What to wear with a blue dress

Blue dress, as well as a blue handkerchief, - a subject of female clothes of almost epic scale. That is why the image of “sailors” is sung by many musicians, Oleg Gazmanov, and the masterpiece Mikhail Gudkov from the film of the same name, where he very successfully seduced Lyudmila Gurchenko. And everywhere the sailors were honored, they all were promised love and their hearts. The image of the sailors has become “desktop” for many girls, because the white and blue gamma is a win-win option.

What is wearing a blue dress?

But blue color can be very insidious and go far from everyone, unlike the classic white or black. It will refresh someone and will give to an image ease, and will make someone pale. But in any case, a blue dress will make you the center of attention. This color is bright and exciting, with its help you can look both defenseless and innocent, and turn into a rather independent person.

Blondes can choose bright rich blue dresses, while brunettes need to pay attention to more delicate shades. If you, cute brunettes, want to wear dark blue dresses, your eyes should be blue, but not brown.

A palette of colors matching the blue dress

A great idea would be the following colors - gray, silver, gold and pearl-milky. Pantyhose and black and flesh color can be a great addition to a blue dress.

What is wearing a blue dress?

Remember: if the shade of the dress is rich and bright, then accessories for a blue dress should be chosen as dull and discreet as possible. Here is the prescription: the richer the color of the blue dress, the more minimalist and stricter the accessories should be.

This season, you can pick up blue ... blue. Shades may be darker or lighter, depending on your taste and accent. Only here don't be very zealous, let other colors work with blue.

Blue dress shoes

Shoes - a separate conversation, especially if you pick them up to a blue dress. Silver is perfect. If in doubt, drop these thoughts. Golden sandals can also be considered by you as "potential hiking." Yellow shoes can be an alternative to gold, but only in the case when the color of your dress is deep and very noble. Then yellow and bright yellow shoes can be just a godsend for your look. And, of course, blue shoes are in fashion now.

What is wearing a blue dress?

Costume jewelry to blue dress

With any blue always looks great that shines. Of course, do not overdo it. Want to wear all the jewelry - do not try. Choose one or two, which would be beneficial to emphasize your beauty. Perfectly look belts with rhinestones (in moderation), brooches, pearls - a true friend in blue. Sapphire and alexandrite are perfectly combined from jewels - it will be useful if the dress is of a darker shade than this semi-precious stone.

Bag to blue dress

A short tight blue dress looks great with a small gold or pink bag. White will not be a stranger at this celebration of life. By the way, the bag can always be made a bright accent, if you choose a dress for work, where it has a location-code. Let your workdays go with blue color, you will like it. Perhaps you will discover many other shades of this range.

What is wearing a blue dress?

Shades of blue

Azure, ultramarine, lavender, indigo - these shades should not cause you fear or bewilderment. All you need is just to choose the right colors for yourself. And if you have a blue color on your horoscope or you love your earrings with sapphire, and there is nothing more to combine them with, think of shades of blue.

What is wearing a blue dress?

Pervansh, steel blue, Persian blue, Prussian blue - from this variety of eyes diverge. And all your excuses: "I do not go blue" are no longer valid here. In order to understand and find "your blue", go shopping for fabrics. Professionals will help you choose the desired color. And then you yourself can give advice to mom and advise girlfriends.

We women should cherish and be proud of our gender. After all, where a man sees one color, we see eleven. This helps us not only to be more beautiful, but also to feel the world differently, to be brighter in emotions and judgments, thoughts and actions. May the immortal image of a sailor be with you, which at the most important moment will help you make the right choice!

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