What to wear with a black coat

Black coat for many years considered the benchmark of style and elegance. It will never go out of style and can be combined with almost any accessories and clothing. In addition, the black coat is very practical, because it does not show traces of dirt and scuffing. But many girls just do not know what to wear with a black coat, so as not to look too monochrome.

How to choose a black coat?

If you strive for perfection, then you need to choose a coat that will favorably emphasize the dignity of your figure.

Choosing a black coat, you should pay attention to its length. With short stature, the narrowed and short model looks very harmonious, which visually lengthens the silhouette. Tall women as well as women of medium height are advised to wear a long version to the floor.

What to wear with a black coat?

Black coat suggests a classic style and versatility, so you should abandon a variety of decorative elements or unusual buttons. Bright prints and inserts will look ridiculous on such clothes.

An important role should be paid to quality. Do not forget that for each season there are different types of matter. For example, for winter it is better to pick up a wool coat, for autumn and spring - drape, and for summer - lightweight and lightweight fabrics.

Coat should emphasize your strengths and hide flaws. When fitting, pay attention to how the thing sits, does not sag, does not press and does not cause discomfort. Fat girls, to emphasize the waist and hide those extra pounds, the fitted model is perfect.

Black classic coat: what to wear?

The classic black coat is suitable for absolutely all women without exception. Young girls should wear models above and below the knee. Long options only add age and solidity. A classic coat can be combined with dark and light trousers, classic jeans, dresses, skirts and suits of direct cut. When choosing a dress or skirt, pay attention to the fact that the hem does not look out from under the coat.

As for shoes, elegant heeled boots, stockings and ankle boots are perfect for a classic black coat. Chiffon and knitted scarves, scarves and shawls, neat ladies' hats, headbands and berets, as well as classic bags and leather gloves in black will help to complement the image.

Black tulip coat: image

What to wear with a black coat?

This model is quite popular among young people. The coat has a less strict form and looks like a tulip bud, flared to the bottom. Sheath dresses, formal suits, pencil skirts in combination with a classic shirt or blouse are ideal for this option.

Skinny jeans, leggings and skinny colored pants will give the look of youth and style. To complete the overall impression will help shoes with heels or platform, as well as elegant scarves and caps. Bright gloves or leather-fitting trousers will add boldness to the image. This option must be supplemented with a small handbag with a long chain or cord that can be worn over the shoulder.

Black coat with leather sleeves: trends

Recently, the combination of various styles and textures in clothing has become fashionable. So, the trend in 2014 was a black coat with leather sleeves. It can be combined with many things, while looking especially elegant!

As a rule, this model is most often made of wool fabric. If you have sewing skills, you can try to sew such a thing from an old leather jacket yourself.

Black coat with leather sleeves is best combined with elementary things: with classic trousers in different colors, with leather ankle boots or boots, with short dresses and skirts, with leggings and jeans. Upstairs you can wear a turtleneck shirt or cardigan.

You can add your image with bright accessories, bulky bags of various shapes and textures, as well as stylish stoles.

Leather sleeves are best combined with shoes with a stable heel with metal parts (spikes, rivets, buckles, etc.), as well as with animal colors (leopard, zebra, etc.).

What can I wear with a black coat with a hood?

In cool weather, the ideal option would be a coat with a hood. When creating modern models, many designers add this element to it. It is used in the creation of classic and sporty coat options. To give the hood elegance, designers decorate it with fur (mainly used mink, fox, fox, silver fox, raccoon, etc.).

What to wear with a black coat?

Coats can be worn with denim clothing, leggings and dress pants. If you will wear a model under the belt, it is preferable to choose boots or shoes. Young girls often combine a black coat with a hood with jeans, trousers and skirts.

How to care for a black coat?

Outerwear requires special care, because it is exposed to the environment and increased pollution. When caring for a black coat, follow good advice:

  • If you are exposed to rain or snow, be sure to dry your coat by hanging it on your shoulders;
  • Regularly check the coat for stains, scuffs, streaks, and other contaminants. If dirt appears, wait for it to dry out and try to clean it with a soft clothes brush;
  • Woolen coat can not be washed. To care for it, use a steamer and a special brush;
  • To put the coat in order, it is better to dry it - professionals will clean it quickly and efficiently, without causing harm to the product;
  • Coat never hang on a hook, otherwise, it will lose shape. Hold the item solely on the hangers;
  • The place in which the coat is to be stored should be dark and cool. Do not allow direct sunlight on the black clothes of this type, otherwise it will lose color.

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Black coat is a versatile and practical thing that can be combined with almost any element of the wardrobe. This option is absolutely everything and never go out of fashion. The main thing is to determine your style and choose the right coat to look harmonious and stylish.

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