What to wear sneakers

The times when the sneakers were just sports shoes are long gone. Designers and fashion houses offer many options for models that help to create both casual and feminine look. With all the variety of sneakers fashionistas have only one thing - to learn how to properly combine them with clothes.

What to wear sneakers: photos and description

For the first time the sneakers appeared in the middle of the last century. It was then that the American firm Keds began producing these comfortable shoes. At first it was appreciated by sportsmen, and only then by women of fashion. The triumphal procession of the shoe continued due to the fact that firms specializing only in their release began to appear.

What to wear sneakers?

What to wear sneakers?

What to wear sneakers?

As a result, if you go shopping today, you can meet these wedge shoes, heels, made with prints in flower and even embroidered with sequins. Something looks very stylish, something - not really. It is clear that each look is suitable for a particular style of clothing.

Easier to enter the Vedas in the style of casual. This direction is suitable for those who love street fashion, comfort. It is also optimal for people of the creative profession. Shoes in this case should be solid. The best shades are blue (navi), black, brown. Also muted derivatives from green, violet. The color of the shoe should be noble, not very bright.

What to wear sneakers? To create a casual look, you can use jeans. It is worth paying attention to the narrowed options, chinos. Good looking jeans with faded. This can be a denim in the usual way or cotton trousers. Over the top allowed experiment.

Casual style is multi-layered. You can combine a knit T-shirt, cardigan and long jacket. The length of the latter is slightly below the hip line. Again, for the top you should use clothes of noble colors. In order to make layering conspicuous, a T-shirt can be worn a little lighter.

In the spring and autumn a jacket replaces a parka or a coat made of wool. As for the bags, it is better to choose bulk models. For example, bags. Complement the image of accessories - scarf, snoody, necklaces and earrings. They will help create a bright accent. Therefore, it is perfectly acceptable that they are of a contrasting color, contain a print.

Special attention is given to how to wear sneakers. Skinny skinny jeans are often hidden in high shoes. If the shoes are normal or understated, then this is not worth it. The everyday look described above is suitable for women and girls of different ages. In this form, you can go to a party, a date, go on a picnic.

White sneakers: stylist tips

What to wear sneakers?

  • This type of shoe is the best option for a hot summer. They are worn with shorts from different types of fabric - blue denim, white cotton. This option can be considered everyday. It is completed with a loose monophonic or printed t-shirt. It is believed that sneakers can not be worn with dresses. In fact, this combination is quite acceptable. So he is adored by the famous Russian model Natalya Vodyanova.
  • It is recommended to equip white sneakers with long sundresses or skirts. The fabric should be without gloss. Atlas with sneakers will look inappropriate. It is best to wear something knitted, linen, denim. In this case, the shoes will look good with light-colored clothing.
  • White sneakers can perfectly fit into a nautical look. They are complemented by a classic vest with a strip no wider than 1.5 cm. You can also wear almost any jeans, breeches. Various decorations in the form of voluminous chains with elements of leather, pendants that correspond to the marine theme will look very beautiful. The only thing worth remembering is that bright sneakers may not be suitable for owners of large feet. They visually make the foot bigger.
  • Very often white sneakers lose their appeal. Dust settles on them and they quickly become dirty. You can transform them a little with the help of additional decor. The amber technique is especially popular. For this sneakers washed. Then, any liquid fabric dye is poured into a spray bottle. The paint is applied to the socks so that the color gradation is obtained. A smooth transition will help create a wet sponge.

Female models

What to wear sneakers?

What to wear sneakers?

What to wear sneakers?

There are also more feminine models of sneakers. They are easy to distinguish by decor. Sneakers embroidered with sequins look very glamorous. Clothing under such shoes should be appropriate. Sneakers with sequins help create a bright image. They can be worn with monochrome leggings. The top of this set should be long enough. It is better to opt for a jumper, a tunic. They may color over shoes.

Printed versions of sneakers are more suitable for young girls. They should be completed with shorts, short skirts. At the same time it is better to choose non-sports shoes, without logos. Unusual solution - the use of leggings or golf with stripes or jacquard pattern. The main thing - do not overdo it. Otherwise, get a childish image.

Bright sneakers with patterns can be completed with skirts of medium length. The only rule is a non-classical model. For example, a pencil skirt with such shoes looks bad. The best options are voluminous. This may be a tulip skirt. With such clothes advised to wear both high and low sneakers.

Dress with sneakers: how to choose an image?

What to wear sneakers?

What to wear sneakers?

What to wear sneakers?

This option can be completed in different ways. For summer it is worth choosing long light sundresses and dresses. They can be sewn from fabric with patterns or monophonic fabric. Practically any monophonic sneakers, except for acid colors, can be worn with this clothing, if you wear a denim vest or jacket.

In the fall and spring, a knitted dress with sneakers will give you extraordinary comfort. The model can be sewn from a smooth jersey of the front smooth surface or from a fabric with deliberately coarse viscous. The dress should not be tight. It is better to use things straight cut. The length can be knee or ankle.

Particularly well such an ensemble is complemented by sneakers on wedges. They should not be decor, creating a sporty style. It is better to choose the classic options with a minimum of additional elements. Simple wedge sneakers will look great with any warm dress. If you are afraid of freezing, you can choose warm shoes.

Sneakers can be worn with many types of clothing. At the same time, this shoe has its own nuances:

If you have full calves, then it is better not to wear high sneakers. The same rule works for those who have very thin legs. Shoes can draw attention to them and transform proportions.

Sneakers should be selected based on age. So converts muted shades go almost everything. But the slippers that are worn by reppers and those who enjoy skating, shoes with some types of prints are suitable only for young ladies.

If you chose the most common sports sneakers, then you should think about the health of the feet. Such models are intended only for fitness. When walking long legs start to hurt. The risk of flatfoot development is also possible. For prophylaxis, you can insert orthopedic insoles into sneakers.

What to wear sneakers? These questions are asked any fashionista. Shoes fit into casual, glamorous, romantic styles. Muffled sneakers go well with jeans, t-shirt and jacket. White can be worn with long, light, light sundresses. In order not to be mistaken with a complete set, try to focus on something 1st. For example, a dress may be patterned, and sneakers are plain colors of a suitable color.

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