What to wear plaid skirt


The symbol of femininity is undoubtedly a skirt. Universal and not out of fashion fashion is considered a "pencil", and the classic pattern for the fabric - the cell. That's just what to wear plaid skirt? How to wear it? And is this a wardrobe item suitable for everyone?

Skirts in a cage: styles and styles

What to wear plaid skirt?

The time has passed when the skirt was associated only with neat shoes on a small heel, a starched blouse and a small handbag. Today this thing is capable of becoming part of not only the classic feminine image, but also of the sporting one: it all depends on the style of the product, its colors, the texture of the fabric, the decor. And, of course, complementary accessories. Therefore, thinking about what to wear a checkered skirt, it is required to clarify which style it belongs to.

A fitted pencil skirt in a cage - most often an office option, discreet. Her best companions are blouses and shirts made of thin soft fabric. In the cold season, they can be replaced by wool or knitted turtlenecks, but always with a jacket, the material of which is identical to the fabric from which the skirt is sewn. The ideal accessories here are discreet, concise. For example, short strands of plain beads, stud earrings, or even thin chains and bracelets made of precious metals. Closed-on stiletto shoes, preferably in a neutral shade, and a small Baguettebag-shaped handbag will complete the look.

The sun skirt only with its name indicates that it brings lightness to the overall image. Most often, these skirts are made of thin materials so that the movement preserves the dynamics of the cut. Or, on the contrary, form-retaining fabrics are used, and a petticoat is also added: this is typical of new-look style models. If there is such a skirt in the ensemble, the figure becomes feminine due to the visual narrowing of the waist (the sun skirt is not worn on the hips) and the expansion of the hips. For this reason, the most successful additions to it are loose blouses tucked in for a belt. It will look great draped over his shoulders and wrapped around them. And as shoes for such a skirt, low-heeled shoes or ballet flats are recommended.

A skirt with many vertical folds, familiar to many, like a Scottish one, most often appears in a youth style. The traditional shortened version allows pretty experiment with the way: there are allowed and gentle, air ensembles, and more mundane, urban. In particular, such a skirt with sneakers-converse, turtleneck or T-shirt, lightweight park and shop-shopper is good. Park can be replaced with a leather jacket or windbreaker. Headbands, colored thin bracelets or mittens are suitable as accessories. Such a dynamic, slightly athletic image like teenagers.

Why wear such a skirt, and to whom it goes?

What to wear plaid skirt?

A cage is a print in some way dangerous, especially if it is unsuccessful to choose the style of the skirt, or the design itself. In particular, it is worth understanding that in most situations a skirt in a cage, even being a “pencil”, visually adds volume to the hips. And if this is something more free - the sun or folds on a yoke, then we will talk about an additional 5-7 cm. The higher the winding up of the belt, the more space will be covered by this trend, therefore the waist can be considerably expanded due to the checkered skirt. Therefore, most often the skirts in a cage are recommended to be worn by slender girls, as well as those who need to equalize the parameters of the chest and hips by increasing the latter.

If you want to keep the visual slenderness and fragility, you should pay attention to the diagonal cell: due to the change in the direction of the lines (their almost vertical position), a smaller effect of visual expansion is obtained. In addition, a small cell in such a situation would be much more advantageous than a large one.

But regardless of its size, the cell attracts the eye and focuses attention on itself, so the checkered skirt a priori becomes the center of the entire design composition. Is it possible to duplicate it or strengthen it with another pattern? Stylists argue that such a decision is quite controversial. Few people manage to correctly beat the idea, without making the image flashy and coarse. However, if you want to move away from the canons a bit, you should follow these rules.

Do not use more than 2 patterns in the ensemble, try to select the most related ornaments. For example, to connect a diagonal cell with a zigzag pattern. And in this situation, the remaining details of the image should be as neutral as possible and not striking.

If you choose a checkered skirt and a checkered jacket, a blouse or a turtleneck will be plain. Accessory is also desirable to have a minimum, or abandon them altogether.

As for colors, the skirt in a cage can be bright: lemon, coral, fiery red, etc. In this case, it is required to support it in accessories with related color, but other parts of the wardrobe should be neutral. For example, to add a shade of shoes, a scarf or a handbag to a crimson skirt, choose a cream blouse and a dark gray jacket. But such a recommendation is precisely the classical image. Just as the need to keep within the 2 shades when you work with fabrics that have an active pattern.

A skirt in a cage, made in neutral tones, can be supported by any muted color - plum, indigo, marsh, etc., but it can only be 1.

If you choose a youthful, dynamic style, the game of contrasts is also quite possible: a short blue checkered skirt with a yellow pattern will ideally fit into an ensemble of white t-shirt, yellow conversions, juicy green belt and the same shade of bag. It is only important to take care that the face is not lost behind this riot of colors, so such images are permissible only for girls with high color contrast appearance.

And you can not ignore the most traditional option for a plaid skirt, which conveys the spirit of old London. This is a deep red checkered skirt with a high waist and just above the knee, a white blouse fastening under the throat, where a black bow is tied, and also a vest from a related skirt fabric or jacket (usually of a neutral color). The image is complemented by long golf shoes and low heels. Such an ensemble, perhaps, can be considered a win-win for any type of appearance.

Photos of images and recommendations of stylists

If you want a freer and youthful image, and a pencil skirt is the best style for your figure, you can play with its length, as well as accessories. For example, raise the bottom edge to 1.5 palm from the knee, and to the very skirt add a wide belt at the waist. In a skirt or belt, pick up large earrings or even a ring, a short jacket or jacket, as well as a Framebag bag. The overall mood of the classics will remain, but thanks to the bright details and atypical additions it will look easier and simpler.

What to wear plaid skirt?

Interestingly, a long plaid skirt with cowboy-style leather boots and a bag. Despite a certain difference in the ideas of these wardrobe items, the ensemble is complete. Only for this purpose it is necessary to select a bright skirt made of medium-density fabric so that it echoes the accessories. The rest of the image is done in neutral shades.

What to wear plaid skirt?

The same classic London chic can be turned into American negligence, if you wear a cropped checkered skirt in gray-brown tones with a beige or gray turtleneck over the top of the skirt. The accessory will be a thin and long strap wrapped around the hips twice. If necessary, the ensemble is complemented by a chocolate or indigo shade cardigan, as well as tight leggings and boots without a heel. If you want to add colors, this can be done through bright tights, as well as bags to match them.

What to wear plaid skirt?

What is definitely not worth wearing a skirt in a cage? With denim and related fabrics. This is where the principle of the diametrical opposition works: the cell is a symbol of prim London with its aristocraticism, denim things are designed to work, as practical, but not too presentable. Therefore, only experienced stylists can skillfully lodge so distant fabrics together. The same applies to the checkered skirt and leather products, with the exception of shoes and bags. The best materials are more natural wool, knitwear, cotton, etc.

Skirt in a cage - a great option for girls of any age. Whatever style you adhere to, it is almost always possible to enter such a detail of the wardrobe. And using the above tips, you will make a lot of successful ensembles.