What to wear with a blue coat


Sometimes outerwear is harder to find than other wardrobe details. After all, it should be both universal and attractive at the same time, and also be combined with all things in the closet. A coat is a rather multifunctional variant, but it also raises many questions, if it is not a classic black model. For example, what to wear with a blue coat?

What can I wear with a blue coat of various styles?

What can I wear with a blue coat?

In any thing, the first priority is its style and belonging to a particular style, and the color and texture of the fabric is the next most important element that is taken into account when creating a fashionable ensemble. Therefore, under each coat is required to select separately complementary parts, and for this purpose should study the basic models of this thing.

A classic fitted coat a little over the knee's length needs no introduction. This style is unlikely to go out of fashion: it is considered the most feminine, elegant and versatile. Depending on the finish and texture of the fabric, a coat of this type can be worn with both dresses and trousers. The only thing that will be very dissonant with him is jeans, since these things belong to different styles. General characteristics of the image with such a coat: elegance, sometimes even refinement.

His constant companions - shoes on a neat heels, whose height does not play a role. But no thick square shapes like those inherent in male-type low shoes! The nose of such shoes should be rounded, slightly elongated or compact, or pointed. Again, it is worth refusing square noses. Depending on the style of the sleeves, gloves are chosen: with a length of ¾ long ones are needed, with a classic length - short ones. Biker type gloves - so-called mitts are not allowed. If you pick up a dress or skirt for such a coat, make sure that the hem does not peek out from under the bottom edge of the outer garment more than the width of the palm. Or wear a dress to the floor, however, it is permissible only for the evening.

A cropped coat that looks more like a jacket or jacket can be no less feminine, but nevertheless more often refers to the style of "casual" and presupposes the prevalence of unisex items in the general image. All recommendations given for him are also characteristic of a loose elongated coat. Fitted laconic sheath dresses with him look often ridiculous, as well as office pants and skirts. This model is ideal for a casual duet of jeans and turtlenecks.

If you want to wear a similar coat with a skirt, watch her style and fabric: maximum simplicity will play into your hand, while an excess of decor will present you not in the best light. Some girls skillfully combine a cropped coat with long chiffon dresses, but this is already included in the category of exceptions: it is very difficult to make such an image with dignity. If you do not feel confident in yourself, it is better not to experiment.

With regard to shoes, a cropped coat is quite loyal: both low-shoes with a low heel block and ankle boots on high heels — any ideas will be perceived positively, and they will change the impression of the overall image. However, it is important to remember that shoes should be maintained in style by at least the first thing in the ensemble: this is often a bag, but a scarf, a hat, or even a blouse can take on such an honorable role.

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What can I wear with a blue coat?

What can I wear with a blue coat?

What can I wear with a blue coat?

If with the overall compatibility of wardrobe items there should be no more questions, then any shift in color from black already makes the girls urgently recheck their entire wardrobe for harmony with the new thing. A blue coat is no exception. What colors to wear it with?

Of course, it depends on the shade of blue in which the coat is made, as well as on the texture of the fabric. Following the general rules of color, you need to keep within 2-3 colors, but this does not prevent them from varying in intensity, so it is permissible to take several variants of blue, and for a pair - 2 other complementary colors. In addition, black and white, like shadow and light, are not taken into account: they can be present even if there are 3 different bright spots. At the same time, what exactly the side colors will be depends on the effect you wish to produce and your color type.

The most striking option is a combination of complementary colors: those that look at each other in a 12-circle color wheel. Thus, the saturation of the blue coat ideally emphasizes any orange piece of clothing: from trousers to bags. At this level of brightness, it is desirable to maintain the rest of the ensemble in neutral tones: white and black, gray-brown. In such a situation, the overall image is catchy, memorable and clean.

A slightly softer perceived blue coat on the background of light orange and coral details. However, it also retains its dynamism and a certain audacity. A girl who chooses such a color scheme for her image should take care of the correct level of contrast on the face, otherwise there is a great risk of being lost against the background of clothes.

The last version is based on complimentary colors - combining a blue coat with yellow and red details. Again for unpredictable persons, accustomed to stand out from the crowd. Here, most often, as in the previous case, absolutely all the details are bright and cut into the memory: a blue coat, a red bag and boots, a yellow dress or a scarf. The image is almost not diluted with neutral tones.

If you want something calmer, softer and more comfortable, then it is recommended to choose purple and / or turquoise accessories for a blue coat: for example, dark purple pants, turquoise or blue bag. But with such a general coldness and relatedness of shades, it is worthwhile to introduce white or beige into the ensemble.

In addition, there are always 2 of the most simple and winning options: the blue coat as the only bright spot among the neutral colors, or the selection of the rest of the image within the blue gamut. For example, with a bright blue coat, a dark blue, almost black pants, a gray sweater with a blue note, the same shade of shoes and a bag, and a sky blue cravat with gloves.

What kind of hat to wear with a coat?

What can I wear with a blue coat? What kind of hat or stole to wear with a coat?

In the cold season it is difficult to do without a headdress, but you want to protect your health nicely. Therefore, the question of choosing the right hat for a new coat is relevant for most women. Are there any rules and recommendations?

Fashionable women who adhere to an elegant and feminine style can wear a wide-brimmed hat with a long fitted coat. Complemented by long gloves, she will add a retro note to the image, drawing a parallel with Audrey Hepburn or Vivien Leigh. Moreover, a similar option is acceptable even in the absence of a dress, replaced by pants. In addition, an interesting option would be a high fur hat, similar to the one that was among the trends of the 90s.

A soft cap-beret, which is most often worn with a slight displacement on the right or left side, will approach the loose coat length up to the middle of the thigh. It is best to support her knitted long fingerless gloves, or the same knitted leggings. The image is cozy, but feminine.

The cropped coat looks great with a classic hat that completely fits the head. It is desirable that she had no decor and was made of wool or other thick yarn. Simple knitted hats are not recommended: they are much more successful in harmony with leather jackets or windbreakers.

How to wear stole?

What can I wear with a blue coat?

For girls who do not wear hats, there is a beautiful warm and beautiful counterpart - a tippet or a large scarf, among which the woolen and silk Pavloposadsky scarves are in the greatest demand. Of course, this attribute carries more femininity in itself than a hat or a beret, therefore, a unisex-style free coat will not work. It is best to wear stoles with fitted coats of classic cut or a new bow, with a strongly accented waist and a skirt-sun skirt.

If the tippet is not used as a headdress, it is wrapped around the neck, but it is done gently, allowing things to create their own folds and sags. That is, it must lie free. In the case when the coat does not have a high collar, and the neckline is low, the edges of the stole should be lowered onto the chest, closing it. To fix them, use brooches, selected for a specific ensemble. And for long stoles, the ends can even be worn under a belt coat, in case they reach the bottom edge of the outerwear.

Since the stole occupies a lot of space in the visual space over its area, it is picked up in contrast to the color of the coat, or in related colors, if the stole is multi-colored: in such a situation, its main color should completely coincide with the coat's tint. The rest of the nuances are already related to the choice of fabric: here it is desirable to remember only that the same thin and light ones are chosen for thin tissues, the same dense for thin ones.

Now you know what to wear with a blue coat so that it looks as advantageous as possible. But do not forget that fashion is easy to change, any new trend can be perceived with delight, so feel free to experiment with your style and image.