What to wear moccasins


Moccasins are one of the most comfortable and versatile shoe models. Moccasins are loved by both men and women. Representatives of the female population are attracted, first of all, by a variety of shapes, colors and finishes of these shoes. Besides, moccasins are universal and can be part of an ensemble composed in any style.

Modern moccasins can be decorated with various embroidery, lacing, leather inlays and, of course, the fringe customary for these shoes. In such shoes you can look great at a party and at work, it will be comfortable for a walk and during shopping. The main thing is to choose the right clothes for moccasins..

What can you wear moccasins with?

The classic style of dress suggests classic moccasins. First of all, such shoes should be made of quality materials and have a minimum of finish. The color is preferably white or beige. These shoes will be perfectly combined with jumpsuit with shorts, over which it is worth wearing leather jacket. In this case, an alternative to overalls can be a blouse with short sleeves and shorts. However, the jacket can also be replaced, for example, with a club jacket. To get a more sporty and youth look, choose a trench and a t-shirt for shorts.

Another set of moccasins can be An ensemble composed of a white shirt and classic trousers. You can replace the shirt with a suitable blouse, and trousers with a straight knee-length skirt.

Classic moccasinsWith a dimpled sole, it will look good with a white shirt and short blue jeans. In this set, the shirt can be replaced with a slim fit white jersey. Such an ensemble will make your style more free, but elegance does not diminish at all. However, if we replace cropped jeans on jeans skins and on top of wearing a checkered vest, we get at least a trendy set.

Suede moccasins with a fringe of blue, brown or beige color will be ideal for youth style. For such shoes pick up plaid flannel shirt and skinny jeans. However, such a set also suggests variations. For example, instead of a shirt, you can choose an elongated bike or a loose top with a long sleeve.

Errors in the selection of clothing for moccasins

Moccasins, of course, very good, comfortable and versatile shoes. But there are mistakes which should not be allowed while wearing this shoe.

The first one is quite common. In no case, never wear black loafers. Moccasins can not be black. This is unnatural, and, therefore, stylistically incorrect. Do not wear moccasins and a suit, as it is also unnatural.

Too sporty style in clothes is also not suitable for this shoe. Do not try to combine moccasins with a sweatshirt and sports trousers. Not the best option.

The classic version of wearing moccasins suggests the absence of socks. However, if you feel uncomfortable in such shoes with bare feet, choose long socks of any color except black and white. No need to combine loafers, socks and cropped jeans. It looks, at least, silly. Do not wear these shoes, for example, in the winter. You should not combine moccasins and, say, a coat or a down jacket. The same can be said about the summer heat. Do not grieve others with similar style errors.

So, moccasins are great shoes that can serve as a stunning accessory in any situation. But we must remember that this shoe was specially introduced to combat the boring routine, as well as ballet flats (about this shoe - in the article Ballet Shoes: which are in fashion and what to wear them with?). Therefore, just follow the rules of wearing moccasins and look great and organic!

Especially for womeninahomeoffice.com.ru- Marie Matveyuk