What to wear with a denim jacket

Light outerwear for cool evenings - jackets, cardigans, ponchos - is necessary in any wardrobe. You can not get around and denim jackets of various styles, once already at the peak of popularity and again returned to the list of seasonal trends. However, it is not easy to select an ensemble for such a product.

What to wear with a denim jacket: photo and recommendations

What to wear denim jacket?

What to wear denim jacket?

What to wear denim jacket?

What to wear denim jacket?

What to wear denim jacket?

Before deciding what specifically to wear a denim jacket, it is advisable to understand how to choose the most successful option for yourself. And not only by the style that will meet your usual style, but also by the cut that is capable of giving the figure as profitable as possible. Despite the fact that the classic model resembles a denim shirt and has an average length, completely covering the waist, the designers did not stop at it. And today you can count more than 5 different silhouettes of denim jackets. What to get to constantly wear?

The hardest thing is to choose the best style for girls with large shapes, because the classic jacket will give them volume, turning even dignity into a disadvantage. In such a situation, it is important to find a model that is slim, but not tight, too tight: this element of the wardrobe is not worn on a naked body, space is important to it. The cutout is recommended V-shaped, to shift the emphasis on the chest, but at the same time not to increase it, but slightly narrow it. But the main thing - do not take the size larger than real. He, like any too loose thing, will give its owner a heaviness.

Not less problems in the choice of denim jacket causes a short growth of the girl, in which it is desirable to abandon the elongated options, as this will further reduce growth. In rare cases, a model that touches its lower mid-thigh edge can be recommended for tightly knit short girls, but be sure to look for a fitted version, and not for a rectangular free silhouette. The shortest model, which visually lengthens the legs and inflates the waistline, is considered the best choice for short stature. Accordingly, with high growth, on the contrary, such a step is undesirable.

A designer's decision can also confuse the store: the 2013–2014 season was generous with denim jackets richly decorated with various elements - from the usual metal rivets to beads and feathers. A lot of ideas found their realization in fashion shows. And if you choose an ornate denim jacket, you will have to give up accessories to it, duplicating the essence of the decor in the shoes.

The remaining parts of the ensemble are also recommended to choose the simplest ones, not “arguing” about their finishing with the jacket. If its main highlight - an interesting color or texture of fabric, accessories from belts to bracelets, as well as unusual bags and shoes, are welcome. The main thing is to stick to the chosen style.

Dress stylishly

What to wear denim jacket?

Since denim was originally aimed at the working class, its products have always been more comfortable than fashionable. Today, the trend has changed slightly, and women buying a denim jacket want comfort. And getting into trends is not the first question. Therefore, the most familiar image that can be created with this detail of a wardrobe is walking, relaxing, but at the same time attractive.

  • The jacket in such a situation - a simple cut, slightly fitted, elongated, sleeves with elastic. You can wear a long shirt and a hooded sweatshirt, which will lie outside on the jacket. Complement the ensemble jeans without finishing and conversions or sneakers.
  • Denim jackets with a fur collar - demi-season version, warmed, so you can get a lot of images with it. Most often, its silhouette is straight, which makes this thing close to the unisex style. The most interesting and attractive, it will combine with the tight leggings of the color of dry asphalt, a short skirt with voluminous pockets on the sides, and a tight sweater to match the leggings. Low-heeled or platform shoes are ideal as shoes. The image will be youthful and feminine, however, it will be qualitatively revealed only if the length of the jacket reaches the lower dimples on the back.
  • A longer denim jacket with a fur trim (to the middle of the thigh) is well combined with fitted plaid or striped trousers-pipes, hoodie with funny inscriptions in the front, as well as soft ugg or timberland. Complement the ensemble is a shapeless bag-bag of matte leather. In addition, a denim jacket with fur is advantageously combined with a knitted, tight-fitting dress with a high neck, tight tights and ankle boots from the litaboots. It is also recommended to add a simple long string of beads to match the shoes.
  • But the most classic look with a denim jacket, fur trimmed around the neck and sleeve, is undoubtedly cowboy. For him, high boots-boots are selected, preferably on a low block heel, or on a wide cone-shaped. The ensemble will include simple jeans, 2–3 tones better than darker than the jacket, and also a turtleneck with a neck that does not have a trim.
  • It is impossible to write off a model from accounts that has recently appeared on fashion shows, resembling in its style a shortened officer jacket. Such a denim jacket has a diagonal clasp, trim on the front and on the sleeves, as well as wide and straight shoulders, keeping their shape. Such a product is ideal for a combination with skinny leather pants or jeans, high boots with heels and platform, or with gladiator sandals on the same heel. Under the jacket is recommended to wear a simple solid top.

What things does a short jacket match?

What to wear denim jacket?

The shortened model is a real fashion, allowing to make more than 20 images, as if thought out by leading stylists. Plus, a similar version of a denim jacket lies in its versatility and compatibility with a number of fabrics that will not accept the classic version. For example, could someone present chiffon and denim together? For a cropped denim jacket, such a tandem is ideal if the girl is not afraid of experiments and is ready to attract attention.

Therefore, a light dress made of double-layer chiffon with a round neck, decorated with metal rivets, and without sleeves, complemented by a short denim jacket without decoration, textile or leather sandals on a conical heel or platform, as well as a thin narrow scarf made of material consonant with the dress can be an excellent idea for a walk or meeting with friends in a cafe.

Girls with medium height can afford a more unusual look: a long chiffon skirt to the floor, stiletto or stiletto shoes, a loose tunic with asymmetry of sleeves and neck, a fitted short denim jacket made of dark blue or black denim with rivets and a small textile clutch. It is recommended to complement the ensemble with a necklace or a massive bracelet.

Another version, also talking about femininity, is represented by the skirt of the "sun" or "half-sun" style on the palm above the knee, it is recommended to choose a model from a dense, well-shaped fabric. The skirt should sit at the waist, strongly diverging from it down and to the side. The image is completed with a thin light blouse, a cropped denim jacket made of light blue or white denim, shoes or sandals with a steady wide heel, a decorative belt and a clutch.

Of course, with a shortened jacket, you can create more casual images based on trouser options. Classic trousers with an arrow will certainly not fit in here, but you can not discount the cotton ¾ length versions, which are perfectly combined with low boats or gladiator sandals, a fitted T-shirt with an interesting pattern and a cropped denim jacket. The accessory will be a small bag-postman.

And the best idea for summer cool evenings is a tandem of cotton dress with an open knit or floral print, a thin woven leather strap, a short denim jacket, sandals or sandals, and a shapeless or rectangular bag.

The most familiar way for many young girls was the combination of ripped skinny jeans, ballet flats or moccasins, a long top with a round cut, a short denim jacket, a stole tied around the neck as a scarf, and a voluminous bag. It is always relevant, comfortable and attractive idea, accessible to everyone.

A denim jacket is a universal thing that should be in the wardrobe of every girl. The main trick is to choose the most suitable style for you. The rest of the creation of an interesting image - a matter of taste. In this case, you can use not only classic combinations, but also afford quite bold experiments.

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