, light-colored dress. Brave young ladies wear it even with a lace dress and high-heeled shoes.

What can I wear with a denim vest?

  • If the vest is decorated with rivets, rhinestones or embroidery, it is much more difficult to select things for it.

What to wear a denim vest for different occasions?

To facilitate the selection of future stylish outfits, you can take advantage of several win-win options.

  • Classic optionwill be a combination of waistcoats and jeans, separated by a long T-shirt or a blouse. When choosing a t-shirt, it is better to emphasize it with a light brown strap with a big buckle. From shoes fit ballet shoes, sneakers or open sandals without heels. If instead of a T-shirt a blouse is chosen, then it is better to choose sandals on a high platform or shoes with a straight sole. Jeans can be replaced with black capri pants.
  • Shorts, light T-shirt, thin strap at the waist, open sandals or light slippers, in the end there are several bracelets on your hand - you are ready for a walk or picnic.
  • Creation will be usefulclothes for home, where every girl should look, no less beautiful than on the street. Elegant trousers-flared, comfortable slippers, a chain and a fitting shirt with a denim vest to complete the image. Another bright outfit will be a light T-shirt / blouse and black tight-fitting capris.
  • For romantic walk or evenings you can pick up a light, light dress / airy sundress. A beautiful chain around the neck, sandals on a straight sole or high heels, a small handbag / clutch of light color and a vest - and your image is fully completed.

What can I wear with a denim vest?

  • Light skirt, black tight-fitting T-shirt or fitted blouse, pumps, denim vest - evening dress is ready.

Denim vest has long and firmly won a place in the wardrobe of fashionistas all over the world. In the past fashion weeks, fashion designers return to it, complementing all the new details, creating unusual but interesting combinations with other things. Today you can wear it to work, to walk, to a club party - with pants, shorts, skirts, not forgetting the accessories that will help complete the image.

Denim vest is not only fashionable thing, but also it is very comfortable and versatile, always staying at the forefront of the fashion industry and helping its owners create an incomparable style.